Saturday, February 25, 2006

NOT feeling Good!!!

Iam so sick and feeling useless today!!! Yesterday, I was coming back from home in train..I was knitting my Irish Hiking Scarf I felt bad headache and feel like a throw up..
so i didnt eat dinner and just gone to the bed.. When i get up next day, I had a sore throat and felt worse..I am really sick...I GOT A FLU~~~Iam still feeling sick today and didnt knit anything~~~ Right now, I drank 7 cups of hot Green Tea.. This tea didnt not help at all!! I need a nice guy to snuggle!!!!
GOD Please help me to feel batter and also find my true boyfriend...

MEDICINE Not not my type!!! Hate it!!! NoNoNo

Monday, February 20, 2006


I get this yarn from ebay 5 skins for $12.00. It was 100yard per skins so it was great!!!
But i dont know what to do with this yarn? It is PALE ROSE MOHAIR YARN MIX . It say this is a soft mix of white loopy novelty yarn, a soft blush variegated rayon luminesce yarn, and a soft faded pink rose mohair blend yarn.... I recived yarn after three day, It seems too silky and too much texture. This is her ebay web site: Mybeyouguys check this out..such great yarn she has....



I named it "famouse star blanket" Because it has a big start in the middle of the blanket..It is an easy project but it take alot of time. I am planning to crochet blanket sizes 46 by 72, so it is very big!..I dont have much time to finish it but some day i will finish...(maybe after 4 months!..who knows?)

I got this from bock store last week and i am enjoying it so much!! it is a great project for beginners...such as I!

inside the book, I found star patterns...the original project was "star bathmat", i like the mat but it was a little easy or foolish for me to crochet. So i devcided to make a blanket for the first time with this aawesome star patterns.

This was first start:
I made a 130 chain for the 46in wide with stitch

1. Two Single stitch.
2. Two double stitch by two stitch each row.

This is how far i made today......

This is how far i did today...God Help Me!!! Please!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Start First post with NEW YARN~~

Hi~~ everyone!! I am so happy to start my new blog. This is my first port in my own blog..I have to start with new yarns. Thursday I got two yarns from the store near my house called "Simply Knitting Place" It is the only yarn store in my area. I used to live near the LA area, but now im living in Canyon Country which is a countryside which made it difficult for me to go to LA famous wall known as yarn store (really sad!)...... I guess now u guys will have a better understanding to pick the right yarn for your project!.. Too much yarn!! Hard to choose?? I guess We are "yarnholics" We are thinking about thousdand kinds of yarns to buy!...which is expensive and you have so many choices that makes it hard to decide what kind to get! like paying 69 yards for 445 ?? No Way!! We have to protest for our rights and to all the yarn stores to lower the cost of yarns!

I spent almost $50 for 4 yarns!!! So painful because its too much!!!Anyways...... On thursday they are having a 40% off yarn sale.. hehe.. I got a "Fame" by Classic Elite(Left) and "Malva" by Filatura Di Crosa(Right) . I was thinking i will make a hat with Fame. And using Malva yarn drop stitch scarf. Will see....