Thursday, July 06, 2006

Waiting for Fall~~~

HEY Everybody!!! First of all, big thank you to "Knit Picking"!!! She recevied my hand-dyed yarn this Tuesday. WOW She was first guest and wrote her blog saying really love my hand-dyed yarn(See her here)!!!! Iam really so proud iam and happy!!!

Starting blog with little poem:
"In the Fall" by Edith Sodergran
Now fall is here and the golden birds
all fly home over deep blue waters.
I sit on the shore and gaze into the brilliant glitter
and our farewells sough through the trees.
These farewells loom large, our parting so close
but our reunion certain.
That's why my sleep is so sweet when I dream with my head on my arm.
I feel a mother's breath on my eyes
and a mother's mouth against my heart
sleep and dream my sweet child, for the sun is gone.
Isn't this beautiful autumn poem? I writing this poem because iam really waitting for the summer is over! For me summer is too hot and long!!!! Fall remind me brown and red leafs falling down the sidewalk. I love to walk on the heaped falling leafs. At fall, also we have alots of thing we can knit!! Such as Sweater, pull-over, poncho and you can name it eveythings...
Anyway, i got a package today..Some of yarn i order for fall knitting. You can see the most of yarn is brown color!!! (I mean brown is my flavorlt color!!)

You can see the all the brown color yarn order from Elann, Knitpicks and Fuzzy Mable. Does online shop is my #1 list on online yarn shop!!! Does store has really good low cost yarns expressly Fuzzy Mabale...They have a free shipping for all the orders, even only order one skein!!!

First of all start with silk wool top right:

Elsebeth Lavold "Sliky Wool" #36/ 65% wool 35% silk /192 yd/ From Fuzzy Mabel

Iam planning to knit "Branching Out" lacy leaf Scarf from Knitty. This lacy pattern is really simple pattern and Iam working on oilve color right now..It is really fun to knitting this!!!

Plymoutn Yarn "Plymouth Tweed" #5306 Brown/ 100% Virgin lambswool/109 yd/ Kpixie

Iam going to knit "Odessa" (sans beads) by Grumperina from MagKnit Feb 06. I saw "brooklyntweed" blog.. I wanna knit this hat really bad!!!!

Knit Picks's "Shimmer" Deep Woods/ 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk/ 440yd/Lace weight

I think Knitpicks has really good and chap lacy yarn other then other yarn store!!! You can not bet that price LESS THEN Three dollar!!!!

Iam going to knit "Wave and Shell Shawl" or "DayFlower Lace Scarf" For my mom!!!!!It looks easy and really simple to knit!!!!

KFI (Knitting Fever) "Whisper" #30/ 50% Mohair, 50% Acylic/176yd/From FuzzyMables

I really like " Tie one one" by nona from Knitty!!! I dont know when but my mom will like this style!!!!

I saw "Númenna - Nan Annûn" Elemmaciltur 's blog, He finsh crocheting "Sweet Pea Shawl" from Happy Hooker. HE did really great job!!! I will say HE is really knitting Genius!!!!I decide making thing shawl..See the top pic...from happy hooker book!!! Pattern: Sweet Pea Shawl by Amie Hirtes in Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker

Iam order at Elann/Sonata Print #9789 Mayan Treasure/ 100% Mercerized Cotton/115yd for Sweet Pea Shawl !!! Iam gonna start doing this weeken will see what happen!!

I ordermore knitpics's "Wool of the Andes" #23773 Tan and #23420 Coal for strip sweater iam kintting!!!!

More Dye yarn from "knitpicks" I need to dye more yarn this week!!!!So much work to do!!!

This is Hand-made paste paper pack going be sell at my store!! You can you for card making, scrapbook and other paper craft!!!!! This is 100% handmade paste paper one of kind!!!

Also i will try finsh my store this week...So eveybody can buy some handmade stuff and look around!!! IT is still onfinshed but almost!!!! Thanks!!!!


Emma said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely project yarn. The hand-dyed you sent out really was beautiful!

Cheryl said...

The yarn you bought is just gorgeous! Looks like you have been busy busy shopping!!! :)

Celtic Knitter said...

I agree . . . I'm waiting for fall!!! Summer is too hot!! There are only two good things about it .. . I can grow my garden and I can swim (the only sport I like).

So, I want to knit again in fall.

AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection