Thursday, August 30, 2007

Knitting TALK

HAHAHA So funny! Yeaterday one of my friend email me this funny comic about the TV show "You Think You Can Dance" if youguys dont know about this show...It is just like a America Idol ...competition that find out who is the best America dancer is..Every week they perform and vote out one of dancers and winer gets stays. Really dont care about this show( I hate this show) but like a comic.... I wish there is the show for knitter like this dance show. I think IT IS REALLY POSSIBLE to start a show for knitter! How many knitters are in whole world? I guess millions? It's possible!
If FoxTV start to do this show, winner of the show "So You Think You Can Knit" will be a Stphanie McPhee? Lily Chin? or Wendy Johnson? HAHAA Why? For Stephanie, she can knit a sweater a per week..Youguys seen her blog. it's amazing! And Lily Chin, She is the queen of fast crocheter with bad smoking habit(somebody told me she smoke box of the dayHAHAHA)And last Wendy Johnson, She can knit a two or more pair of the socks per day. Have you seen her blog yet? different socks everyday and her own great design.
Ya I know...I wish i could be the winner but iam not fast knitter so...

Ok..Talking about my knitting:

This is current my knitting project (another way saying UFO) on my table. Youguys can see lots of knitting going on here.

And working on my River Rapid Socks right now(youguys already saw pic last week), Not much progress going on here from the last week...I been knitting an gusset and start to knitting a socks foot. I didnt told youguys I LOVE Lorna's Lace socks so much! Iam using a Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sport color "Watercolor" for this socks..It great soft socks yarn and can't stand myself buying more!

Pattern: "Branching Out" from knitty

Yarn: "Silky Wool" by Elsebeth Lavold /Moss #008

Started: Sep 2005 on and off ontil now..

And one of my old UFO: I saw lovely "Branching Out" scarf at Dickie's "
Cashmere Blend" blog he was working on... Looking at the Dickie's scarf... I suddenly remember my old UFO same Branching Out scarf I use to working on. Youguys can see the picture on the top, about 30 in are knitted and still setting on my clothset for two year. I remember why i stop knitting a scarf because I was soooooo bored with the pattern and long lace pattern repeating. I still one more skein to go and I will never gonna finsh it! PLEASE HELP ME!

If youguys saw Cat's "Let Knit2gether" Knitting video cast about her UFO problem I think all the knitters are agreed with UFO must finshed project and start to new one! Not only my branching out scarf , I have six more UFO in my clothset, everyday UFO hunting me to finsh them..Scary~~

Yarn shoping this week:

I did some back to school yarn shopping last weeken, I got a three pairs worth of socks yarns. Great colors!

Left: "Sassy Stripes" #766 by Cascade Yarn

Right: "Essential" Tucson Multi by Knit Picks

Top: "Rodeo" #1151 by Opal

Book of the Week:

Everybody already knows NEW "Stitch 'n Bitch" mens pattern books are coming out in this Sep! But I find out, also there is two more new men's pattern books coming out end of this year! Let look at the preview and make sure bookmark on you amazon list!

"Knitting for Him" : 27 Classic Projects to Keep Him Warm

by Martin Storey Wendy Baker

"The Knitting Man(ual)" 20+ Projects for Guys

by Kristin Spurkland

Music of the Weeks:

Your Listening:

"Ride" by Cary Brothers

Album: "Who You Are " 2007
From: Los Angeles, CA

Catalog:Indie rock, Alternative rock, Folk

Have a great Laber Day everybody! XOXOXO


Anonymous said...

Ha!!! I remember Branching Out. Gosh, that was such a long time ago!!!!!

BEESTLYproducts said...

wow! you're a busy guy.
i didn't know about the rowan book!!!!! I'm pretty excited about it now.

Elemmaciltur said...

Geez, Charles, I thought you were going to go on a yarn diet!

Anyhow, knitting has taken a back seat over at my place...and spinning's taking over. ;-p

Knit Picking said...

Back to school yarn shopping? LOL That sounds like a yarnaholic talking :P
I can't wait to see your Etsy shop!

pins&needles said...

I love all these men knitting books that are coming out. I have to keep an eye out for them.