Friday, August 22, 2008

It's my birthday.

I'm not going to write a about 25 years of my age. That's not how we do things around here. I been to yarn shopping another day that i'll get around to sharing, but for now, let's just party..

1,000 Times by Tahiti 80

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What is Bohemian Look?

In this fall, lot of stylist saying that Bohemian look will be the number one hit for this fall style.

What that means is that trousers tucked into boots, scarves, hats.....Bohemian is a term for being "off-beat, artsy and unusual. The short sweater which ties in front comes crocheted or knited, embroidered, and in satin. Also known as a shrug, the sweater can be worn over a shirt to add texture or warmth on a cooler fall day. Layering and longer camisoles and shirts are also part of the whole bohemian look.

Also in men's fashion, knited sweaters, dressy button-downs, blazers and woven shirts are popular, according to Gap's fall style. Layering and fitted styles, along with fall colors, shape the male wardrobe.

The guys will instead opt for spiritual, John Deer and humorous one-liner tees Striped and solid polos continue to be a very strong trend in popular colors like green, pink, orange, Carolina blue and red. As the weather cools, guys will layer a long-sleeved tee under a short-sleeved polo, tee or button-down shirt.

Also more style will be jacket with jeans, at all times of the day and night. Or sometimes, tux jacket with sweatpants. It's the kind of dressy rocker look you might associate with his close friend.

I think white suit jacket is must have cody thing styling Bohemian look.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let's SEE Fall 2008 Magazine Review!

Hey everybody! It is almost end of August already..I know you guys are probably thinking a right now finally fall is coming soon! How excited is this.

I got a fall issue from the three of my favorite knitting magazines..Also you guys can check out Knitting Brow's blog, he was talking about the kniting magazine too...if you want to buy yourself. OK lets talk about the fall pattern in the magazines.

My thoughts on FALL pattern from those three knitting magazines are lots of "CABLE"? OMG So much cable patterns in this fall issue. I can see that lots of textures from the cable and stitch are combined into knitwear in simple designs.

Magazine: Interweave Knits

Ovarall Patterns: ***

(* Hate It, ** Ok. *** Like it, **** Love It)

Should I Buy It?: Yes (If you plan to knit a jacket or pullover)

Great articles and well written patterns. I can see that lots of Fall garments for womens. Not only garment, also great pattern for socks, bag and hat. One thing , I hate to see that is no pattern for men's in this fall issue.

Some of pattern I like in Interweave Knit in fall issue:

"Bacchus Socks" by Alice Bell (Left)
"Knotty Or Knice Socks" by Chrissy Gardiner (Right)

I really like a vine pattern on Bacchus socks and Bavarian stitch cable from Kntty Knice socks.

"Backstage Tweed Jacket" by Alina Khasanova

I like it because it's seamless yoke knit in one piece. Also pattern looks like a pine tree on rib in crosses.

"Fresco Fair Isle Mitts" by Pam Allen

Love the geometric pattern with color striped into mitts. I think this will be great gift.

"Zigzag Beeanie" by Dawn Leeseman

Magazine: KnitScene

Overall Patterns: ****

(* Hate It, ** Ok, *** Like It, **** Love It)

Should I Buy It?: Yes (Simple designs and pattern for men too!)

Iam totally love this fall issue! I been talking about the texture on garment..This issue is really focus on fall looks. Love the sweater with nature feel and use of Eco wool.Also talking about selling Knitting on Etsy.

Focus On Style:
- Modern Medieval
- Colorful Outerwear
- Global Knits

Some of Pattern from KnitScene Fall:

"Big Thaw Pullover" by Amanda Berka

I love because it is top down seamless construction. The Yoke price is worked from shoulder to shouder, while short rows shape the sleeve caps.

"Nederland Vest" by Mary Jane Muklestone

It's Argyle pattern middle of the body. Standed knitting is only worked in the body, where the piece is knitted in the round. It's no Fair Isls so easy.

"Riding to Avalon Hoodie" by Connie Chang Chinchio

I love clean-lined hoodie. It's over sized buttons are clustered closely together at the wrist alits and ate crossover neck placket.

Magazine: VOGUE Knitting

Overall Patterns: **

(* Hate It, ** Ok, *** Like It, **** Love it)

Should I Buy It?: NO (Only Mitten Patterns!)

It always very "vogue" magazine in style and photography. I enjoy this artistic and fashion forward approach to knitting. In this fall issue, I really joyed Foliage mitten pattern by famous men wear designer and blogger "Jard". You can read about the pattern in his blog HERE.

Yes this is the Mitten in the front of the cover.

"Follage Mitten" by Jared Flood

I think is really awesome pattern, he combined texture cable into the pattern. He create rustic mood fall in green autumn.

"Potpourri Mittens" by Tanis Gray

Another mittern pattern, I really like the colorwork motifs and fair Isle use.

"Fairisle Dolman" by Jenn Jarvis

I really love the story about how the jacket came out. It's deconstructs a traditional men's ski sweater, turning the fair isle motifs vertical.

"Hooded Pullover" by Mari Muinonen

It's classical from the front, sumptuously swirled on the back..I love she made with Wool-Ease Chunky.

So.... you guys made a decision which fall issue are you going to buy? Hope this fall review help you guys pick out your favorite!

Monday, August 04, 2008

My Favorite MIXTAPE !!!

I saw this at Robbie's Blog.....


1. Damien Rice - Delicate
2. Howie Day - Perfect Time of Day
3. Chad Perrone -Reinvent
4. Shane Alexander - Amsterdam
5. Dave Barnes - Until You
6. City and Colour - Save Your Scissors
7. Pinback - Fortress
8. Matt Wertz - Carolina
9. Long Wave - Wake Me When It's Over
10. Royksopp - Remind Me
11. Phoenix - Victim Of The Crime
12. Jason Mraz - The Remedy


Music by DJ Charles