Monday, April 24, 2006

My First dyeing Experience~~

Oh!!! Last weeken, I finally dyeing my yarn frist time!!! I order my Knitpick white dye yarn and dyes last weekend and mean time waiting, i had a little experiment with white yarn strash running around and fabric dye in my art box. Look at the yarn I dyed:

I saw Dave Danial's blog "Cabin Cove," He dye most beautiful and amazing yarn i never seen. All the color way so great!! Check his web site out!!!

Nowdays, i saw lot of knitter dyeing their own sock yarn as Dave does. Include Dave, i found some method of dyeing yarn from the different knitters: Check does blog!!!!

1. See Eunny Knit!

2. Street and YO's

3. What Housework?

4. Reenie Art

5. Cuneedle works

6. Dave Daniel "Cabin Cove"

Start with dyeing yarn, You need a white anmial yarn such as type wool inculd goth, sheep exc..I found white yarn at "KnitPick dyeing yarn".. Lot of knitters recoment this yarn. Also find other yarn does pleace you can get it from :"Wool2Dye4"/ "Beehvie Wool"-Sandnes Lanett yarn/Mumei yarn

For dye: Dave use " Jacquard brand Acid Dyes" and I order Cushing Perfection Acid Dyes.

Now Start to dyeing: I used "RED HEART" White yarn because I didnt get my yarn yet so I just use what i have.. For dyeing, i must use wool yarn but I only have the Red Heart yarn. First i was thinking, RH yarn is not gonna work. Because it's Acrylic yarn and do not soak the dye in...But this is first time so i just try!!!!!!

The key to self-striping yarn is a really long hank. The stripes happen when there are long stretches of different colors. To get these long areas of color, you need a long hank. I used two chairs placed across the living room from each other.

1. You will need to wind your hank around these chairs. This is a long walk. HeHeholding your original yarn hank however you need to so that it doesn’t get tangled. When you are done it will look like this.

2. Tie the knot of end of loop. Because it this long loop so you have knot the knot several place so that when you when you dye, it will not all tangle up!!!

3. Now, soak the skein in warm water with a dribble of vinegar. I did is, put in to soaking into sink.

4. Cover the plastic drop at working area becuase the dye stein the area..MAKE SURE COVER ALL YOUR Area!!! It's time to take the yarn from their soak bath and gently squeeze out the water and place the yarn top od cover area LIKE THIS ABOVE:

5. I used Rit Fabric Dye , becuase I order the acid dye last weeken so its coming soon. I just what i have. For Acid dye, Mix with hot Water and vinegar. Vineger is acid so when you mix with acid dye it creatsdeep colors right away!!!

6. Dave use little tube bottles for mixing and applying dye..But i dont have a bottle so..I just mix with water,salt and vinegar into the my ceramic bowl.

7. There is two different way to applying the dye: One way is you just deep into dye with colors. This is long rop of yarn so put section the yarn into each dye and leave yarn for ontil yarn is soak. SEE PIC above:

8. Another method, Use paint brush to apply dye. Like So......

9. Like This!!!!! What a beautiful color!!!

10. You can great great color like this!!!!

11.Put it into plastic bag or plastic warp, close the bag or cover tiely so that steam is not getting out!!!

12.LIKE THIS: Cover the plastic warp long way and made a spiral.

13. Use steamer(Pot that has hole, hold the water bottom) or slow cooker,place the yarn inside with plastic bag with little bit of wate!!! Everybody gonna think right now it's gonna melt but NO ...... It will not gonna melt plastic bag beacuse water makes not meltting. Stamer about 30min. You will the great bright color!!! Turn off the right and leave in the stemer for 10min let is cool down.

I didint take a pic so...Iam using Dave's pic: Thank You Dave!!!

14. Take out from stemer and peel off the plastic wrap. Then into the sink with warm water, rinse the yarn many time.

15. Squeeze water out hang up outside, let it dry!!!!! I use outside stirrail, ahng the dyed yarn!!!

16. After dry, reskein the yarn!!! Finsh!!!!!

To make more personal, i made a tag for last touch!!!! I thought "Red Heart" yarn is acylic so not gonna worrk but it work really will!!! I love the color!!!

If have a qusetion, ask Dave for more dyeing information!!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Starting New Project!!!

Last week, I saw Drew's(Knit-O-Rama) pic of knitted "The 5x5 Orange scarf." Look at his basketweave pattern orange scarf!!!! It Sooooo Great!!!

Inspired by Drew, I start knitting basketweave scarf too!!!

It's getting hot here in CA vally area..Yasterday was over 82degree...TOO HOT!!!! I was thinking why iam knitting scarf for this hot wether..almost summer!!! Drew say too!! I think this scarf will be save for coming up winter.

This scarf iam using "Peruvian Collection Highland Wool"(7359 Tuscany Green) from Elann. This yarn is really cheap and Really good quality!!!! WOW!!! $2.25 for 109 per skin What a big deal!!!! So i get a 15 skin of different color. The Elann is great online yarn store it has lots of low price yarns but it's really good qualit yarns. Recomment to all the knitter!!!!

Also iam starting another summer scarf for my friend. Last week, I saw on TV show call
"Knitty Gritty". It's knitting show on DIY "Do It Yourself" Channel. If youguys have a Cable, check this show out!!!! Host of this show is Vickie Howel. I guess everybody know her, she have a knitting book call "New knit on the Block". Check her blog here.

On her show, guest Candi Jensen author of "Knit Scarves!: 16 Cool Patterns to Keep You War".....She is famous knitter has four books. I really happy to see her because her books are every where and famous.

Anyway, She was showing the three kindsof interesting scarfs..One of does scarfs ireally like a scarf call "Skinny Scarf "

She was using Classic Elite Yarns "Premiere" four skin of different color . I was serching this a yarn ...This yarn was really expensive almost 8dollar!!!! So i find same wight yarn for this scarf.

It's call " Pima Melange" from Casscade Yarns. It was sell on "Onefineyarn". It was 2.95dollar so I order it right away.
Look at the Pic of yarn i got!!!! Two skines of each babyblue, rose red and cream.

She show interesting stiching i never seen for this scarf..Its like this:

Row 1: *p1, move yarn to the back and slip the next st, move yarn to the front * repeat between * .Row 2: *k1, move yarn to the front and slip the next st, move yarn to the back* repeat between *.

When it's finshed it looks like this: Check Here For Pattern

I wiil update my two scarf later~~~soon as finsh kniting...I dont know when but..I will~~~

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pic of ME and my Beanie!!!

I just fooling around today!!! Take a another pic of Me and my beanie~~~

Having fun myself~~~ What's Sup!!!

The End.....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Finsh My First Beanie and New Yarns!!!

Hey guys~~ I finaly finsh my first knit "Beanie" today!!! I saw the pattern first in the book, it looks really hard but it's so easy. It's like a whole new world. Iam really happy about it!!!
Something learning new things, its aways fun and also challenge.

I use Peace Fleece Worsted yarn color: Siberian Midnight I get it from "Kpixie"
I used this beanie Pattern from "Heats Gloves Scarves" by Louisa Harding

Most time I order at " Kpixie" It's great online yarn store. And great service and fast shipping!!!

Anyway, This is Pic of finsh Beabie:
I had a store brought beanie from last year winter, so I compare two beanie...The size is really same! I awesome~~ I had a treouble kniting this beanie because this yarn is much thicker then they recomment for. So I made a less stitch and use small needle.
This is the pic when iam wearing it: Iam really shy about it. It's not a great pic of myself. I was taking pic a midnight 3am so... My face is mass and glasses.

Also Sat, I got my new yarn from "kpixie" Oh....goodie!!!!I ordered my yarn Thursday, and recived at sat!! So fast shipping I tell ya!!!!! Iam really wanna tell youguys.. Iam so addicted to buying too much yarns. Iam spand almost $50 doller and spending too much money!!!! I cannot get out my whole yarn world!!......... Lost month i brought tolal $300 of yarns from yarn shop...TOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Please Help me!!!!! My room getting bags bag of yarn everywhere!! GOSH!!!!

This yarn i got this Sat:This is it great pic...Dreaming about getting more yarn everyday~~~Hehe~~

This is from South West Trading Company "OASIS" Color: Choolate

Great yardage: 2500yd..WOW

It's great soft yarn made from 100% Soy Silk. I dont know what is soy silk but it's not made from animal..I guess plant...

I got this yarn because i wanna knit some spring scarf for my mom!!!!

She brought a brown jacket so this is great color match for her brown jacket.

I got this yarn from NUMEI yarn.

Last week i found some cheapist online yarn store call "NUMEI"

All the yarn is less then $8doller. WOW it's great price. Most of yarn is novlty yarn I got this yarn for $3.50.

This is yarn is call "Jubilee" Skin has a 131 yard. and color is "Spanish Moss"

Check this Web Site Out!!!! Everyone really lik it!!

This yarn from "Blue Sky Alpacas" Alpaca & Silk.

It has 146yard and color in "ginger"

Its really soft yarn 50% alpaca and 50% silk.

I was planing to knitting "branch out"Leaf Scarf by Susan Pierce Lawrence. Pattarn from "Knitty"

I guess youguys know this leaf scarf by now!!!! It's so popular right now, Lot of knitter kniting it.

Up date my Leaf scarf next time...See Ya~~~Bye!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Charles's Knitters Music #1

Lot of my friends likes my music colllection!!! What kind of music i like? I love to listen indle music. Most my collection is independence music. In this area love jazz and mix with quiet music....All my collection music from "CDbaby" world independence music store. Check this out!!!

Iam posting some music... I think knitters might like this!! I guess saying "Charles's knitter music recommention"

CD Title: "Simple Thing" Listen

Artist: Zero 7

I will say this is romance of 1960s French pop-jazzy strong elements of laid-back Seventies groups.

It's remarkably cool album, Zero 7 defined its sound as one of urban solitude, misty streets, and warm soundscapes. WOW!! A+++

CD Title: "Emblems" Listen

Artist: Matt pond PA

I think Sounds like Peter Gabriel and this singer-songwriter combines elements of folk and Tindersticks-style Baroque Pop. Matt's(voical) voice is one of many instruments used to construct a series of richly textured songs. Another of the band's five members is a cello player; her work adds a unique sound to the album, driving forward many songs with an intensity that only an instrument played with a bow can. The lyrics are deeply personal-surely some of the events related here actually happened to Pond-and the music suits this. Lush and layered, it cradles Pond's words and emphasizes them. If you like Atl. folk rock this is great band for everybody!!

CD Title: "Just a thought" Listen

Artist: Shwa

Shwa Losben using driving guitars layered on top of an acoustic back-drop, follows the tradition of Brit-rock bands like Radiohead and Travis,building on it to form a unique sound of their own.

He released a vinyl single in the UK under Bracken Records, and held the top downloaded song from Washington

CD Title: Makana Listen

Artist: Makana

Makana is Hawaiian traditional slack key artist. Slack key is unique tradition that has been passed down from generation since the arrival of the guitar to islands in the early 1800's. Considered one of the premier folk arts of Hawai'i. His music transcends category and trend by integrating elements of folk, rock, ethnic, classical, bluegrass, jazz, traditional, ambient and Hawaiian slack key in gentle to commanding arrangements. I use to live hawaii for five year . Iam gone to his show many time. Like a "Celtic Knit" Makena is trasitional hawaiian guitar. CHECK THIS

First time knitting Beanie!!!!

It was storming and raining for two days!!! Storming in april? What a weird wether!!! It have to be almost 90 degree by now in CA!! Anyway, I finally got my yarn this tuesday from "Kpixie"!!!! Look it this:

This is "Peace Fleece Worsted" yarn color in zarya fog(left) and Siberian Midnight. It was70% wool30% mohair worsted yarn. I love this yarn because its was 200yrd for $7.50!!!
Last month, I get a knitting book call "Heats Gloves Scarves" by Louisa Harding...I was trying to find some beanie pattern fora while. But in this book I finally find the beanie pattern!
This beanie requied Merino yarn but i used worst yarn instead of merino type yarn. The beanie looks like this:

This is firist time knitting Beanie so..I Dont know what is gonna come out!!! Its gonna be backet or ball Dont know~~~ I start little bit today...

I almost finsh my baby blanket afghan for my cousin!! I will update this weekend!!