Thursday, August 30, 2007

Knitting TALK

HAHAHA So funny! Yeaterday one of my friend email me this funny comic about the TV show "You Think You Can Dance" if youguys dont know about this show...It is just like a America Idol ...competition that find out who is the best America dancer is..Every week they perform and vote out one of dancers and winer gets stays. Really dont care about this show( I hate this show) but like a comic.... I wish there is the show for knitter like this dance show. I think IT IS REALLY POSSIBLE to start a show for knitter! How many knitters are in whole world? I guess millions? It's possible!
If FoxTV start to do this show, winner of the show "So You Think You Can Knit" will be a Stphanie McPhee? Lily Chin? or Wendy Johnson? HAHAA Why? For Stephanie, she can knit a sweater a per week..Youguys seen her blog. it's amazing! And Lily Chin, She is the queen of fast crocheter with bad smoking habit(somebody told me she smoke box of the dayHAHAHA)And last Wendy Johnson, She can knit a two or more pair of the socks per day. Have you seen her blog yet? different socks everyday and her own great design.
Ya I know...I wish i could be the winner but iam not fast knitter so...

Ok..Talking about my knitting:

This is current my knitting project (another way saying UFO) on my table. Youguys can see lots of knitting going on here.

And working on my River Rapid Socks right now(youguys already saw pic last week), Not much progress going on here from the last week...I been knitting an gusset and start to knitting a socks foot. I didnt told youguys I LOVE Lorna's Lace socks so much! Iam using a Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sport color "Watercolor" for this socks..It great soft socks yarn and can't stand myself buying more!

Pattern: "Branching Out" from knitty

Yarn: "Silky Wool" by Elsebeth Lavold /Moss #008

Started: Sep 2005 on and off ontil now..

And one of my old UFO: I saw lovely "Branching Out" scarf at Dickie's "
Cashmere Blend" blog he was working on... Looking at the Dickie's scarf... I suddenly remember my old UFO same Branching Out scarf I use to working on. Youguys can see the picture on the top, about 30 in are knitted and still setting on my clothset for two year. I remember why i stop knitting a scarf because I was soooooo bored with the pattern and long lace pattern repeating. I still one more skein to go and I will never gonna finsh it! PLEASE HELP ME!

If youguys saw Cat's "Let Knit2gether" Knitting video cast about her UFO problem I think all the knitters are agreed with UFO must finshed project and start to new one! Not only my branching out scarf , I have six more UFO in my clothset, everyday UFO hunting me to finsh them..Scary~~

Yarn shoping this week:

I did some back to school yarn shopping last weeken, I got a three pairs worth of socks yarns. Great colors!

Left: "Sassy Stripes" #766 by Cascade Yarn

Right: "Essential" Tucson Multi by Knit Picks

Top: "Rodeo" #1151 by Opal

Book of the Week:

Everybody already knows NEW "Stitch 'n Bitch" mens pattern books are coming out in this Sep! But I find out, also there is two more new men's pattern books coming out end of this year! Let look at the preview and make sure bookmark on you amazon list!

"Knitting for Him" : 27 Classic Projects to Keep Him Warm

by Martin Storey Wendy Baker

"The Knitting Man(ual)" 20+ Projects for Guys

by Kristin Spurkland

Music of the Weeks:

Your Listening:

"Ride" by Cary Brothers

Album: "Who You Are " 2007
From: Los Angeles, CA

Catalog:Indie rock, Alternative rock, Folk

Have a great Laber Day everybody! XOXOXO

Friday, August 24, 2007

Memories of My Life~~

"A moment of passion so easily shared
with no fear or regret
The memories flood through your mind
a moment of passion i'll never forget!

A moment of passion is like a drug,
it can take you so high
Needing to get another fix
a moment of passion can never lie

A moment of passion when we are alone
it is desired by them too
Unable to control it
A moment of passion shared with you!".....

"A moment of Passion" by Samatha Smith

Thank you so much for great comment on my birthday! Youguys are best! I been lonely and sad, didnt get any present. Only my brother got me a yarn store gift card....
Anyway thinking about my life getting one years older. Sometime I think I what to go back to my old home.
It has been almost 12 years here in really miss my old home so much! I mean before I move here i use to live in Hawaii all of my childhood. Looking at my old photograph when i was kindergarten to middle school in Hawaii. I had a really great time and also great memory still has. The music, blue ocean, beautiful sunset also people... Still in my heart..still didnt forget anything! I also remember use to learn Hula and Hawaiian is so funny that I still remember dance step and still singing the Hawaiian songs. You know.. I use to be a Hawaiian..
After 12 years in CA, I guess seems like a same day every day...There is something missing part of my life great time at Hawaii ..use to surffing, looking at the beautiful scene and beace and water everythings. it gone but hopely moving back to Hawaii someday
It will be when i get older like a 60s or 70s......Hopely...

Ok...Talking about knitting I been working on my mom's socks for a whole week. Since school start same time not much knitting done lately. This is so far i been knitting a socks:

The pattern is River Rapid Socks by Sockbug. I really like the lace pattern coming out and looking forward to finsh one more pairs for my brother's girlfriend.

Music of the Week:

Inspire by my memory of Hawaii.. My favorite song

Your Listening:

Song: "Ku'ulei 'Awapuhi"

Artist: Makana

Album: "Ki Ho'Alu" 2003

From: Hawaiian singer and Hawaiian Slack Key Artist

Catalog: Adult Contemporary, World Traditions, Hawaiian

Have a great weeken everybody and knit hard XOXOXOX~~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Birthday BOY HERE!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday 23years old me...
Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

SHOP Opening SOON!~~~

My Etsy shop will be Opening SOON~~

Selling my 100% Handmade goodies:

Handmade awesome card

Hand-dyed yarn

Other craft by me!

Visit my Etsy SHOP HERE

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Update and Still-life~~~

Hey everybody! Another great hot saturday today! I didnt been post Saturday StillLife for long time... Finally, Sat StilLife picture for youguys knitters out their, what I been working since last week. I been working on my brother's socks..I finshed one side socks of the socks last wedsday. The yarn I am using a REGIA 4ply "Multi Effekt Color" #5376 Brown and dark blue gray mix. The pattern is just simple 72 stitch stockinette from "Dublin Bay Socks" without lace side pattern.

It came out great! and I hope my brother like it! (Maybe not?..If not, I will keep it myself..How dear you! I will kick in your face! HAHAHA)

Also order is came today! I finally got my Ann Budd's NEW "Knitting SOCKS" book so early! Because her new socks book will published and sell on September 1st..But iam luckly got myself her socks book so early! I got it on Wallmart(I just checked..they out of order! I guess lot of peoples are buying it) online store not Amazon(They didnt sell yet!) Go order yourself copy of Ann Budds book. I will talk more about the book in my coming video cast..going to my mouth shut!
Also new episode 16 "
Knitpicks Podcast" interviewed Ann Budd about the her new socks books..So go and listen!

Coming back to knitting...Youguys already know I been dyeing a lot of yarns for my store! (I know.Youguys been long waitting! Sorry about that!) Pic is the hat i am making a sample of my shop!
Don't you think color looks great? I will have five diffent color in my new Etsy shop. Stay return! And hat pattern is from "Hat Gloves Scarves" by Louisa Harding. The name of hat is "Streamlied Sport." I will show pic of finsh hat next week.

I been busy setting up my NEW Etsy shop..item will listed handmade card, yarn and other craft item..handmade by me! NEXT SATURDAY is OPENNING DAY! Please check it out ,,,but some handmade goodies!

I also started to knitting a lace can see the pic and so far I only have a 17 row knitted. Iam doing a "Shetland Triangle" by Evelyn A. Clark..Patten is from the book "Wrap STYLE" by Pam and Ann.

I know..I been buying alot of stuff!...I also got my order from Knitpicks (Books SALE end next saterday!..GO and buy your self half priced kntting book! The book was $30, but i brought for $17 Great deal!) Inspired by Brooklyntweed's "Tomten Jacket"..finally got my "The Opinionated Knitter" by GREAT Knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Everybody knows who is the Elizabeth Zimermann is...Iam not gonna talk about whole lot stuff about Mrs. zimermann..I been seen lot of her knitted top down sweater on knitter's blog(Suah as Kenny from"The Boy who knits" he is work on top down sweater right now also Jade from "Brooklyntweed") it is great and how easy to knit all one piece togeter and started knit top and down to the bottom. I tooks some of a mans pattern pic in this can see the great her orginal pattern:

Cowichan Sweater

Adult Surise Jacket

Circular Seamless Raglan Sweater

Yoke Sweater

V-Necked Aran Cardgan

Scandinavian Sweater

Song of the Week:

Your Listening:

Song: "Step Aside"
Artist: Tobias Hellkvist
Album: "Transport" 2007

From: Swedish singer/songwriter/guitarist
Catalog: Pop, Alternative Folk

Friday, August 03, 2007

Cookie for Socks Knitter!

Finally, weeken is here! Just another HOT great summer day over 100 degrees in CA...watching a classic black and white martial art film by Bruse Lee! Since he is been passed ways for long time ago, still in our heart, it's remained for great male acter also great fighter in history of the movie. I remember when i was a little, use to watch his movie alot.. everyday after school and ontile mid-night, i was really addicted to his great moves! (Also great body!...yes!...)

Anyway, inspired by Bruce Lee's move, I did bake some of Asian theme cookies for memorial of Bruce.

One the left side is pennut-butter cookie and on right side is Green Tea Cookie! I what to try green tea cookie recipe for a long time..I finally baked today! This green tea cookie recipe is from my friend's mom, came down to her grandmother..I guess it is there family secret recipe..first time I share with youguys! It is great cookie, drink with tea or coffee! So mild and soft butterly cookie! YUM!

Here is you need:

2 1/2 cups All-purpose flour
1 teaspoon Matcha green tea powder (you can buy this at Asian Market or order online)
1 teaspoon Baking powder
1 pinch Salt
1 cup Butter, at room temperature
1 1/4 cups Granulated Suger
2 large Egg yolks
1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla extract

1. In a medium bowl, combine flour, Matcha powder, baking powder, and salt, set aside.
2. In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar, beat in the egg yolks.
3.Beat in the vanilla extract.
4.Gradually blend in the dry ingredients.
5. Cover and chill for one hour.
6. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease 2 baking sheets, or line with parchment paper.
7.On a floured surface, roll out the dough to a thickness of 1/4 inch.
8.Using a 2-inch cookie cutter, cut out cookies and place 1 inch apart onto the prepared baking sheets.
9. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until lightly colored. Transfer to wire racks to cool.

Watching a Bruse Lee movie and eatting a homemade cookie...I manage to finsh knitting a socks, sample for my hand-dyeing yarn!

Pattern: "Bubble Wrap Socks"

By: Sockbug at

Yarn Use: Hand-dyed my own "Peruvian Wool" 440yd

Needle: Knitpicks DPN size #1

I think Socks same out great! What youguys think? Also this is sample of my hand-dyed yarn I will be listed my shop next week if youguys what to buy!

Song of the Week:

Your Listening:

Song: "A Movin' Movin' Train"

Artist: Aaron Schroeder

Album: "Southern Heart In Western Skin"

From: Washington base singer

Catalog: Pop, Alternative Folk

NEW Video Cast is coming up NEXT WEEK! Next epsiode I will be talking about "All about Sock Knitting" So Stay RETURN!