Monday, October 23, 2006

Do YOUGUYS WHAT IS THIS PINK SCARF FOR? Oh, Yes!!! This is scarf i made for "Breasts Cancer" Month!! I was due , Oct 15...This is pic i took after i finsh!!! It is really sad, because every each year many woman having breast caner..and many woman try hard to conqure there cancers!!!
To help them little things...It is really heartwarming , knit a pink scarf for them , help them there breasts cancer!!! "IT IS GOOD THING" Martha said.( MATHA RULE!!)

Think about the pink, I LOVE PINK COLOR!!! This is not only for girl!!!! MEN loves pink too!!!I love to wear pink t-shirt and scarf!!! Also i saw pink nike shoe, many guys wearing them.. oh my god!!! It is truth!!(Include gay guys..yes~~)

Ok... back to scarf: this is pic of pink rose scarf i made for Breasts Cancer !! IT came out really nice!!!! Do you think?

OH!!! Baby!!!! Love this pink scarf!!!!

I use double crochet stitch for base of simple scarf and i knit rose for accent!!!
This is my mom "Iris" I ask for pose for my rose scarf!!! She looks really cute? Dont you? She is kind of tired in this pic, because this was after work came home, i just draggle her take a pic!!! Ya sure..I pay her modle fee too!! HEHE only dime?

Also playing round the pic, Oh my.... THIS IS ME in wearing pink scarf!!!! It looks like a GOD !!!Beacuse of the light on back of pic!!!

OBEY ME!!! I will give your happyness~~~

Anyway, leave with this song:

"Geek In the Pink" by Jason Mraz(I love this song!!!)

Jason say geek alway wear pink? We are GEEK!!!! YES!!!!

Everybody, have a great week!! SEE YA


elisabetha said...

I personally LOVE pink on guys, gay or otherwise. Pink is just HOT HOT HOT!! Lovely work Charles :)

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

What a cute scarf for Breast Cancer! Which yarn did you use and how much of it was needed?

AR said...

Great scarf! You and your mom are just so cute!

Elemmaciltur said...

Hmmmm...I've some pink yarn that I was crocheting into "cupcake" from "happy hooker", but it's not turning out well...maybe I should just frog it and make a scarf instead.

BTW, can you please email me your postal address?

Gloria Quincy said...

Love the scarf. And the pic of your mom is adorable.

Anonymous said...

All of my best clothes are pink. :)


BEESTLYproducts said...

shut up!!! i love your hair Charles!!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

another beautiful scarf, i love the rose accent.

your mom is adorable! =)