Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"ONLY YOU" Song by Makana and my painting!!!!

Hey everybody!!! It's Hot Hot day in CA today...It was over 90%....Too Hot!!!! I was doing my painting I found some great song by MAKANA. The song is "Only You" sing by MAKANA Hawaiian shook guiter artist. Check his website

From his many song, one song really like is "Only You"...When 80's ...This song was really popuer song by Yazoo. It is remix by Makana..He his great voice and guiter sound..Its sooooo beutiful~~~~

I used to live Hawaii for five year, this song remind me alot!!!! Hear this song Check Here!!
This is the lyric:
"Only You" by Makana
Looking from a window above
It's like a story of love
Can you hear me
Came back only yesterday
I'm moving further away
Want you near me
All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you
Sometimes when I think of her name
When it's only a game
And I need you
Listen to the words that you sayI
t's getting harder to stay
When I see you
All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you
This is going to take a long time
And I wonder what's mine
Can't take no more
Wonder if you'll understand,
It's just the touch of your hand
Behind a closed door
All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you
Great lyric too!!!! Thinking about the love one....
Iam posting my pic of my painting:

"Sorrow in my Heart" Mixed Media 9/23/2004

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Hey~~ youguys? Iam really sorry about didnt post new stuff for almost for two week~~
I was really busy and i had a bad Flu for a whille~~~When I get sick, sick for long time...I mean 2 week..I guess the CA weather..because it was hot last weeken and cold today now~~
Youguys wondering that leaf lacy scarf i was working on?...I just stop!!! Why? LACY is TOOO Fucking hard for me...It take me long time that little dame thing...But will gonna be finsh some day Who knows~~

Yesterday, I was dyeing some more yarns with great color. I didnt know dyeing soooooo addictived....That's why Dave is so into it~~~~ 5 skine total!!!
What youguys think? Iam getting better and better dyeing yarn!!! Iam going to sell does handyed yarn into my online store..If youguys want to buy my 100%hand dyed yarn, email me or visit my store(My store is not open yet...but will be soon!!!!)
(Lift to Light) India Nignt, Pink Martini, Sunset Orange, Blue Suffer, Go-Go's

I saw Ysplda her blog...Shge was showing wraping board for dye yarn!!!!I had a almost same size has her board is looks like this....It just need a needle!!! SEE HER BLOG>>>>

NEW PROJECT!!! WOO WOO!!! Iam starting my first sweater... Long time ago, i ordered Knitpick yarn "Wool of Andes" Color Ten and Coal. 10skine each so total 20. So Finally i find out easy pattarn for my first sweater. This pattarn was on VOGUE Knitting "KNITSIMPLE" Magazine. It looks like this:

On page 49 , Title was "get in line" simple strip line light sweater. I was really want to knit sweater for whille..but all the sweater pattern was really big and oldish~~~ Because like me, first time knitter, they dont how to lower the stitch to body to fit very will!!! So i found really really great guy sweater for beginer knitter.

It's really dont like the color....Too much!!!!It remind me a Sesame Street child show type childish kind of sweater!!!! So i change to the black and ten color.( I reamember i was little, i had a sweater just like rainbow color just like that!! It will say extraordinary)Soooo ugly!!! This is so far~~~

I dont know when iam gonna be finsh this sweater!!! Iam going finsh in this coming winter? DO KNOW!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hand-Dye Yarn shop will open!!!

IAM SO ADDICT!!!!! I mean addicted into dyeing yarns!!!!!.......I did some dyeing yarn last monday...Look at what I get: Before last week, I ordered some knitpick yarn and cushing Perfection dye. Last time i was experiment with chap fabric dye and red hear yarn...
Now it is like a dream!!!! OH MY GOD...or BUDDHA~~~ Finally got the nice bright and rich color what I wanted really!!!! If you want to see how i dyeing the yarn see my last post!!!
This is two different color way I dye last monday!!! I love the color way!!!!! On the Com Screen it shows up much darker.....IT is more richer color!!!!

On the top:

"Shanghai Noon" I used Cushing Acid Dye: Turquoise Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Spice Brown. It's 100% merino wool / #4 Worsted yarn / 210 yards / 20 sts - 26 rows = 4in(10cm) / This1 skine makes really nice knit scarf need size #9

On bottom:

"Geisha" Crimson, Sliver Gray, Red Grape It's 100% Merino wool / #1-3 Sock Yarn / 430 yards / 7 - 8 sts = 1 in

This is everything yarn is 100% hand painted by my hand.....

Iam opening my shop on I named my shop "Pure-Buddha Yarn" What do you think? Start my yarn shop..I will gonnaMake some money!!!

Iam selling does yarn for 16 doller for each!!! If Youguys want to buy.. please email me!!! Shipping is $4

Today, order more Cushing Perfection dye..I spent over$100~~ Why? Iam so addicted!! I really want to dye more yarns like Dave and Scout!!!!

Pic of before reskeind dyed yarn!!!

Made my Lable and already to ship!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Sexiest Men List~~

In Matthew blog, he was posted his list of Sexiest Asian Men~~ I really love them all the Matthew's pick and they are so sexy.

Iam posting my sexiest men I really love them and merry them someday~~~~
1. Jake Gyllenhaal: Hmmmm... I love his blue eyes. He is from "Brokenback Mountain" and totally hottie. My number one sexiest men.

2. Elijah Wood: He is from " The Lord of the Rings" He is small height also blue-green eye and handsome!!!!

3. Luke Kirby: Did eveybody saw "Mambo Italiano"? From Canadian gay wedding Comedy: Read more about this movie and his life. LOVE His Smile~~~~

4. Howie Day: He is Balled singer and musician...Cool guy!!!

5. Michael Legge: If you see the "Cowboy & Angles" you know this guy!!! Love his tender voice and hot body!!!

I wish my true boyfriendor and husband is like this....Someday...hehe Everybody pray for me!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My First Lace Knitting Project~~~

Finaly, Iam almost finsh knitting my basketweave scarf today~~ I will post some pic this weeken....Meanwhile, I started my new project for spring! I was thinking about the lace knitting for so long time and lot of knitter saying that "Lace knitting takes time and concentration".I think that true. Because I saw Ted blog, he was finsh knitting really nice complicated and intricate lace shawl. Check his website out~~~WOW!!! HE IS GREAT KNITTER I TELL YA!!!

Last week, I got my yarn from online yarn store "
fuzzymabel". I really love this this store~~ They have a so much kind of yarn for great price!!!

Anyway, I was looking for very easy lace pattern for my first knittung lace project. Kenny(boy who knit) was kindly tell me try some Susan's "Branching Out- Leaf Lace Scarf" This is pattern from here for pattern)

Kenny was saying to me this is easy lace project and everybody can do it!!!!!
So I got a "
Elsebth Lavold Silky Wool" Moss color #8 from "Fuzzymabel" It was hard to find this great silk yarn. Only two web yarn store is selling this yarn. This yarn I got is for $6.95. NOT TOO BAD!!!!

For this pattern, You just need to learn Three new stitch:

k3tog: k3tog:knit three stitches together

sl-k2tog-psso: slip one stitch purlwise, knit the next two stitches together, pass the slipped stitch over

sl2-k1-p2sso: slip two stitches together knitwise (i.e., slip two stitches as if to knit them together), knit the next stitch, pass the two slipped stitches over

Everybody know this but iam new into does stitch so...

This is so far. When I was starting to knit..It was so difficult to knit because this is my first time knitting lace scarf and TOO MUCH STITCH in one low. Also didnt know how to YO(yarn over) and SSK(past two S. and knit). So I made too much mistake... I less ten time redo it over and over again!!! That 10 lows took so much time almost 3hour......But it come out really!!! WHAT YOUGUYS THINK?

I just pin up does progress, to see the lace pattern...When i finsh knitting i have it block so...

I finally get my two knitting book today from "Knitpicks" It was on sell so!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

On top is "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen. Kenny was recomment for me and Backyard Leaves scarf in this book. Youguys must have this book!!! This is kenny's flavor #1 knitting book list!!!!

Bottom: This is "Kntting on the edge" by Nicky Epstein. This lovely book costed over $30 but Knitpick has a half price so great bargain!!!! It's beautiully illustrated book and lots of patterns.

Also Knitpick dye yarn for self-striping yarn!!!!! MORE WORK TO DO!!!!!

And ACID Dye for Self-strip yarn!!!!! I can't wait to dye them!!!!!!This is Cushing Perfection dye from "Crown Mountain Farms" I don't know what mix colorIam goifn to creat!!! Will see whas happen!!!!