Monday, April 23, 2007

Just playing around!! So this is me!!!

Hey youguys~~~

Iam just playing round my camera, this my first cilp.
Everybody are wondering about "who is Charles?" on "The Knitting Cook" Podcast her Blog Review? This is me!!!
Thank you to Knitting Cook for great blog review, also she is having birth right now..I hope she have a self birth!!!

Ok, see what you think! I think this is really funny..i will better next time!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Update and STILL LIFE~~~

It is finally saturday today!

I dont know why this week is seems gone faster then last week Wee Wee.. Iam so happy!! I got a package today all the way from United Kingdom!

It's "Rowanspun 4 ply" at ebay seller "Cucumberpatch UK" It was really cheap 10 skien for 19 bucks? What a big deal!! Also great thing was FREE shipping from UK to US!This yarn is discontinued in Fall 2005 in U.S. but still produce in U.K. I got a #722 Turkish color for my shewl but there is still lots of color left at there ebay store!!! Long time ago i saw on Interweave magazine about the lace sock pattern, knit with this yarn..It was beautiful! ORDER NOW!

Also package from "The Knitting Shack"
Susan Bates size #4 29in Guicksilver needle!
Also FREE SHIPPING( All order is Free and GREAT SERVICE)


Everybodys are curious about what i choose for new shawl!

Drum roll....... I CHOOSE

Lavender Linen Lace Shawl by Nancie M. Wiseman

because pattern seems easy for my first lace project also simple YO and K2tog pattern.

I was watching yesterday night, with different yarns
Top is size #4 with fingering weight cotton yarn
Bottom is size #3 fingering yarn I got today.
It seems this yarn is much thinner then fingering weight yarn..
If i knit with cotton will be heavy to wear. But i really like it. how pattern came out.

I start another sock today with my hand-dye yarn simple for my dyeing class!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


PRAY for all the victim who kill on Virgina Tech...

Stay peace and safe...

Song by Damien Rice "Cannonball"

Friday, April 13, 2007

With new project! And MONDAY STILL LIFE~

Hey youguys ~~ Iam really back!

I been really bad blogger right now, since been long three week didnt have no blog.
I am really sorry to my all my lovly viewer...i will never do it again! Promise! Youguys
already... know I been out to Arizona see my niece, her 1st birthday on April fool's day and got sick after 7 hour drove back to home..It was really bad !
Arizona was really hot and dry almost 100degres 365 days....I plan
to stay for two week but i was sick after two day becuase of everyday hot and dry weather make my mouth dry and my boby was is can not use to that weather.

My niece's(Her name is "Mazie") birtday was really great! It was big party about 60 people.Lot of people came from another state...Her mom's from(my family) from Hawaii(I use to grow up) and her daddy side from Mexico. The partie was Hawaiian theam..we had a hula dance and great cake GREAT TIME!

For her gift, I knit her baby jacket...I will post pic soon( I didnt took a pic after
i finsh..because i was finshing knitting the jaket before day leaving ontil mid-night 4AM ...didnt sleep whole night)

See her cute pic:
As my niece, I hope she grow up healthy and always happy, lots of love!

She has really cute smile!

Wearing her birthday dress (Korean T- dress)

Left to right:
Mazie's Dad "Rico" , Glandma(Ann's mom), Mazie Mom "Ann" ,
Glandma(Rico's mom), My Mom

Anyway, NOW back to my SATURDAY(I mean MONDAY)STILL LIFE~~

Top to Bottom row:
Hurt, Sexy, Gay(Happy)
Sorrow, Original Object, Cool
Fightened, Panic, Confused

This is my 3 Dimensional Design class project..I been work on this since past
two weeks. I think it came out all togther really nice! You can see large PIC HERE:
This spring iam taking a 3D design class for my textile art major...This project is about the "Expressionism" Pick one any object(I pick Candy), with Poly
mer Clay to
creat feeling or emotion. such as sad, cool, sick and joy ...........
I been carving for 24 hour and 2 week straight ...i cant move my hands!
(Also took my knitting time alway!!!! So Sad!!!) You can see allthe detile i have to creat! It is really hard to creat the feeling into soid object! Iam not joking!

Ok...Now talking about the my knitting stuff!


BIG THANK YOU to "Knit Cook" for great podcast review about my knitting blog!!!!!!!
Listen her new Episode # 11 HERE

Also iam serching for new BIG project... I know... Iam talking about LA
Some people are allergy into lace knitting..for me, i really like it! Fun to knit lace and it is not hard at all! I was serching for lace shawl pattern from the books and online..does six pattern are my final!

I like to youguys opion about does lace pattern or if youguy already knit one of does pattern PLEASE comment me! I love to hear from youguys about how does pattern how creat anddifficulty!

Icarus Shawl by Miriam Felton
Pattern from Interweave Knit Summer 2006

Rrellis Scarf by Evelyn A. Clark
Pattern from Interweave Knit Spring 2006

(Pic and knit by Brooklyntweed)
Shetland Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark
Pattern from "Wrap Style"

Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Pattern form Interweave Knit Fall 2006

Leaf Lace Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Pattern from "Fiber Trends"

Lavender Linen Lace Shawl by Nancie M. Wiseman
Pattern from "Knitted Shawls, Stoles, & Scarves"

*Song of the Week

Song are you Hearing on background:

"Ramona" by The Guster

Cd from "Keep It Together"

Ramona, Where have you been?
I couldn't go to sleep till you came in
Ramona, you're Ms. Oklahoma
And you miss Oklahoma
I'll get you what you want

'Cause there were days
When I refrained
You brightened our corner of Hickory Lane
When you would sing that song for me
Just like your favorite singer

Why'd you have to be so nice?
A wink and a girlie smile
Why'd you have to punch my eye?
That was something

But did you want me to stay?

When I was younger
And thought of myself
I never dreamed I'd become like this
A snap of your fingers
an end to the arguments
Anything For you love

Cause there were days
When I refrained
You brightened our corner of Hickory Lane
When you would sing that song for me
The only one you know
But I know now I'm not the star
We're going to pieces, we're falling apart
So come and sing that song for me
Just like your favorite singer

Guster is a college band if ever
there was one. Although its
three members—Ryan Miller,

Adam Gardner, and Brian
Rosenworcel—have long since
departed academia, the group
got its start in the hallowed

halls of Tufts University
in the early 1990s More Reading....

Ok..I having computer problem I mean big one! I have a virus in my computer. I really want to cry right now....

I will update my lace project coming week..See youguys soon!! Bye! Have a great Monday!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just little UPDATE!!!!

I hope youguys had a great Easter!!!!

After i drivesix hours to Arziona for my Niece's 1st birthday lat week....I been sick flu for one week. I been sick alot..i dont know why~~~

I will update LOTS LOTS pic of my niece's knitted present I made for her and also new lace project planning to working on!