Friday, November 17, 2006

,,,Things....Gift... FRIDAY


Hi youguy!!! I am really sorry about didn't posting for long time.....I been busy teaching dyeing class and i had a really bad Ful, I dont know why i got sick alot. I was in death bed for almost week...Oh God....
So.. Not much thing going on here since last week, i just finshing the scarf for "Elemmaciltur"
I forgot to post the pic late time...He "Elemmaciltur" send me pair of Kolenya for a gift!!!!!

Do you remember this POST from"Elemmaciltur's blog"?
With hand-dye "India Night" yarn, i gave him long time ago for his gift, he knit me beautiful fingerless gloves !!! What a sweet guy he is...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Look at does pics~~~~ Isent great scarf?

Today, I just looking through online, I found the really cool scarf at "Craft" blog. It is call "Game Scarf" More of scarf pic Click Here:

I love this so much!!! It is really cool to wear with jacket or T-shirt.
I remember does game when I was childhood.. All arcade game we use to play: PacMan, bomberMan and Galago.. IT was good stuff!!!

I almost felt, going buy this one for my self(I KNOW...WE HAVE SOOO MUCH SCARF...DONT need anymore)..but was thinking if i have a pattern i could knit this!

Searching for pattern, I found almost silmmer scarf at It's "Exchequered" Scarf...I really like this one..Planning to knit this for my friend!!!!!

Anyway, back to knitting....6 more scarf to do!!! You know Holiday gift.. Yak..SEE YA


Eikon said...

Oh but a "Frogger" scarf would be awesome.

Elemmaciltur said...

Oh lawdy, Charles, you sure have small hands...I thought that the Kolenyas were small already, but it's kind of saggin on your hands! Oh well. :-) You're welcome!

BTW, I was thinking about making the exchequered scarf, too. One of my friends from the SnB group here is making it and it looks really cool.

Have a great weekend!

RoadSide said...

hey Charles!!
Sorry i missed the sign-up for your scarf exchange, I was out of town for awhile and wasent around an internet connection... maybe next time :)

Anonymous said...

hey! cool, you lived here? what school did you go to?

Charles said...

I was live Honolulu for my all my childhood and I grudate Kuhio Elementry and Kaimuki Middle School after i move to CA!!!!

Do you know?

BEESTLYproducts said...

yay for those gloves!!! i <3 them :-)