Monday, July 31, 2006


THE WARNING!! THIS IS SERIOUS POST !! KEEP YOUR WALLET CLOSE!! It will be increase more stash !!!!

FINLLY!!!!!! KNITPICK NEW YARN IS COMING OUT!!! Iam waitting for so long time!!!7 new yarn in fall collection!!!!WOW!!! I love knitpick yarn because the price is sooooooo cheap! SO i can buy alot!!! 1.99 for skein? Great price!! Don't you? I most spend $50!!!!Too much but..I can not stand to buy it!!! I think youguys agreed!

New yarn in fall Collection:

"Telemark" $1.99 (see the color)

See the color chart here

Content: 100% Peruvian Wool A
mount: 103 yards/50 gram
ball Gauge: 6 sts=1" on #3-4 needles

Classic Scandinavian-inspired knitwear Yarn any knit you can use!!! I brought 10 skein already!!!Can wait!!!

"Shamrock" $2.49 (See the color)

Content: 100% Peruvian Wool

Amount: 82 yards/50 gram

ball Gauge: 4-4.5 sts=1" on #7-9 needles

I think this is great yarn for knitting warm scarf for coming winter !! I also order 23965 Reilly and 23968 Fitzpatrick two skein each!! For my brother's scarf!!!

"Essential Tweed" $2.99 (See the color)

Content: 65% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon, 10% Donegal

Amount: 231 yards/50 gram ball

Gauge: 7-8 sts=1" on #1-3 needles

GREAT NEW SOCKS YARN!!!!!! WOW !! I LOVE THE TWEED IN BETWEEN THE COLOR!!! I think this yarn is almost same as "South West Trading"- "Karaoke"

"Swish is the superwash" $3.29 (see the color)

Content: 100% Superwash

Wool Amount: 110 yards/50 gram

ball Gauge: 4-4.5 sts=1" on #6-9 needles

I guess this is great for baby stuff such as, afghans, children’s clothes!!! !Looks really soft!!!

"Gloss" $3.99 (See the color)

Content: 70% Merino Wool, 30% Silk

Amount: 220 yards/50 gram hank

Gauge: 7-8 sts=1" on #1-3 needles

It is great sock yarn that price is great!!! This yarn is shine socks yarn--feel like a slik!! I was thinking knitting lace scaves or shawls with this!!!

"Wool of the Andes Bulky" $3.99 (see the color)

Content: 100% Peruvian Wool

Amount: 137 yards/100 gram hank

Gauge: 3-3.75 sts=1" on #10-11 needles

Another classic knitpick yarn that is bulky!!! Most time i use Wool of the Andes for my sweather!! SUCH great yarn to use!!!!

"Quarry" $3.99 (See the color)

Content: 75% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Peruvian Wool, 5% Nylon

Amount: 110 yards/50 gram

ball Gauge: 3 sts=1" on #9-11 needles

Remind me, Poodle's curvly hair~~~ I really dont like yarn because What do i use this for? Knitting Wig? Who know's!!!!!

"Suri Dream" $4.99 (See the color)

Content: 74% Suri Alpaca, 22% Wool, 4% Nylon

Amount: 143 yards/50 gram

ball Gauge: 1.5-2.5 sts=1" on #11 needles

Dreamy softness of alpaca Yarn with by hand dyed yarn!!! Lovly!!!

"Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Dye" $5.99 (See the color)

Content: 100% Peruvian Wool

Amount: 137 yards/100 gram hank

Gauge: 3-3.75 sts=1" on #10-11 needles

First I thought this is great for knitting bags or purses!! because bof the color hand-dyed with diffecent color.After looks

like marbleing color!!!!

"Bare - Peruvian Wool Fingering Weight" $3.49 (Here)

Content: 100% Peruvian Wool

Amount: 440 yards/100 gram hank

Gauge: 7-8 sts=1" on #1-3 needles

Another new dying yarn!!!Soo cheap price for yarn...So I could dye more!!!! WOW

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great Night~~~

12AM Midnight, Just came from performance!!! Iam finally see his......... I mean "Alex Wooddard"'s concert!!! Tonight, he played at "Hotel Cafe" in Hollywood. Which is great pleace to drink and relax!!! The place was small and intimate but such great place to joy the music every hour different singer and artist!!! Visit Hotel Cafe I like the cafe because lot of indepent artist play here... Also the stage is great and light..Everybody injoyed tonight!!! There was door fee $6 ..It was worth..because if you what to see him play..Usually pay really big box bucks I mean more then $30!! Great Deal!!! Also artist played tonight ontill Midnight :The Pawnshop Kings, The Dramas, Nico Stai and Joe Thalman such great Indle artist!!!!

I guess everybody didnt know who is "Alex Wooddared". I will say style of Alex's music is FOLK-POP-Bluegress....with banjo! Hear the music!!!!Such great voice and you will falling in love immediately!!! His Website click here...His new CD is coming up this monday!! So tonight this final show for reless!! AWESOME!!!!

The Hotel Cafe
1623 1/2 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 461-2040
Cross Street: Selma Avenue
Here is the new album reless on coming monday: "Up With The Sun" Buy Here!!!

Current Mood: Really Great!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My top 10 knitting & Crochet Book

Another hot day in CA..It's over 100 degess today!!!! I didnt do much knitting and just sewing my niece's blanket. Today's iam goign to talk about "My top 10 knitting & Crochet Book"As knitter as my self, knitting book is most important to thing to have. Also there is so much knitting we can buy from ...I guess money is the problem!!!!! I guess saying no endless...

I have a lot of knitting book in my bookcase....I made My top 10 knitting & Crochet Book list below: WHAT DO YOUGUYS THINK?

#10 "Greetings from Knit Cafe" By Suzan Mischer
Suzan is the owner of yarn store "Knit Cafe" At Melrose, CA. (
Visit her store)I been to her yarn is really cute and feels like a Frida's house... bright color and Artistic!!!! In this book creative pattarn such as vantage style bags, scarf and other lace stuff...Beautful Photographs!!!
RECOMMEND PATTERN: Lala Scarf/ Pompom Awning

#9 "The Knitter's Bible" By Craire Crompton
Must Have this Book!!!! Beginner or advance knitter.... It's clear, concise instructions for everythings you need for help!!!! This is my first knitting book i brought. Iam still using it!! Lots of lacy and simple pattarn you can try!!!

#8 "Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet - The Happy Hooker" by Debbie Stolle Famous Stitch 'N bitch book is the crochet book never had!!!! I don't think there is not a good crochet book out there and most of are old design!!!Grandma style i will say...I highly recommed crochet book!!! Lot of cute design!!! Bloger"Elemmaciltur " crochet this "Sweet Pea Shawl" and "Short 'N Sweet' pattern Check this out!!!!!

RECOMMED PATTERN: Sweet Pea Shawl/ Jolly yoger sweater/Go for Baroque Ja

#7 "Loop-d- Loop" by Teva Durham
This is Romantic knitting book ..Lot of

inspier by nature. Patterns are really free form..such as chapter by Cycles, Plans, Wave.

Teava Durham is knit wear designer..She have a yarn store in NY. By the nature design, i love the the pattern such as "Irregular Rib Raglan with Toggle " beautiful photo with pattern..Like a art book~~~

RECOMMENT PATTERN: Diagonal twiprincess seam Jacket/Irregular Rib Raglan wit

#6 "200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans" by Jan Eaton

Once a life , eveybody made a blankets and afghans. This is great book you can crochet lot of blocks and combining .. With this book , you can knit variations of texture, pattern and color....

#5 "Hats On!!!" by Charlene Schurech I falling love with Bloger "Brooklytweed and Oliphaunt Knits "s so i brought this book!!!! Hat was inspired by Turkish and norwegian design hat. I will knittting hat this coming fall!!!!

#4 "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen
This people choice #1 book i brought logn time ago!!! Lost of knitter, love this scarf pattern!!! Most creative and beautiful patttern book..Als book has blog too...check this out Such as Knitter Brooklntweed's "Forbes Forest" and The Boy Who knit's "Backyard Leaves"

#3 "Hats Gloves Scarves" by Louisa Harding
This is great books highly recommed to eveybody..SOOOOO Much Hat gloves and scarves you can try.. Beginer will be easy to knit this..such great book to have!!! Famous designer Louisa Harding most great knitting book!!! great photo and easy pattern!! Buy it!!

#2 "Danim People" by Rowan other designer
If you want to knit simple sweater or jacket for year long MAN& WOMEN? This is great pattern for first timer knitting sweather and Advand knitter!!! All the patttern from famous designer Kim Hargreaves, Martin Story, Louisa Haring, leah Sutton, Erikaa Knight and carlo Medrum.Many people say sweater is hard to knit? If read this book...It is such easy!!!! number one MUST HAVE Book!!!! See all the pattern Check here

NUMBER #1 "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Falick

WhY choose this book? becauase every thing about knitting is inside of this book. I mean simple sweaters, ponchos, and home wears (and of course some gloves, socks, and hats). Most of the patterns are also timeless classics. Every project is presented in full-color photographs and with clear instructions. Weekend Knitting also features beautiful photos shot in and around real homes, evoking perfect knitting weekends filled with fresh air, friends, and delicious food.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Song of the Day #1

Hi Everybody!!!Iam finlly doing this post!!!!! As Artist myself, Music and Art is really match together as connection of people's mind. Everybody falling love in music and art in this world!!!

As fan of singer and artist, I was thinking about doing "Song of the Day" everyday base Like DJ does...I did lot of post about song and artist...... Starting with "Song of Day," I want to show everybody rear artist(independent), song and recommendaton also video peole will be like!!!

Today, start with my first post, "Perfect Time Of Day" by Howie Day.

I don't think lot of people know Howie Day as artist and songwriter. He has great, soft touching songs.. I will say mixing gravelly vocals and somber strumming à la Joseph Arthur.

Howie Day is one of my #1 list.....Into folk rock, ballade and soul ..passionate style...More about Howie Day( Click here)

"Perfect Time of Day" is from Howie's 3rd album " Stop All The World Now". Last year, he got a Boston Indepedent award and also he got a award before last year.As award artist, you can see all his songs are great!!!

Artist: Howie Day
Album: "Stop All the World Now"
Song: "Perfect Time of Day" Track #2
Style: Folk Rock,Pop, Soul...

Hear the "Perfect Time of Day"(Click here)
It's the perfect time of day
It's the last day of your life
Don't let it drift away
While your heart is still racing
It's the perfect time of day
And you wont feel a thing
And you wont recall
anything at all
Close your eyes and take your
last breath
Press your head aside
the end is the beginning
Everyone between is so lost
so lost
Let your colors collide
The time is so fleeting
I quit running behind
OhI know your meaning
You look for
what you want to say
And you look for
The perfect time of day
it's the perfect time of day
Come on now
It's the perfect time of day
it's the perfect time with you

Blanket UPDATE~~~

With this Hot weather....I finally finsh my nine square today!!! FINALLY!! It is really easy to do with just one color, but with different color? PAIN OF BUTT!!!! I took a sooooooo much to crochet this all nine square!!!
Looks Really GOOD!!! My baby niece will be love it~~~What do you think?

One thing, I hate to do!!!! I have put all the extra yarn end of every color strip and put it back in!! So i have eight strip each square, two each end of cut yarn, 9 times 2 = 18 is I have to do for each square / 18 times 9 = total 162 .......I took almost four hour sawing back in all extra yarn back into nine square....TOO MUCH!!!

Next ..I have saw all the square together~~~

Friday, July 21, 2006


I just get up early today round 8:30am...Just typical another great day in CA....Get up in the bed hornd up as usaul gay guy!!! Make some cup of coffee, i decide to watch some movie, my friends tell me about. Nowdays lot of people subscribing DVD from Netflix, include my friend...It's is save lot of money and time some save, because of cheap price($5.99 for two dvd WOW) and no wasting time. Just watch any time..No due date and send with pre-payed envelope. And you don't have drive and go to video place pay such lot of money!!!! You wasting gus and time>>> That's why Netflix is great thing...

My friend tell this move this really romanctic-love story about two guys. First I just thought just chap gay movie. After i watch the whole movie, I really cry out loud. Really great sweet movie. The actors was great and soundtrack was great too!!! I felt so heart warming and really proud myself!!!

Name of the movie "Latter Days" starting with Steve Sandvoss and Steve Sandvoss from "Charmed."Story about the two guys in fill in love eachother really diffiecult place both toghter.

The story start with: Elder(Steve Sandvoss) is Mornmon Missionary, Christian(Wesley A. Ramey) is gay party boy....

Summry of "Latter day" WATCH THE Trailer(click here)

Elder Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss) is a young Mormon from Pocatello, Idaho, who goes to Los Angeles on his mission. He moves with three fellow missionaries into the bungalow apartment complex of openly gay Christian Markelli (Wes Ramsey), who works as a waiter at "Lila's," a trendy restaurant owned by Lila Montagne (Jacqueline Bisset). Fun-loving, party boy Christian is intrigued by his new, strait-laced Mormon neighbors, and he and his restaurant co-workers make a bet: if Christian can seduce one of the missionaries, he'll win $50. What they don't know is that Aaron, the missionary Christian chooses for his attempted seduction, is gay.

After several encounters around the apartment complex, Aaron and Christian begin to get to know each other. But just as Christian appears to have succeeded in luring Aaron into bed, the hesitant young Mormon suddenly becomes upset by Christian saying that Aaron's first time with a guy "doesn't have to mean anything," that "it can be just a little fun, between friends." Aaron ends the encounter by accusing Christian of being superficial and shallow, and walks out. Rejected, Christian then joins Project Angel Food to deliver food for people with AIDS, through which he befriends Keith (Erik Palladino).

One day, Aaron's roommate and fellow missionary, Paul Ryder (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is involved in a bicycling accident. On returning to his apartment, a distraught Aaron encounters Christian, who tries his best to comfort him with a hug. What begins as an embrace then becomes something more intimate when, suddenly, Aaron's missionary roommates walk in to find the couple kissing. As a result of this indiscretion, Aaron is immediately sent back home by church officials.

Christian later drops by Aaron's former apartment to ask about him, which leads to a confrontation with Aaron's homophobic fellow missionary, Elder Ryder. Ryder relents enough at the last minute to tell him that Aaron has a five-hour layover in Salt Lake City. Christian catches the next flight there and eventually finds Aaron standing outside the terminal in the snow; Christian confesses his love for Aaron face to face. When all flights are canceled due to the snowstorm, Christian and Aaron spend the night together at a motel. Despite a loving and intimate night with one another, Christian wakes up the next morning to find Aaron gone. Depressed, Christian returns to Los Angeles, where he is unable to get over losing Aaron.Aaron faces excommunication from the church upon his arrival home in Idaho. He is given the cold shoulder by his father (Jim Ortlieb) and is scolded by his mother (Mary Kay Place), who tells him that Christian was simply using Aaron for a $50 bet. Aaron feels so hopeless that he tries to commit suicide. Fortunately, he is discovered in time, but is sent by his parents to a treatment facility to undergo aversion therapy.

Christian, who has been trying to contact Aaron by telephone, eventually succeeds, but is devastated to be told by Aaron's mother that, "Thanks to you my son took a razor to his wrists. Thanks to you I have lost my son." Guilt-ridden, Christian believes that Aaron is dead and makes a painful trip to Idaho, where he returns one of Aaron's belongings to his mother. He departs, however, before she can confess that Aaron is still alive.

Meanwhile, Aaron has a "revelation" at the treatment facility after seeing a music video playing on television. The video prompts him to return to Los Angeles, not knowing where else to go now that he is rejected at home and a pariah in his hometown. After failing to find Christian at his apartment, Aaron makes his way to Lila's restaurant (Aaron had previously met Lila by chance). Unbeknownst to Aaron, it is the same restaurant where Christian works, and, following Christian's joy and shock at seeing him alive, the two are reunited. The movie ends on a happy note with Christian, Aaron, and their friends celebrating Thanksgiving, and looking forward to a life together.

How sweet is story is...Really great movie compare as "Brockback Mountain" I learn from this movie was If you really love someone as if your Mornmon...The word "Love" can't stop anything. And God can't stop it too... If you in end of the world, can't stop the both love and not split between both two lover.

I will say this is NOT a gay movie eveybody thinks. Just really great romantic movie about two guys mix with lives sexy romantic comedy and POWERFUL drama!!!!!! A+++++ I never seen this great rmantic story before.....I RECOMMENT THIS TO EVERY IN WHOLE WORLD!!!!SWESOME!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hand-made Spindle~~~

Hey eveyboby!!!!! Guess what i did today...I made a spindle!!! Jason was talking about today's blog..He is going to the spindle class this saturday. I was thinking making spindle for awhile, but always time is the matter. So today my summer class is i finally made a spindle and stained today!!!

Using spindle, make a own yarn is really great!!! You can spin some yarn and knit with it..It s so cool!!! It is getting so popular does day. Look at the pic:
Lost weeken sunday, i saw on DIY(Do It Yourself) channel, "Knitty Gritty" Knitting show host by famous "Vickle Howell"(Visit her blog) guess Liz Gipson show us how to hand spindle. CHECK HERE see the video. If you see this video, everybody can to spin some yarn with hand spindle. I brought some wood stick already cut, smell hook and little round decoration shape from craft store. Making spindle is easy..You just make a dill hole in round shape wood and stick in together. And attach the little metal hook and shepen the end of spindle.... Done!!! Also i did stain with some light bown wool stain.

For first timer, it is really hard to get into spinning with spindle because of the way the spindle spin...too much motion is going on. I was thinking fag the whole thing..It's really HARD to get into to ...But i tried many time practice hour and hours.So I did a lot of practice for two days, finally I did spin some yarn. For beginer, we need a lot of control of pulling out the wool when spindle is rolling, because when spindle is rolling, have to pull out same force with your hands, other wise wool break easy also it makes thick and thin yarn.All the practice and hard work is did finally spin some nice yarn:

This is first try i did with spindle- Top: 1 ply Bottom: 2 ply

I was loot of work but I had a fun spinning it!!!!

And the final 60yd of 1ply thick and thin spin yarn!!! Have a great weeken eveybody!!! HAPPY KNITTING AND SPINNING!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today I finaly got a package from ebay~~ Anybody guess "what I got"?
YES....Used yarn winder for $15 doller from ebay!!! I really want buy it for long time. Did you see the price from yarn store? Almost $50buck.....Too expensive!! I got a great save!!!!
Used winder but great new condition!!!!

I will introduce my good friend!!!!! His name is Mr. Bear...He is here with me for long time...When i was middle school ontil now!! Isn't he cute!!!! He is saying everybody to "HAPPY KNITTING" HeHe

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Follow my mood~~~

Noting going on here..Just another hot day..listening some music...Fall into lyric..joying myself over 100 degress day~~~This is song by Chad Perone. Iam totally into his music.. Listening his CD over and over again!!!

I Won't Follow by Chad Perrone(listen)
I'm sitting here in darkness, a glass of whiskey at
my feet. I've been begging for forgiveness but I'd
settle for some peace. Because I miss all of my old
friends. They don't know mw anymore. It's easy to get
lost on the ocean when you've traveled this far from.
So come on baby, smile real big, even if I've
hand no part in it. And don't worry darlin'. just so you
know, if you walk away. I poromise not to follow. I'm
scared of being lonely. But I've got a lot learn about
love. It works both ways, or so I've got a lot to learn about
love. It works both ways. or so l've been tols. I guess
I'm the only one I'm thinking of. Beacuse I've been
blinded by ambition. I'm growing bored with this
routine. Tell me what so great about success darlin'
if ain't got no one to share it with me?
Great lyric and love his voice!!!
Chad Perrone is from Boston based fock rock singer songwrtiter's music hit's emotions that resonat with the audiences that flock to vwenues to soak in the words. He captur a moment or an motion and etting that to melody. I think he is more songwriter then singer seeking the honesty and clarity in his music most beautiful!!! See more his web(click here)

Current Mood: Listhing music here... Feel Little lonely .....

Monday, July 10, 2006

TO FRY...From alway~~~

Some time, we what to fry alway like a bird....Everything behind...anywhere like a bird~~~
This song remind me want to fry..Go FREE ... "Away" by MAKANA
Listen this

Away by MAKANA
Time fills an open page
With cause for a stronger cage
Your voice sings a song of need
But love lets its hunter bleed
Doesnt she
Fly away to be free
On wings of uncertainty
Desire, loose your grip on me
Im weak like the bourgeoisie
A man is a child at heart
This child will someday depart
As will thee
Youll fly away to be free
On wings of uncertainty
Can anybody claim what is true?
Open to
Something new?
Alone on an odd-shaped cloud
Far from the crowd
(On higher ground)
Fly away to be free
On wings of uncertainty
Well fly away to be free
On wings of uncertainty

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Waiting for Fall~~~

HEY Everybody!!! First of all, big thank you to "Knit Picking"!!! She recevied my hand-dyed yarn this Tuesday. WOW She was first guest and wrote her blog saying really love my hand-dyed yarn(See her here)!!!! Iam really so proud iam and happy!!!

Starting blog with little poem:
"In the Fall" by Edith Sodergran
Now fall is here and the golden birds
all fly home over deep blue waters.
I sit on the shore and gaze into the brilliant glitter
and our farewells sough through the trees.
These farewells loom large, our parting so close
but our reunion certain.
That's why my sleep is so sweet when I dream with my head on my arm.
I feel a mother's breath on my eyes
and a mother's mouth against my heart
sleep and dream my sweet child, for the sun is gone.
Isn't this beautiful autumn poem? I writing this poem because iam really waitting for the summer is over! For me summer is too hot and long!!!! Fall remind me brown and red leafs falling down the sidewalk. I love to walk on the heaped falling leafs. At fall, also we have alots of thing we can knit!! Such as Sweater, pull-over, poncho and you can name it eveythings...
Anyway, i got a package today..Some of yarn i order for fall knitting. You can see the most of yarn is brown color!!! (I mean brown is my flavorlt color!!)

You can see the all the brown color yarn order from Elann, Knitpicks and Fuzzy Mable. Does online shop is my #1 list on online yarn shop!!! Does store has really good low cost yarns expressly Fuzzy Mabale...They have a free shipping for all the orders, even only order one skein!!!

First of all start with silk wool top right:

Elsebeth Lavold "Sliky Wool" #36/ 65% wool 35% silk /192 yd/ From Fuzzy Mabel

Iam planning to knit "Branching Out" lacy leaf Scarf from Knitty. This lacy pattern is really simple pattern and Iam working on oilve color right now..It is really fun to knitting this!!!

Plymoutn Yarn "Plymouth Tweed" #5306 Brown/ 100% Virgin lambswool/109 yd/ Kpixie

Iam going to knit "Odessa" (sans beads) by Grumperina from MagKnit Feb 06. I saw "brooklyntweed" blog.. I wanna knit this hat really bad!!!!

Knit Picks's "Shimmer" Deep Woods/ 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk/ 440yd/Lace weight

I think Knitpicks has really good and chap lacy yarn other then other yarn store!!! You can not bet that price LESS THEN Three dollar!!!!

Iam going to knit "Wave and Shell Shawl" or "DayFlower Lace Scarf" For my mom!!!!!It looks easy and really simple to knit!!!!

KFI (Knitting Fever) "Whisper" #30/ 50% Mohair, 50% Acylic/176yd/From FuzzyMables

I really like " Tie one one" by nona from Knitty!!! I dont know when but my mom will like this style!!!!

I saw "Númenna - Nan Annûn" Elemmaciltur 's blog, He finsh crocheting "Sweet Pea Shawl" from Happy Hooker. HE did really great job!!! I will say HE is really knitting Genius!!!!I decide making thing shawl..See the top pic...from happy hooker book!!! Pattern: Sweet Pea Shawl by Amie Hirtes in Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker

Iam order at Elann/Sonata Print #9789 Mayan Treasure/ 100% Mercerized Cotton/115yd for Sweet Pea Shawl !!! Iam gonna start doing this weeken will see what happen!!

I ordermore knitpics's "Wool of the Andes" #23773 Tan and #23420 Coal for strip sweater iam kintting!!!!

More Dye yarn from "knitpicks" I need to dye more yarn this week!!!!So much work to do!!!

This is Hand-made paste paper pack going be sell at my store!! You can you for card making, scrapbook and other paper craft!!!!! This is 100% handmade paste paper one of kind!!!

Also i will try finsh my store this week...So eveybody can buy some handmade stuff and look around!!! IT is still onfinshed but almost!!!! Thanks!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I didn't show this to youguys!!!Does are my ceramic bowl I made last spring!

All the differenet colors of bowls!!!! From all the colors, it is hard to get the red color because i dont know why but when it's fireing, about 20% is coming out red colors!!!!( When you buying red color pot or plate...Price is really expensive!!!)

I took a so much time to carving does bowls!!!!..This is techique called "Meshema". Useing different kind of cray, painted on throw on bowl and carve!!!!

Do youguys know? It want to throw taller pot or jar, you need a FIVE years of practice!!!I means experience... Does are smell bowls i preatice throwing for 3 month get that small size bowl!!!! I think throwing cermic is long process to make little bowl And Need a alot of patience and endureance!!