Friday, October 27, 2006


"Warm Winter Exchange 2006" are Here!!!
I was thinking about this for long time!!! Here it is!!... It will be cool to exchange goodie, such as scarf, hat(beanie), socks, glove and other warm-stuff for coming cold winter!!!!


1. Sign Up by November 10 on Veterans day ontill 12:00A.M. Please email me at "" with Personal Question!!!!!(On bottom)
So I can add to the participants list! And I will be emailing back to you with "Personal Number" KEEP YOUR NUMBER/Do NOT LOST!!! On 12th, I will post the participants list, only YOUR LAST name so, this will be suprised!! Keep it secret!!!

2. Post this info about "Warm Winter Exchange" so other knitter can join!!!

-POST Button in your Blog!

3. MONDAY, Novemeber 13 is Drawing DAY!!!!! - I will drawing RANDOM number (your personal number) pick 1 st and 2nd number for your both exchange with!!!!! I will post the number , who your exchange with!!! Then emailing back to you with there "Personal info."

4. Knit a scarf, hat(beanie), glove or other warm-stuff by DECEMBER 10 !!!!! FLLOW BY THE PERSONL INFO!!!!! Please people has a allergies and dislike color so!!!!!!!Please make sure check there personal info!!!!! WE HAVE WHOLE MONTH TO KNIT!!!!

- There is no LIMIT to send!!!! Even two scarf is fine!!!! Or Hat and scarf!!!

- PLEASE limit it to up to $25!!!(Shipping fees are not include...Because we have a knitter around the world!! Some people are sending scarf and hat, package will be large!!! )

- When you ship the package , ADD THREE THING THEY WILL BE LOVE!!!: Such as handmade stitch maker, knitting stuff, card, candy, yarn.. you name it!!!!TO MAKE US HAPPY!!

5. POST your finsh object on your blog or site(If don't have a blog, it's ok!!) Pic please!!!

6. SEND YOUR package start by MONDAY, Dec 11th!!!! SO we can get it by near christmas!!!

PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE PICKAGE: ONLY YOUR ADDRESS!!! Exmple like this: "Warm Winter Exchange" Your secect Pal!!!

Please email pal, know if you are delayed for any reason!!!!

7. On DEC 22, I will post anwer of your secret pal, Did youguys guess?

IF you have a Any Q. Please email me at :

Personal Question:

1. First and Last name
2. Male or Female?
3. Email Address
4. Name of blog/ Blog URL
5. HOME/mailling Address(Please Make it clear)-This is only send to the pal!!!!!
6. Colours you love
7. Dislike Colours
8. Fibres you like
9 . allergies? Yes or no?Which?
10.You like scarf? Hat(Bennie)? Socks? gloves? other? Which?
11. Do you like Knit or crochet stuff? or both?

Please email me by Nov 10!!!!!!!!



Acornbud said...

I wish I had time to join your exchange. Have fun with it:) Your pink scarf is very cute. I like the flower.

pinsandneedles said...

Oh, I wish I could join, but I don't have enough time. I have a huge family to knit for. If successful, are you going to have it next year? I hope so.