Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hand-Dye Yarn shop will open!!!

IAM SO ADDICT!!!!! I mean addicted into dyeing yarns!!!!!.......I did some dyeing yarn last monday...Look at what I get: Before last week, I ordered some knitpick yarn and cushing Perfection dye. Last time i was experiment with chap fabric dye and red hear yarn...
Now it is like a dream!!!! OH MY GOD...or BUDDHA~~~ Finally got the nice bright and rich color what I wanted really!!!! If you want to see how i dyeing the yarn see my last post!!!
This is two different color way I dye last monday!!! I love the color way!!!!! On the Com Screen it shows up much darker.....IT is more richer color!!!!

On the top:

"Shanghai Noon" I used Cushing Acid Dye: Turquoise Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Spice Brown. It's 100% merino wool / #4 Worsted yarn / 210 yards / 20 sts - 26 rows = 4in(10cm) / This1 skine makes really nice knit scarf need size #9

On bottom:

"Geisha" Crimson, Sliver Gray, Red Grape It's 100% Merino wool / #1-3 Sock Yarn / 430 yards / 7 - 8 sts = 1 in

This is everything yarn is 100% hand painted by my hand.....

Iam opening my shop on I named my shop "Pure-Buddha Yarn" What do you think? Start my yarn shop..I will gonnaMake some money!!!

Iam selling does yarn for 16 doller for each!!! If Youguys want to buy.. please email me!!! Shipping is $4

Today, order more Cushing Perfection dye..I spent over$100~~ Why? Iam so addicted!! I really want to dye more yarns like Dave and Scout!!!!

Pic of before reskeind dyed yarn!!!

Made my Lable and already to ship!!!


City Wiccan said...

I really really really like the turquoise and brown yarn. I might take you up on this and buy some . . . I'm just a little short on money now . . . but hopefully I will be starting a new job soon!! So, I'll send you an order soon hopefully.

You are an excellent dyer (LOL . . . is that a word?)

Charles said...

Thanks Matt~~~~

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some absolutely gorgeous colors!!! Ok, I will send you my address. You don't have to give it to me though..... I feel bad. But maybe it will make me feel better. Thanks!

Knit Picking said...

The colors on Geisha are just so vibrant! I just love your choice of names too. Very creative. I hope you keep dyeing, you're doing a great job so far.

Elemmaciltur said...

Charles, I LOVE the colourways!!! And you've beaten me to it, opening a yarn shop. I've been gruelling about it myself for the past 3 or 4 months, but just don't know how to start off! Congratulations for the great work! (Maybe I'll end up buying some handpainted yarn from you one of these days *LOL*)