Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SPT: 032708 I need a Remedy!

I need a Remedy....
Can you tell?

I know... Youguys been thinking! I bought more yarn. Iam king of stash buster. YES That's me! These lil'(More lovely yarn) yarn came this tuesday. You can see my smile on the pic....I think iam in LOVE! Love with the yarn. Since buying so much socks yarn lately, been thinking I NEED AREMEDY! not love.....from does socks yarn. I can't stand buy more socks.

I also been shopping at "Etsy"! Robbie also buying lot of stuff....AHAHAH We are crazy shopper here. Iam falling in love since taking a shower with does handmade soap. Does handmade by one of Etsy seller "TWIG" by Siouxsan. Does her handmade soap in my faves forever! Its so soft and made with pure oilve and coconut oil.... it's rich lather and used any over the entire body. It's smalls great and cheap (Can't bid the price! Price per bar is $3)! Go and buy some for your warm bath.

For Long Waiting! Finally...Updating my Etsy shop:

My handmade card ready to go good home. Does are hand made myself using indian paper with REAL used postage stamp around the world. CHECK OUT my shop "Cool Buddha Tonic" on opening DAY April 1 st. So come over and buy some Cool items!

Also does are my 100% handmade past paper pack will be on my shop. Come and buy them! Past paper pack will be great for scrapbook and other craft for youguys wish to make! Paste Pack Available in "Zen", "Passon" and "Pure".

Did youguys wondering what socks yarn I am holding? Does are New SPRING color from yarn "Felici" by Knit Picks. It looks so yummy don't you think? The color on the left are "Dakota" and on right is "Gelato".

Hope everybody have a great week!

----------- ReMeDy I rELly NeEd --------------

"The Remedy"(I won't Worry...) by Jason Mraz

Thursday, March 20, 2008

U is for Unmatched Sock

I know...My leg is hairy! Please excuse my hair! HA HA HA Just let you guys know, I finally finish knitting a one side of socks, two different color of socks yarns. YES! It's about my unmatch sock. I think It's kinda cool to wear two different socks wearing each side. Don't you agree?

Feel like a danceing with does unmatch sock! How fun is this!/// Like a virgin touched for the very first time// How funny! This song was in my head all day long.

I was wearing unmatched socks with my jean...took some radom pic with different angle! How cool is that? Should I say Socks porn? What a master piece!

Sould I say socks porn? My sexy legs and foots! OK Iam going over to my comfy chair, grab does DPN start cast on my another side of socks! SEE YA! KNIT HARD~

---LeTs WeAr CoMfY SoCks AnD DaNcE---

"I'd Rather Dance With You" by Knigs Of Convenience

Monday, March 17, 2008


Hey everybody!

Just let you know IAM ON GUIDO'S "It's a Purl, Man" Two Year Pod-O-Versary LIVE episode! Go and Listen!
You can hear my voice end of the cast before David Reidy.

He is drawing for lot’s of good stuff...Please listen to his show for information about the drawing. Also Kat at "Let’s knit 2gether" has some video of the show being put together. Go and watch her too!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey youguys! It's finally Friday is today. OMG It was long week and we made it! FINALLY spring is almost HERE. Since CA weather was really crazy here, over 89 degrees and getting really hot. Speaking of spring near by the corner, I saw alot of flowers are start to blooming on the streets and i was excited be go out,play and fun!( I sound like a little kids! HAHAHA)

Ok I what to start this post by poem by Archie Greenidge.

"Spring" by Archie Greenidge

Spring is life

Spring is hope

So is love and happiness.

Spring renews.

Without spring,

Life is for lorn.

Spring is nostalgia

after bitter storm.

Put spring in your heart.

Why me talking about the spring?

On monday, I saw one of post at Ravery forum on Knitty group. it was about the new pattern. Guess what? Did youguys guess? Finally NEW Knitty Spring has published this monday.

First of all, same as usual... In my opinion, in this spring issue was beautiful and pretty. All the spring patterns are really charming. GO OVER to KNITTY and CHECK OUT THE PATTARN!

(Lift to Right)

Top : “Yosemite” by Andee Steinman
“Emma's Unmentionables” by Lee Juvan
“Charm Shrug” by Marjorie Brigham

Middle : "Spirogyra" by Lynne Vogel
"Mosey" by Susan Power
"Laminaria" by Elizabeth Freeman

: "Nob Hill" by Ashley Adams

"Salto" by Rebekkah Kerner

"Talia" by SweaterBabe

Top : "Posey" by Lisa Kay

"Jaden" by Ruby Lo
"Honeycomb" by Sarah Castor

Middle : "An american in China" by Gryphon Perkins

"Lace Ribbon" by Veronik Avery
"Marjorie" by Emily Johnson

Bottom : "Paw Cozy" by Michelle Malach

"Juju" by Kendra Nitta

"Brighton" by Lee Juvan

One of my favorite pick of Knitty spring pattern is "
Lace Ribbon Scarf" by Veronik Avery. I think every knows who is Veronik Avery is. She is famous knit-wear desiger also know as her style of vintage knit-wear. Youguys can see her mostly recent book "Knitting Classic Style"- you know what iam talking about.

It is really great lace scarf pattern for wear outside of lighter cardigan. Same as usual, her classic vintage style, focus on old Norwagan pattern.

Youguys can see this lovely lace on this spring scarf. Another way youguys can use silk or hamp yarn instand of wool (Pic on sample). It will be really pretty and cool to wear for spring weather.

---------------- Feel Good MUSIC--------------------

"Sparks" by Norwagon artist - Royksopp

*elegant Grown Up * + *Lavazza Espresso Coffee* = Relaxing Moment *w*

HAVE a Great Ralaxing Weeken everybody!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

TSP: 030608 ORNAGE Edition

Youguys don't know, I like Orange color. I know. Its' sounds crazy! I was dancing crazy with my awesome Opal orange yarn, when I was alone. Can you tell? Like Robbie did...he also dance around the house, when he was alone.

How funny is that!

I just took a pic in the morning with my half drinked hazelnut cream coffee and my favorite artist "Frankenthaler" Print book. You can tell why I like a orange...even I took a pic with the orange paper.

If youguys don't know who is Helen Frankenthaler; She is one of famous woman printer and artist in 20th centrury. Born in New York in 1928, Helen Frankenthaler first studied with Rufino Tamayo at the Dalton School. At Bennington College, Vermont, 1945-49, she received a disciplined grounding in Cubism from Paul Feeley, though her own instincts lay closer to the linear freedom of Arshile Gorky and the color improvisations of Wassily Kandinsky's early work.

In 1950 the critic Clement Greenberg introduced her to contemporary painting. During that summer, she studied with Hans Hofmann in Provincetown, Massachusetts. In 1951 Adolph Gottlieb selected her for an important New Talent exhibition, and she had her first one person show in New York later that year.

The work of Jackson Pollock proved the decisive catalyst to the development of her style. Immediately appreciating the potential, not fully developed by Pollock, of pouring paint directly onto raw unprimed canvas, she thinned her paint with turpentine to allow the diluted color to penetrate quickly into the fabric, rather than build up on the surface. This revolutionary soak-stain approach not only permitted the spontaneous generation of complex forms but also made any separation of figure from background impossible since the two became virtually fused a technique that was an important influence on the work of other painters, particularly Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland.

I like her colors and idea of color playing she uses in her print. Because it's simple color youguys can see on the, green, orange and blue. Her style of concept-raw color makes simplification.

Also great book to see brain storming some of idea, combine does colors works and print into kntting. The title of the book is "Frankenthaler-THE WOODCUTS" by Juddith Goldman. If your knitter, it is good book to have on your shalf.






------- Sesame Street - "orange sings Carmen"-------

It's really cute! injoy...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sunday Self-Portrait and NEW Stash~AND BIG NEWS!

So Sorry youguys! I been really sick for more then two weeks. Sorry youguys for long absence! Thank you so much for everybody who comment on my last post about my sickness...Thanks you Alots! Iam finally OK right now. Starting this post, I have a so much to talk about today. First thing, I been missed posting thursday self-portrait since two weeks..Here is the my self-portrait sunday morning I took today.

You can see my face got swelled..because of really horrible cold going around in here in CA. I took a pic with wearing my cool T-shirt I got from online. Just what to show youguys my new T-shirt..HAHAAH I was so jealous about Robbie's NEW owl T-shirt he got it from his exchange with his friend. Thats why I got mine! Robbie I hate you!(No I love you!) HAHAHAh

I got it from online T-shirt company called "Option-g," has been my favorite online store long time. It is really great because they are supporting local Artist. Like a painter and desiger. You can see their t-shirt design from all local artist..I really recommend to everybody.

Anyway, I missed Stitch West last weeken, because of my horribe cold. Looking at does Mike's(youguys know him as one of podcaster "Y-Knits") pic on Flickr,I really what to cry aloud! I called one my friend, when to Stitch West. She told me it was great event and she speant $500 for yarn and books..O My Gods Iam regreting totally and I missed huge knitting event in this year.

Since I been missed going to Stitch West, I been treating myself buying and ordering lot of stuffs. Youguys wnat see what I got?

I ordered chart keeper at Knipicks. Since was arrive, I been useing is all weekend..It is such great helper to keeping the lace chart(loop shawl lace chart iam using) Youguys understand What i meant useing does sticky post-it.

Treeking XXL Color#131 Socks yarn i got if from Raverly seller for $8

Opal 'Tutto" color #150 tiger color also I got from one of Raverly seller

So hard to find LANA GROSSA Melienwet "Bosco" color #3514

I finally brought a LORNA'S LACE "Shepherd Sock" NEW colorway from 2008, called "Edgewater" I been waitting to since beganing of the year...Finally brought at one ebay store seller "Emtnestr," Gruperina(youguys know her...great knitter) been buying LL there ..alway great price on LL socks ayrn and both skien for $20! Great deal!

In my LYS having a sell...I got really great new from 2008 Pltmouth "Happy Feet" color #3 192 yd each. It is really soft superwash and Nylon yarn! Iam peting it right not.

And lost of list, Koigu "KPPPM"

I dont know why I been buy such huge amount of socks yarn. Youguys remember my socks yarn stash...It was 80 pairs of socks a yarn. Yek! Adding this new socks yarninto my old stash..It will be 100 pairs of socks yarn soon! O my god...How that happen? I really need to stop buying more socks yarn.Maybe? I dont know..Hahahah

I also brught a "Toe Up Socks Tutorial" from my friends "Charles." You guys know him as "Stitch-stud" his podcast "Stitch Stud and His Bride.." He just release really easy(So much easyer then Wendy's toe up tutorial). It's pic by pic toe up sock tutorial in his Podcast site. He is charging $4.55 in US by paypal on his right side bar. So go over and buy some!


Yesterday night, Theresa from "Knitting Time Together" interviewed us forNEW eposide of her "Kntting Round Table"(if you guys heard her podcast before..will know) me(Myself), Guido from "It's a Purl Man!" and Charles from "Stitch Stud and His Bride" three guy video and podcaster together! Finally She record me once again! She have to do lot of editting so, planning to release on next weeken. Check out our interview next week, see what you think.

Have a great Sunday everybody! Knit HARD~