Sunday, August 27, 2006


I finally finsh my scarf to today... Finshing my long over due~~~LOOKS DOES PIC!!!

Does this scarf make me more handsome!!! HEHE Look's great!!!!

Pattern: 4 x 4 Basketweave Stitch

Brand: Schoeller- Stahl from

Name: Merino Stretch

Colorway: 1316 Olive Night

Yarn used: 1 1/2 balls (1 ball = 106m/116 yds )

Needle: Size 8 US

Dimensions: 5 B.W. repeats in row. Approx 60" long and 6" wide

Project Duration: 05/06/2006 - 08/27/2006 I start cast on June 6th..I just knit five row and stop knitting..... Because of school and busy work!!! Also Hot Weather!!!

Do youguys guess my next project iam knitting? I am going knit "My SO Called Scarf" gift for my brother!!! I going ot use Knitpicks "Shamrock" Reilly color...Mano Del Uruguay is too expenive for me so...

Iam going to post some of pic this next week!!!!!HAVE NICE SUNDAY!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Funny Video!!! WOW TOO GAY~~

I saw funny video on Elemmaciltur's blog!!!! Title is "OK2BGAY" by singer Tomboy I was laugh so loud, I can not even stand!! I even watching this video over and over again..It make me feel so happy!!! HEHE

I serched online about this video..I dont belive this guys "Tomboy" is real singer in UK. Also has own album.. see the pic on bottom This is his CD cover!!! Too GAY!!!..Iam Gay but Iam not like that!!! Too stereotypical!!! (TOO PINK)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Painful Day!!!

Today was really painful day for me because of.....I will say my tooths!! I hate to going to dentist..Youguys agreed!!I found out, I have huge infection on my bottom was really bad one it go thwoth bottom of nerve sy(It called "Root Canal Trearment") !!! I had a appointment 9:30, get there earlyer...When i was sit down on the lighting chair I got soo scared..i want get out the door so bad!!!
My dentist Dr. C start to do the two shot on my month to make it not painful... Numbness
After five min, numbness all over my mouth..i can't talk at all...It feel like a mannequin!!!!
To stop the bite between the lip and tooths, Dr. put around wire thingit into my mouth to still open!!! Do you image is situation? like torture and Fetish kind....hehe.. ya also rubbergloves ..I can not move my mouth... saliva is dropping all the way from my neck..yek...
When Dr. doing painful treatment into my mouth, i saw lot's needle into my tooths...She dig the hole(my tooth) like a rice puddling..Oh MAN~~~

After one and half is past... finaly ..GOD!!!..Finshed...
I always think that goging to Dentist is always painful!!! SOOO MUCH!!! I wish never gonna go again!!!!! PERIOD>>>>

End of story with my loooooong Due Knitting....basketweave scarf...I MUST FINSH UP~~~~
I guess the Hot weather in CA...Waiting for fall here~~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Vacation Pic~~~

Last week, I was gone Vacation with my famliy..It is some of pic we took!!! I had a so much fun!!!!First time see my baby niece in AZ and visit Las Vagas!!!! Pic of my self and my family!!!

This is my Cousin Rick and Ann. They have really cute baby my baby niece "Mazie" pic

This is on Famous "Heard Museum" in AZ

We are in Las Vagas "Venetian" We stay at circus cirus for tow night, on first night i won the $3oo doller !!!! WOW I guess money is good!!!!
My brother "Danial"

We watch the famous show LV show "Jubilee"show 10:30 at Bally!!! I saw lot of naked (I mean 'No bra') danceing girls!!!! It was great show.....Also we ride the new MONORAL..It was awsome!~~~This is my end of vacation 2006 story~~~

Monday, August 21, 2006


AUGUST 22~~~~ MY 24th Birthday is TODAY!!!!
Wow!!! 24? iam getting older!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


This is new yarn i dyed last weeken!!! Do you guys like the color? I have more dyeing to do after next weeken because iam going to Las Vegas for a week..I will be leaving this sunday coming back next Thrsday 17th!! It will so much fun!!!! I so excited bight now!!! Also see my baby niece too!!!

Most important Announce!!!! Please come and join my knitting Group at this Sat12 at 7:00 More Info Please visit Here>>>>> MEETING

What I am going to do with this yarn? Iam planning to sell at Online Yarn-shop "Kpixie"!!!!
I guess everybody know Kpixie!! It is great place order yarn online~~~ Such great yarn..never seen before!!! If youguys want to buy my hand-dye yarn please visit "Kpixie" Iam going to list some socks, lacy(like knitpicking ordered!!), mohair loop yarn and other worst wight yarns!!! Some lucky people i know will be getting my hand-dye yarn!! Please let me know if yougs got!!!!

Left to Right: Lady in pink, Sunset Orange, Grape Madness, Loneliness Neon Night, Blue Jazz, Sweetness Apple candly

More close up pic of my dye yarn!!! See youguys in after next week!! Bye!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Handdye Yarn Update!!!

Hey youguys~~~ Saturday was really long for me because i was dyeing for whole day!! I got really tired after evening..I just gone to the bed early. You guys dont know about dyeing is lot of work!! Too much!!! List bottom

1. Wash the yarn with soften the out the yarn
2. I have to put the yarn into warm vingered water for make it soak the dye fast!!
3. Part of vinger into hot water...Mix with acid dye!!!
4. Squeeze out from vinger water.
5. Cover all the area with balck garbage bag!!
6. Put the yarn into the top of garbage bag... start to paint the dye into the yarn
7. After all painted, roll into P.warp.
8. Put into steamer with hot water. Steam it for 20min!!!
9.Take the yarn out wash with warm water...Many times..Ontill, yarn dye is are not coming out!!
10. Let it dry it over night!!!!
11. Reskein the yarn
12 Make a lable done!!!!

You can see this all the stop!!!!! See more dye process!!!! Here

I will show you more pic..when i finsh reskein the dye-yarn!!! SEE Ya

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Funny Video!!!

SOO Funny Video..Look at this!!!
That kids is really funny!!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Today's song of the day is "Reinvent" by Chad Perrone (Listen)
I bought myself a one-way trip to nowhere, with the
hopes of finding the rest of myself there.(think I lost
it somewhere) Because I'm dizzy from danceing around
in the circles. "I take a deep breath. I'm holding it in.
Because I'm sure when I'll get to breathe air like
this again. T'll cut off my ears., I 'll burn out my eeyes.
I won't be afraid to reinvent my life," Tomorrow looks
a lot like today, And I know that time brings change
to every things. But we teeter on the edge of something
more. "So maybe I'm wrong and I should leave well
enough alone, But maybe it's right and today starts
the rest of my life."
Chad Perrone, He is Independent Boston based singer and songwriter, use be former member of "Averi" His music hit's emotions that resonat with the audiences that flock to vwenues to soak in the words. He captur a moment or an motion and etting that to melody. I think he is more songwriter then singer seeking the honesty and clarity in his music most beautiful!!!
More info about Chad and songs (click Here)

Buy album here "Used to Dream" by Cahd Perrone

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just Another Day!!!

SEE THIS PIC!!!! Guess what iam going to do this weeken? Did youguys guess What iam going to do with this yarn with yarn winder?
THIS WEEKEN IS MY DYEING DAY!!!!!It looks like, it's gonna be long weeken!! Dyeing yarn Saturday/ Let it over night, drying.... Sunday, rewind the dry yarn, make a lable and packing and send package Monday!!!!! More Info about Dyeing(Stop by stop) Check here
HOW long iam rolling this winder for? 5 hour!!!TOO MUCH!!!But I HAVE TOO~~

Reskein the yarn like this!!!! Total 8 skein!!!!

After skeining the yarns, I gone to the mailbox, Guess What? My package was waiting for me!! Finally, got my NEW Alex Woodard CD from Amazon!!! awesome!!! Who is Alex Woodard? I made a post last time!! Visit HERE Iam listing his CD over and over again now!! Such GREAT SONG and voices!!!

Also I got a Fall "Urban Outfitters" Catalog!!! I love to there clothes!! IT is really nice Ventage style clothes sell there but reallly expensive!! It worth eye- shopping But too much!!!!!

I caught my eye into this stripe cardigan!!! I like the color blue and black! Also the T-shirt matched underneath!!! I saw the price on the catalog..I almost got a heartattack? How much? $105 FOR cardigan? FUCK~~~ TOO MUCH I TELL YA~~ I was thinking I can knit this as my fall knitting project!!!

Also this nice Striped hoodie Iam SOOOOO LOVING IT!!!MAYBE IAM GOING KNIT SOMEDAY!!!! WHEN? I DON'T KNOW!! I HAVE A MILLIONS OF KNITTING PROJECT IN MY MIND..I just can't finsh in my life!!!

Also guy in the model!!!...He looks really cute!!!Feel like kiss him really bad!! Just Kidding!! hehehe

Also mouth watering shoes!!!!WHEN I AM GOING BE RICH? Please God Help ME!!!

For last, this is my progress on my "BRANCHING OUT" Lacy Scarf!!!!! I HAVE TO FINSH!!!!! IT HAS BEEN MONTH!!!! I HOPE YOUGUYS HAVE A GREAT WEEKEN!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

sorry about that!!!!!!

hi!!! EVERYBODY!!!!

This Meeting is true!!! I recived first email from laurie say was going to come but today morning i got a email from laurie again She say it is not going to come this meeting s!!!! Also I want post my meet at SnB Website Iam new member so ..I have to wait for prove!!!!! I am really sorry about that!!!!

Everyone had misunderstand!!!
Sorry again!!!!



Tuesday, August 01, 2006



Lot of knitter talk to me about doing some weeken meeting, arrould burbank Glendale and Pasadena area!!!!! So finally trying, frist meeting on August!!!! ALL THE GUYS AND GIRL KNITTER ARE WELCOME!!!!!
Iam going to start my Knitting and Crochet group on next Sat 12th.(We did already!!!!) UPDATE: Next meeting is on Oct 14, 28!!!!

I know there is S&B Meeting at 12:00pm but our group is meeting at 7:00PM... We could have fun night group dinner, talk and drink!!! If you need some more knitting to do after S&B... COME ON OVER!!!!!!

Do you know other knitter want to come? Come and have fun , bring your knitting or crochet stuff !!!!

We are meeting at
Starbucks on cross to 6th street. It is really big huge starbucks!!! There is lot of sitting area just open!!!!

On Sat 12, 7:00PM on Starbucks

(Check Here for Map)

San Fernando & Walnut,
1001 North San Fernando Blvd. 120
Burbank, California 91504
(Next to the coner of VON'S mall, Not the Burns Noble starbucks)

Please email me if your attanding or call me at:

Charles (818)383-9304 /