Friday, October 27, 2006


"Warm Winter Exchange 2006" are Here!!!
I was thinking about this for long time!!! Here it is!!... It will be cool to exchange goodie, such as scarf, hat(beanie), socks, glove and other warm-stuff for coming cold winter!!!!


1. Sign Up by November 10 on Veterans day ontill 12:00A.M. Please email me at "" with Personal Question!!!!!(On bottom)
So I can add to the participants list! And I will be emailing back to you with "Personal Number" KEEP YOUR NUMBER/Do NOT LOST!!! On 12th, I will post the participants list, only YOUR LAST name so, this will be suprised!! Keep it secret!!!

2. Post this info about "Warm Winter Exchange" so other knitter can join!!!

-POST Button in your Blog!

3. MONDAY, Novemeber 13 is Drawing DAY!!!!! - I will drawing RANDOM number (your personal number) pick 1 st and 2nd number for your both exchange with!!!!! I will post the number , who your exchange with!!! Then emailing back to you with there "Personal info."

4. Knit a scarf, hat(beanie), glove or other warm-stuff by DECEMBER 10 !!!!! FLLOW BY THE PERSONL INFO!!!!! Please people has a allergies and dislike color so!!!!!!!Please make sure check there personal info!!!!! WE HAVE WHOLE MONTH TO KNIT!!!!

- There is no LIMIT to send!!!! Even two scarf is fine!!!! Or Hat and scarf!!!

- PLEASE limit it to up to $25!!!(Shipping fees are not include...Because we have a knitter around the world!! Some people are sending scarf and hat, package will be large!!! )

- When you ship the package , ADD THREE THING THEY WILL BE LOVE!!!: Such as handmade stitch maker, knitting stuff, card, candy, yarn.. you name it!!!!TO MAKE US HAPPY!!

5. POST your finsh object on your blog or site(If don't have a blog, it's ok!!) Pic please!!!

6. SEND YOUR package start by MONDAY, Dec 11th!!!! SO we can get it by near christmas!!!

PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE PICKAGE: ONLY YOUR ADDRESS!!! Exmple like this: "Warm Winter Exchange" Your secect Pal!!!

Please email pal, know if you are delayed for any reason!!!!

7. On DEC 22, I will post anwer of your secret pal, Did youguys guess?

IF you have a Any Q. Please email me at :

Personal Question:

1. First and Last name
2. Male or Female?
3. Email Address
4. Name of blog/ Blog URL
5. HOME/mailling Address(Please Make it clear)-This is only send to the pal!!!!!
6. Colours you love
7. Dislike Colours
8. Fibres you like
9 . allergies? Yes or no?Which?
10.You like scarf? Hat(Bennie)? Socks? gloves? other? Which?
11. Do you like Knit or crochet stuff? or both?

Please email me by Nov 10!!!!!!!!


Monday, October 23, 2006

Do YOUGUYS WHAT IS THIS PINK SCARF FOR? Oh, Yes!!! This is scarf i made for "Breasts Cancer" Month!! I was due , Oct 15...This is pic i took after i finsh!!! It is really sad, because every each year many woman having breast caner..and many woman try hard to conqure there cancers!!!
To help them little things...It is really heartwarming , knit a pink scarf for them , help them there breasts cancer!!! "IT IS GOOD THING" Martha said.( MATHA RULE!!)

Think about the pink, I LOVE PINK COLOR!!! This is not only for girl!!!! MEN loves pink too!!!I love to wear pink t-shirt and scarf!!! Also i saw pink nike shoe, many guys wearing them.. oh my god!!! It is truth!!(Include gay guys..yes~~)

Ok... back to scarf: this is pic of pink rose scarf i made for Breasts Cancer !! IT came out really nice!!!! Do you think?

OH!!! Baby!!!! Love this pink scarf!!!!

I use double crochet stitch for base of simple scarf and i knit rose for accent!!!
This is my mom "Iris" I ask for pose for my rose scarf!!! She looks really cute? Dont you? She is kind of tired in this pic, because this was after work came home, i just draggle her take a pic!!! Ya sure..I pay her modle fee too!! HEHE only dime?

Also playing round the pic, Oh my.... THIS IS ME in wearing pink scarf!!!! It looks like a GOD !!!Beacuse of the light on back of pic!!!

OBEY ME!!! I will give your happyness~~~

Anyway, leave with this song:

"Geek In the Pink" by Jason Mraz(I love this song!!!)

Jason say geek alway wear pink? We are GEEK!!!! YES!!!!

Everybody, have a great week!! SEE YA

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Material Girl = Material Guy?"William" He is really cute and funny guy!! Check this his video out!! So Funny..Itcrank me up!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


This is another greatist busy weeken for me!!!
I mean I did everying thing!!!On Friday, I did all my laundry include my family..Oh My God~~~ Five basket of full laundry? and folding.... too much..That took me all night sleep arounf 2AM midnight...And Saturday morning 9:00AM i had a dentalist appointment, so had a painful treatment( I still doing my root treatment..) After eat lunch( I had a pasto pasta..made my self) and then gone to LYS "Simply Knitting" get my new yarn for next project. I spent almost $40..Yak!! I can't stand with does mouth watering yarn...I brought a five skien of Queensland Collection "Kathmandu DK" 85% merino wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere yarn. It iwas really soft and its like a heaven met!!!Saturday night 7:00pm, we had a Weeken SnB Night so I teach guy how to knit and work on my "BRANCHING OUT"scarf. On Sunday, afternoon i watched Knittly Gritty and bake some cookie. WHAT A WEEKEN!!!

This is yarn i brought on saturday: "katjmandu DK" Color #406 SOOO SOFT!!!!

This cockie i made sunday: Coffee Espresso Cookie!!! Yummy!!

This is profect for eat with coffee or Tea!! Try!!So good!!!

How to make it:
You need a 2 stick of butter, 2 cups of Sugur power, 6 cups of flour, 1 egg, 2 teaspoon of vanilla, pinch of salt and most final 4 tablespoon of instant power coffee from the store!!!

1. Creame the butter with whisk ontil the butter soften.

2. On 1, add suger power and mix really will then add salt mix once again.

3. On 2, add egg together, mix will, then add shifted flour mix again.

4. On 3, add instant power coffee then Mix will. Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper or apray with cooking spray.

5. Pre Oven on 350 degree

6. Use ice cream scoop or spoon, put the dough on the baking sheet, back about 20 min!!

7. After 2o min, take it out from the oven and dust some suger-power!! DONE Injoy~~

Iam working on slowly..progress on Branching out lace scarf!! I hve a one more skien to go!!

I finshed the first skine today!!! I can't wait to finsh this scarf!! My long due!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Look at what I got from mail today? I am waiting for long time finally got a first men knitting book today( I mean First time never writen men knitting book) It is "Knitting With Balls -The Frist Comtemporary guide to knitting for the MODERN MALE" by Michael Del Vecchi bloger Aka Tricky Tricot In this book, Michael designed lot of nice Sweaters and jacket also gear that mens are using!! Great photo and detile drawen chart..if you youguys(I mean guy) want to start knitting and already have been knitting, this is great book to have on your collection!!!

Thank you for the comment and greatist kind!! I am better now!! I had a really bad mix with ful and cold sickness almost two week.. felt like a almost death. EVEYBODY watch out this cold!! This is bad one!! I been off for almost two week..When i go to work today.files files work for waiting for me... i het work but i have too... Also i have three yarn dyeing class coming up ..I have to already for the class.. Anyway:

This is cover of Michael's book:

I love this cover!! DONT YOU THINK? Men with big "O" ball of wool yarn and needle!! This make me horny..hehe

This is "Hooded Alpaca Parka" Great for go for running!!! Yellow? Bee?

Noro "Knee-Length Coat" Dressy coat..Plan to knit someday...

Argyle Pullover Vest..Everybody has less one of Argyle sweater.....

Lovly "Tribal Sweater" bull of eye in the middle of sweater..LOVE THIS!!!!

"Not-So-Rugged Scarf" Mohair scarf

Everybody must need this one~~~~ "Beer Cozy" ROCKS!!!!!

All time "Fisherman's Watchcap & Scarf"

"Medallion Mitts" Another style of "Kolenya"

Leave with great Quote:

The Color Of Leaves by Gregory Dent

In Autumn my maples turn into colors of three.

Some orange, some red, others yellow inclined,

all gracefully floating in the warm sunshine.

Yet with the first hint of a cool northern breeze,

They shed their bright treasure of colorful leaves.

Just one shade of brown turns my burley old oak.

On cold foggy mornings it smolders, and smokes.

It’s a stingy bark that won’t part with one leaf,

all thru Autumn, and even winter’s long sleep.

It clings to it’s children lest they fall in the snow,

until spring thaw and new buds force them to go.

The young are like maples with bright shiny coats,

but old fogies like me admire gnarled old oaks.

Ok.... HAPPY Knitting and HAVE GREAT WEEKEN everybody!!!! SEE YA>>

Sunday, October 08, 2006

NEW "Hand dyed socks yarn" Class UPDATE!!

WOW..I been busy!!!

This is update of Hand-dyeing socks yarn class coming NOVEMBER!!!
Another place I will be teaching at Hollywood,

"Black Sheep Knittery"

6324 Yucca Street

Hollywood, CA 90028

tel 323.464.2253

"Yarn Dying Made Easy"

Charles Lee designs beautiful hand-dyed yarns using a simpleprocess. In the first part of class, you'll learn how to createbeautiful hand-dyed sock yarn in your choice of colors. In thesecond part of the class, you'll use your yarn to knit a pair ofsocks!

2 Saturdays, November 18 & 25
1:00 - 3:00 pm
$70 + materialsVisit more info go to



Thursday, October 05, 2006

SICK!!! SICK!!! SICK!!!!

I have been sick for almost week..Didn't go to work for three day and just stay in bad!!!I have a really bad COLD...Somebody HELP ME PLEASE!!!

I did drink a lot of lemon and honny tea and other medicine all day...It didnt HELP ar all!!! I feel so horrible right now!!

Do youguys have any methhod or way help my cold please feed me back!!! I will try everything to get out this cold!!!