Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dyeing Class Update! Things to talk about!

Sorry youguys for late posting! I been sick for almost three day and sleeping all day long and drinking tea. I got a bad cold and fever,I am so much better now, magic of lemon tea and hot cocoa help me so much! Also Finlly, been over a year, it is magicly RAINING! O My God! I remember last year September I saw the rain? It has been no rain for over a year. Because of hot and dry heat, CA been fighting for the fire, I'm gad to its raining hard tonight!

And I been tagged MEME again by my dearist kntting friends Kyle and Kenny. Seems like a everybody been taged MEME by the knitters, I can not find somebody to tag them! So if youguys what to do Meme go head! If youguys didnt seen my Meme before, I did copy and past the old post so youguys read about me.

The Rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I was born in south Korea. When I was six, with my family and I, immigrate to U.S.A. Ontil when i was 12 years old, I grow up in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then move to CA. From now, many people told me..I am a lucky guy. Why? There whole life time, people they never been to Hawaii before! They dreaming about what to go some day!

2. I LOVE SHOPPING! Such as book store, art & craft store, yarn other clothing shop.mall, if some thing, I like I MUST BUY IT, otherwise I can not sleep. I had a $2000 card limit on my credit card. NOW i have a $200 left...JUST LIKE that!(Of couse, i bought lots lots of yarn, books clothing and CDs) I HAVE TO STOP LOOKING AT online shop also. I will be broke soon! Somebody can stop me! PLEASE!(Thats why Iam working 12 hour day..Thats good thing! So i can shop More)

3. I love Hot guys! Youguys know already maybe not. Iam a gay guy(not out yet) when I walk on the road I see hot guy with good looking and hairy. I what to kiss him really badly! Iam really shy guy here...I need a date! First of all, i have to out from my family, tell them I am a gay..I still have a fear and scary how they gonna act after i tell them...Someday I have to them (Prey for me)

4. I dont have many friends. When, I was little, i have a big heartbreck still remeber in my heart. I had a lot of pain in my life start with elementary school ontill high school.All the friend hit me, tease me and shunned I ever injoyed with my school year. I was always alone. One story still in heart like a nail... when I was elementry school one of classmate He was korean too..He tease whatnever no reason and steal all my stuff even hit me really bad. Also same as high school too I never associate anybody still now. I am a same person as other people. I dont have disability too..why? One time i was thinking i want to die..My family dont know this..Just only telling youguy.

5. I LOVE ART! Watching it... Doing it... Every things!!!( I have a artistic blood on me because my grandfarher and dad both art artist painter and sculpture..)

6. Cooking is my thing. I really like to cook! I am planning to go cooking school next year..I injoy people eatting my food and make them happy! Also 365 day I always watch FOOD channel.

7. I can not DRANK liquor! Even drink one sip of wine..I can not stand myself. My face is red and throw up really bad!

8. I love doing hot tub "spa"! It is so zen like...So relaxing!

Back to my dyeing class update: I had a great time with my student last weeks at Hissy Knit where I teach. Thank You to Kendy at "Knitting Obsession" for great pic and taking my great yarn dyeing class.

On right side is Kendy's son and thats me on the right. It is great to see mom and son taking a class together. It was great class and they did great job on it!

I forgot his name but he did such great job dying the DK weight socks yarn. By the way, also great to know that the boy can knit really will(His mom told me). It's so amzing that with does little finger that I can't wait to see what he is going to creat with his hand dyeing yarn!

Kendy was dyeing a lace weight for the New Fall Knitty"Muir" wrap. She did some over dyeing technique because she what muted color for his Muir wrap.

So she send me the pic of reskeined yarn they dyed. Color came out out really great! They also name there yarn.

Top: Camo, Cirque du Soliel / Bottom: Candy Corn, Petals on the Earth

NEW Socks Knitting Book:

I just find out Melissa Morgan-Oakes's NEW socks will coming out December. It has been fan of her Blog since then, Also I been seen her socks pattern at interweave knit ..Finally she published the"2 - at - a - time SOCKS" It will be published December 1. Please add amazon your wish list!

On My Knitting Needle:

I been knitting a "Irish Hiking Scarf" for supporting my local Breast Cancer center in CA area. If youguys dont know, October is the "National Breast Cancer Awereness Month". I am supporting knitting a pink scarf every year, because my aunt had a breast cancer since last year, she is still having a hard time recovering. I know! It is so sad to see her everytime. Please youguys need your help..knit some pink scarfs and donate to local breast cancer center. This will help for them to recovering! Also Lion Brand yarn doing a "Knit for life" so go and buy them!

MORE info about the "National Breast Cancer Awereness Month" Here is the website: or buy some Pink Ribbon Pin and support them!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I got a NEW book and NEW Knitty!

Finally..Almost week is over! ya! Goodness! Seems like a such long day this week and I can't stand my self waitting for the weeken. This weeken will be long and fun because teaching a dyeing class on Saterday and doing my ten page paper due next monday...Too much stuff do and so sad to no time to knit. I am almost finshing a one side of River Rapid Socks for my can see the pic last post. I will post finsh sock next weeken so stay return!

Finally, my "The Knitting Manual" book came today! I really like this book so much! For me, this the best men knitting book I never seen since published other men knitting book. Before this man knitting book came out..there is two knitting book such as "Never Knit Your Man a Sweater" by Jusith Durant and "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them" by Annie M. and Drew Emborsky. Does books are so bored and patterns are so oldish..I mean box style sweaters and just simple scarf.

Krstin Spurkland(Auther) She did great job on Man(ual)! I really like the pattern and photos are great! It's stylish and cool wearable for guys and mens, even womens! Does are of pattern I really like! See pic below:(There is total 25 projects in this book)

"Seaweed Throw" (Do youguys saw basketweave scarf pattern?) Great pattern she used on the throw!

"Brithish Check's Sweater" Emo Beatles sweather to Rock on!

"Dad's Sweater" Recreat by 1960's pattern, If i knit this, I will do diffently on neck line by round neck line or V-line.

"Nodic Hat" Great Norwegian pattern!

"Zipper Cardigan" A contemporary and traditional style with twisted stitch on side of sleeves and frount of thr sweather

"Sleeveless Hoodle" Active and Sporty guys only! Hmmm!

"Striped Sweater" Remind me KnitXcorE's Green Sweater.

"Retro Vest" Retro Fit, Vintage colors...Very Modern! Let 's a rollerskates toghter!

"Sporty Pullover" I like the arther then the usual rib, use you YO between.

"Twisted Stitch Socks" Elegant Socks and Dophisticated

Finally...Long waitting, New Fall KNITTY came out! O My Gosh~ Great patterns! I really what to try them all right now, been looking at the a pattern for hour,it's so hard to decide which pattern iam going to start to knit first!
Check does pattern out! It is great to see two guys pattern in this fall issue...FANTASTIC YO~~

Top: "Back to Basics Socks", "Foliage", "O"

Middle: "Henry", "Percy", "Pecan Pie",

Bottom: "Roam", "Cinderella", "Tussie Mussie"

Top: "neiman", "Uchin", "Woodins", "Mr. Greenjeans"

Middle: "Totally Autumn", "Flower Power"

Bottom: "PPR", "Muir", "Diamond Waffle"

Also I did brought some socks yarn online. So this is I got:

Left to Right:

ONLine "Supersocke 100" Tropic Color #931

Knit Picks "Felici" #pebble(Army) and #Arugula(Green)

REGIA "Loop Color" 4ply #5766

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Friday, September 07, 2007

This beanie make me cute!

Hey verybody! I guessing youguys are injoying the really hot wather in September.Yek! I know! It is so hot outside over 100 degree...I dont think it's not going to be cool down like fall use to do!

Anyway, I have a one announcement to make, I will be teaching a yarn dyeing class next Saurday 15th at "Hissy Knit"! Check out my class online. I had a great class on last August class(Youguys can see the pic HERE)...And next week coming up class will be much better! If youguys in LA area, please come and take a great yarn dyeing class! Shop website is And my class are listed HERE!

Taking about my knitting, I just finsh knitting a beanie with my hand dyed yarn. Just easy simple hat pattern and great for fall coming aroud the corner!

Pattern: "Stremlined Sporty"

Book: Hat Gloves Scarves by Louisa Harding

Yarn: Hand-dyed my own merno wool

Yardage: About 150yd (220yd in skein)

Needle: 7 US/29 in Boye Cirular Needle

Project Duration: 08/20/2007 - 09/02/2007

Recipient: Me! Sample of dyeing class!

The pattern is seem hat after knit the hat piece then sew decreass two side of the hat together. I think it is much easyer for me to not to use two diffent size of DPN and saw it toghter.

This beanie make me cuter? Don't you think!

Dame! Iam cute!

Side view of beanie!

Awesome pic of me!

Great beanie and yarn! The yarn will be listed on my Etsy shop! Iam really sorry about youguys waitting for such long time waitting for opening my Esty store. I will promise open my shop end of this month becacuse of busy working and school, dont have a time! Sorry!

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