Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baby Afghan Project!!!!!

This is my baby afghan update!!! My cousin "Ann" is having delivery next april 12th so i start to make a afghan her new born baby!!! I call her last week, she say she is gonna have a beautiful girl. WOW~ IT GREAT~~ I can not wait to see her!!!

This is 10"x10" square crochet blocks with four different yarn(light and dark pupple, pink ex)
She is having baby girl so i choose pinkish color!!!!
IT took a whill but it looks so good with different color strip!!

It will be like this: Two different color, match two blocks togeter and seam it all the blocks togeter. IT will be total 10In 8 blocks color way. Iam crocheting my fifth block right now. Three more to go!!! This is when the four blocks attach all together(pic is little crooked!! Sorry!!)

Friday, March 24, 2006


I finaly find out today, Iam teaching handmade Cardmaking class!!!! It has been teaching one day workshop for almost two year at handmade paper store and Michaels. As artist, painter and crafter it great oprortunity teaching six week cardmaking class at community art center.
Story of my cardmaking, First my friends and family say to me they loved my cards so much!!!because i used only beautiful handmade paper from India and Japen it eveything made by hands. So i start my smell business "Won's Handmade Card" I start to sale my card at art fair and other craft store. After two year i have a 200 customer and company.

When i make a card i spend about 20min tomake a each card, becauase its my art work.... Lot of crafter they just make it for sale but for my card each by each lot of soul into it~~~My class start at nextmonth Appil 7th..if want sign off please do so...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Friends Scarf!!!

Sorry youguys!!! Iam rearlly sory about the no posting for two week~~ My mother was very sick i was taking care of her!!!!! Now days iam really worry about my mom's heath...Thats really sad for me because she is my everything !!! I love you mom!!!

Anyway, I finsh knitting my two friend's scarf~~~ Matthew was talking about, he loves "Bernat yarn". So i use my stash bernat pupple yarn. I knit some crochet scarf!!! Thia yarn is so soft...I wonder why this is he favorite!!!
On right side, i use mix of two yarns just stash Lion wool yarn with gold&silver ribbon yarn.
It is so nice!!! She like it so much!!!

Iam really tird today.....My mood is so low. I guess the rain also feeling sick again.....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Scarf~~ Scarf~~ Scarf~~

Hey everybody!! Its raining day today..... I am so use to live in CA..i love hot wether...
Yesterday, I finsh kintting and crochet simple long scarf. On the lift I use dark blue mix Chenille yarn, with double crochet. On the right, I use pinkish mohair yarn with knit garther stitch. This is for my friends. It has been year, my friends beg me to make them scarf. So i decide make them scarf for gift!!! I use two skin of yarn each scarf and fringe.I most time use Cd case and warp around some yarn and cut end of lop. CD case make a propect size i tell ya~~

I can't wait to give them tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Eveybodys are talking about the Noro Yarn today!!! Yesterday, I saw Matthew's blog Celtic Knitter .He was knitting basketweave pattern scarf!!! Also saw Númenna's grert basketwave scarf too!!! Today, I saw Numenna blog, he was planning to knit with noro yarn also showing the video of great yarn store he went to !!! ASWESOME!!!! Eveybody are in same mind!! HOW COOL IS THIS!!!

After work, I drove downtown gone to the new yarn shop call "Knit cafe" It was raining all day today but I can not stand to get the noro yarn ...I finally got it!!!!

It is nice store!!! Lots Lots yarns!!! awesome!!!!! I want to get noro Kureyon but they do have any~So i got a Silk Garden! it was one skin for $13.95. I was expensive. I was plan to buy it online..allmost same price as yarn store. It was $10.85 at online YarnMaket Add up + shipping was almost same price as yarn store.... Not bad!!!

I got a two skin of silk garden/ color #86

I will up date my basketweave scarf, end of week!!! SEE YA!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Finally finshed my Scarf!!!

Today afternoon, I finally finshed my browen strip scarf!!! It looks so nice!!! I used four skine of two diffent Lion wool yarn. This is long scarf because i want to fold and half and insert two end round my neck. One thing i hate to doing this was: end of every stripes, i have to sew ex-yarn into the scarf.... I made 50 strip so. It took a almost two hour to sew extra end of yarn...
Thats pain of butt..I tell ya!!!
It's almost winter is over, Iam saving for next winter!!!! I can't wait to wear that scarf!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Hey, everybody!!! I finaly got my macrame books and materials. I found the great place online call "FIRE MOUNTAIN GEMS AND BEAD" If wanna buy jewalry making supply, this is great place to get it from!!!
The Spring and summer is around conner, I plan to make a Macrame hemp bracelet for my art sale in next April!!! I got a two macrame book by katie DuMont. I guess she is famous macrame artist. when i was serching at the web, she was everywhere.... I mean Macrame Queen!!

Also I broght a hemp cords at the Michael's : Pupple, white, regular nature color of hemp and some beads. The hemp cord was so expensive. One skin of hemp was ten doller? Noway!! Thats too much!!! I was fighting for the price but I had cupon so....That's good!!!

I was looking trow the book, it so much pattens...This is my first time doing macrame so, I start making simple Macramed Hemp bracelet....I thinking it looks so great!!! Look at the pic~

Finsh!!! and wearing it!!! It's Look Cool!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feel much better!!!

Hi!! everybody~~ I had been past three days, today iam feel so much better!!! But still has sore throat. Also still has body ache too. I didnt knit all most three day and iam so behind time.
In here CA, it was been raining almost week.... I use to living CA for so long, hate the wet wether.

My friend give me this 4 skin of dark-blue yarn(I guess this is Sock yarn?I Do no?) First I thought plan to knit socks with this yarn..But I didn't knit sock before... yet.....
Maybe someday. Iam plan to take a sock knitting class next

Here is my progress today. I still feel sick so...didnt knit too much!!!