Monday, November 27, 2006


IT's Finally Here!!! Oh.. YES!!! Next week, Tuesday 5th is day of taping the show "Knitty Gritty"
I talk to youguys about last time, I will be on the show "Knitty Gritty." I guess everybody seen K.G. show on DIY(Do It Yourself) Channel...Host by famous Knitter and author "Vickie Howell"( I cant wait to see her in person)

Here is her new book with her pic: (Unless, if youguys don't know her!!)

This is just of hint of the show- "Drew Emborsky" The Crochet Dude is gonna be guest on the show!!! HE IS MOST GENIOUS MALE CROCHET GUY I never seen!!!!

He will be present with project from his new coming book "
Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them"
It will be coming out January 28, 2007!!! Check this book out!!!

What Iam Doing On the Show? Me and other two knitter are knitting the dog sweater and matching hat!!!!

This was on my mail last week..IT WAS GREAT SURPRISED!!!! They send me yarn for hat and sweater to knit and with pattern... because i have start to knit hat, before show is start!!!

Also i was thinking 6 skine FREE "Malabrigo" yarn? IT is like a Heaven!!!! Almost 20 doller for one skine!!!!

Golden Ochre #604 and Apple Green #11

Pickage with lovly Kettle Dyed Merino Malabrigo yarn
This week i will be knitting hat all day....I will post pic next time...

Anyway, last thanksgiving weeken I finsh knitting Elemmaciltur's basketwave scarf:

This scarf took so much time to knit..almost three week!!!
What do you think? I think he will be love it!!!!

Close pic of basketwave scarf

With the fringe it is great!!!!

I hope youguys have a great monday(I KNOW....Too tired...) See ya...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I hope youguys have great thanksgiving day and watch out your eatting~~(O MY..)

Friday, November 17, 2006

,,,Things....Gift... FRIDAY


Hi youguy!!! I am really sorry about didn't posting for long time.....I been busy teaching dyeing class and i had a really bad Ful, I dont know why i got sick alot. I was in death bed for almost week...Oh God....
So.. Not much thing going on here since last week, i just finshing the scarf for "Elemmaciltur"
I forgot to post the pic late time...He "Elemmaciltur" send me pair of Kolenya for a gift!!!!!

Do you remember this POST from"Elemmaciltur's blog"?
With hand-dye "India Night" yarn, i gave him long time ago for his gift, he knit me beautiful fingerless gloves !!! What a sweet guy he is...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Look at does pics~~~~ Isent great scarf?

Today, I just looking through online, I found the really cool scarf at "Craft" blog. It is call "Game Scarf" More of scarf pic Click Here:

I love this so much!!! It is really cool to wear with jacket or T-shirt.
I remember does game when I was childhood.. All arcade game we use to play: PacMan, bomberMan and Galago.. IT was good stuff!!!

I almost felt, going buy this one for my self(I KNOW...WE HAVE SOOO MUCH SCARF...DONT need anymore)..but was thinking if i have a pattern i could knit this!

Searching for pattern, I found almost silmmer scarf at It's "Exchequered" Scarf...I really like this one..Planning to knit this for my friend!!!!!

Anyway, back to knitting....6 more scarf to do!!! You know Holiday gift.. Yak..SEE YA

Monday, November 13, 2006

Warm Winter Exchange 2006 "Drawing Day"

Thank You so much for the knitter, who sign up for "Warm Winter Exchange 2006"!!! I been sick for three and posting this right now!!...Sorry!!!

This is List who signed up for this first year Exchange :




Today is Drawing Day for your exchange pal!!!!

I already send email to everybody there personal number..... and this is the number..I drawing with!!!

Just random number I pick from the bowl is :

#13 - #21
#53 - #42
#08 - #27
#67 - #04
#15 - #38
#33 - #17
#12 - #46

OK, NOW I will send the email to everybody for your Exchange Pal's personl info!!!! When you get the informantion, START KNITTING and end by DECEMBER 10th!!!!

People has a allergies and dislike color so...
Make sure check there Personal Info!!!!!

Packing the package:

Exmple like this: "Warm Winter Exchange" Your secect Pal!!!

More info about the exchange please see HERE:

PLEASE send the package by starting Monday Dec 11, So we can get it by near the christmas!!!

I hope eveybody got the idea..if you have any Q. please email me back!!!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

7 Song...and NEW YARN!!!

Hi!!! Just let you know "Warm Winter Exchang" Due DATE is this FRIDAY on 10th!!! HURRY and SIGN UP!!!

Anyway, I saw this on, Robert's Blog: I thought, it is cool to post the song, iam into right now!!!! Here it goes...

Here are the rules:
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre. Whether or not they have words or even if they are any good but they must be songs you’re really enjoying right now! Post these instructions in your blog along with with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. "Sweet Love" - Brian Byrne
2. "The Way I Feel" - Matt Wertz
3. "Reinvet" - Chad Perrone

"Fall Away" (state i'm in) - Chris Ayer
5. "One Becomes Two" - Jash Joplin
6. "Under The Wire" - Carbon Leaf
"Collide" - Howie Day

(Most of is indle artist-I really love folky pop and ballad..!!)

As Robert said, I will tag a few people too...maybe not seven. You can do this one if you want to.....

I got a package from UK!!!..."Brooklyntweed" He told us about cheep yarn for his sweater....

I found the seller at ebay "Cucumberpatch UK", selling lot of cheap ROWAN yarns ....ALL the ROWAN yarn is 10 skien for less then $40!!!! Even 10 skien for $19!!!! AND BOUNS... EVERYTHING IS FREE SHIPPING any where !!!!

Youguys know ROWAN yarn is very very expensive! Most price selling it for more then $10!!! Almost $50 save!!!

I got a 10 skiens of ROWANSPUN 4 ply #711 Sludge , it is
discontinued right now.. But i guess still produce in Europe. I Only paid $19.00 for everything..Everything is Free Shipping!!! SUCH GREAT DEAL!!!

CHECK WEB SITE OUT: Cucumberpatch UK

ok youguys have a great weekend!!!! I WILL BE DRAWING the number on Sunday 12th...Drawing your Pal exchange with!!! See you in next week...Bye!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hey youguys!!! Thank you for who sign up for "WARM WINTER EXCHANGE"!!!! I LOVE YOUGUYS!!! Still we need more knitter to sign up..PLEASE HURRY!!! Sign up by Nov 10!!!
I will be drewing exchange pal on 13th....Iam exited!!!!CAN WAIT~~~

Anyway... This week is really busy for me because finaly iam teaching hand dye yarn workshop this weekend!!! I have a so much thing do right now.....knitting examples,l ordering yarn and dye... Also hand out for class. You can see the pic below: All the stuff I have...

IF your in CA area, sign up for the class HERE

Saturday, Nov 4th 1:00 - 3:00PM

"Knit Cafe"
Owner "Suzan Mischer" and author of "Greetings from Knit Cafe"
8441 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
323-658-5648 Call for more info about the class!!!

I dont have noting new today: Just redom pic of my stuff and room

My side desk with all my dyeing stuff !!!

MY hand-dyeing yarn with knitting exmple!!!

I got a yarn today..four for $1 at downtown LA!!!

My Cermic bow on top of IKEA drawer!

MY desk!!!!

Another Basketwave Scarf for LUCKY guy!!! GUESS? HIM!!!

At last, my sweet bed.....

OK..Youguys have great rest of week..I see you next blog>>SEE YA!!!