Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Weeken Update and Shopping

Hey guys! I guessing everybody are injoying the Thanksgiving weeken right now...Some people are worry about there body gain the weight because of pound of Tunkwny and food you been eatten for hoilday since Thursday and worry about the card bill..spenting too much shopping at black friday! I know..I did!

Every year same thing, I looking at the news, don't understand people waitting on mid-night, line up frount the store and waitting for store open. I heard "Best Buy" had a flat sceen 35" TV for $150. My friend told me that this TV was gone after 10min. Don't you belive that? WOW! Price is cheap is fine..It is really good to buy with sell price but one thing dont like is I buy too much stuff...every time when I look at my credit card bill...Yek! I have to limit my expense otherwise I will be broke..So this year I didn't go to the mall and other store, I just went to my LYS had 70% sale and did some order online!

So What I got for Thanksgiving shopping?

I got mine order today.....Did you guess what in that package?

Plastic Sock Blocker from "Loope Ewe"
I was looking at the other blogger..hopeing to get socks blocker for long time finally order mine! I can not belive I got it really cheap! It was $19! You can not find really cheap price blocker anywhere.

And socks Iam working on. One side is done and working on another side! Looking this is pic.. I think pic is so much better looking and socks is professional looks. You can see the large pic (Click the Pic)
By the way, does are "basketweave socks" pattern from the book "More Senational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch

Also I got some new socks needles "Sock Set" from Susan Bates. This DPN needle is so hard to find any where because sets has a 000, 00, 0, 1...Did youguys see 000 size? I know Great deal! One of ebay seller seling this so..I broght it right alway! But I just check on Joann online site ..they are selling this for $9.99. Go buy it!

Kathy from "Grumperina"...She is great knitter and blogger...She is really loved this Suan Bates "Sock Set" needle. You can see the pic on her blog...working on her lace socks!

Some of DNP for sock knitting...HERE is some of my REVIEW for DPN:

Left to Right:

  1. Clover #1/ 7 in - Made with bamboo and it is not slipply DPN..It will be too slow to knit the stitch
  2. Inox #1/ 6 in - Made with metal and cheaper price. Short 6 in length, best DPN for sock.
  3. Knitpicks #1 / 6 in - I think it is too heavy for knittng a socks And keep dropping the needles. And Sharp.
  4. Bryspun #1 / 3 in - Short 3 in length..people dont like the length of long 6 in DPN..this is right chose! Great for beginner for socks knitting.
  5. Susan Bates #1 / 7" - Really light weight...Great for lace sock

And also i got from the my 70% sale at LYS two skeins of

REGIA "Kaffe Fassett" color #4251

Music of the weeks:

Little bit of Jazz mood in this week..

Song : "It Just Begun"

Artist : The Harlem Expriment

Album : Third in Ropeadope's "Experiment" series

Style : jazz, funk, and hip hop

See youguys monday...KNIT HARD~~~

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hey everybody! Iam been really bad bad boy since no most for almost two weeks. Sorry youguys I miss you! I been busy school and almost semster is over I have a so much things to do end of semester such as five reserch papers due last weeke and tests...yek! I really hate to do does paper and test but finally everything done and really happy it is over! YES! Seems 15 weeks of fall semster is like a YEAR long.

Anyway, yesterday (it long over due), I was organizing my large stash from my closet.


HAHAHA I am just joking with you!

This was first stage of eight stuffed bag of stash, since last five of month, I been buying form yarn store and online! Oh God! please help me to stop buy yarn!

Oh GOD! Please HELP ME to stop buying so much yarn!
Youguys remember begining of this year's Feb my stash pic?
SEE HERE Compare to Feb pic, I can tell my stash growing really big! It has been creating some huge problem in my closet ..I will say it is fucking soo much yarn...I dont know what to do with it. I know..I have to stop buying yarn and start new project and use the yarn what I have.

You can see yarns are taking over my bed room. It is like a yarn river! HELP ME!

And I live with my stash not with my family! Does babys are control me over my house!

I got some two big plastic ben at 99 cent store, reorganized stash like pic above! Now Iam so happy about it!

And another pic of my NEW organized stash box!

And TADA~~ Clean and organized! I like to THANK YOU to PLASTIC BEN for saving from my stash ! YOU ROCK! AHAHAHA

Talking about the Stash...I guess every knitters are agree with too my stash on your home..It is so hard to buying new yarn... One of Stephanie McPhee's book "Kntting Rules!", she point out "FIVE GREAT REASON TO KEEP" A STASH in this book..."If anyone ever tries to make you feel guilty about your stash, there are several thing you can point out."

"Five Reasons to Keep a Stash"

  1. Some people collect rocks or seashells. Enough said.
  2. Yarn, if you get enought of it, can totally act as house insulation, helping to cool your house in the summer and hold in heat during the winter. Lit's almost irresponsible, in the face of global cliumate change, hot to have a stash of yarn.
  3. Wool is flame - retardent and what people in the fire business refer to as "self-extingushing." If someting self-extinguishing is exposed to a flame, when the flame is removed it will no longer burn. This means that (in my special little world) having an extensive woolen stash is practically a safety thing. Remind me to call my insurance company to have my rates lowered.
  4. Speaking of insurance, a stash protects against any number of emergencies. What if you lost your job and could no longer afford to buying yarn? What if you had to move to a remote mountain pass in Nepal and couldn't get to a yarn shop without a five-day hike? What if, out of the blue, huge felted woolen car cozies became popular and the world's supply of fiber was eaten up by the auto industrym causeing wool scarcity and widespread panic among knitters everywhere? Better to be prepared. You never know when supply could dry up.
  5. It's a way better alternative than drinking heavily or doing drugs, which is probably the way I'd spend my time if you took my knitting away.

Yarn of this this week:

Dickie from "cashmere blend" (Check out his group "Malabrigo Junkles") inspire me to buy this really lovely yarns!

Malabrigo Merino Worsted #50 Roanoke

Peoject: Planning to knitting a Shifting Sands scarf from Kathy at "Grumperina."

Song of the weeks:

Band : Bishop Allen

Song : "Click Click Click Click"

Album : The Broken String

From : Booklyn, New York

Style : Indle Folk, Pop

Please stay return for new post! I am planning to write a new blog post everyday! Sorry for long absence!

Have great sunday and KNIT HARD!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I will be back! STAY RETURN!

Dear. my reader and friends:

Sorry youguys!

I will be back in this weeken!
I been really busy and ton of
things to do last weeken and coming week!
Also final is coming along So much test this
week! Wish me luck!
PLEASE stay return for my next post!


Kiss and Love,


Friday, November 02, 2007


Yes! It's saturday today! FINALLY! This week was really crazy week for me. Not much knitting done this week. And busy school, typing ten page paper with six hour each day.. I really what to cry out load, I need some time to knit. Anyway..starting with my whining, lets start with "Saturday Still Life". I will be post each Saturday post about any subject such as pic, art, item ex...

Great fall color "persimmon". Asian loves this lovely fruit ..Last weeken, my mom brought two boxes of persimmon at the farmer's maket. It's called "Tanenashi", origin from Japen, cone-shaped, orange-yellow fruit without seed.

Pic of antique Korean flower jar. My dad is antique collector..he has lot of stuff around the house.. I ask him how old this that jar is..he say about 100 years old. What the fuck? That much? I will sold that jar after my dad inheit me. I will rich by then!

Pic of my print. First year of college..I took a printing making class and this was first piece never into the show. It is called "Etching" Draw on metal plate and put into to Nitric Acid. It took almost month to finshes final print. SEE bigger PIC HERE

Some of pine corn from Lake "Tahoe".

View of my corner of top of my desk. My ceramic pieces and plant.

My brushes inherited from my grandfather and dad.

Great NEWS!

I got my Blog nominateion from Elemmaciltur at " Númenna - Nan Annûn" as "Rokin' Guy Blogger"!

Youguys already know "Rockin' Girl Blogger Award" from another blogger. I kinda felt left out, coz I'm not a girl. I was moaning about this fact to Projektleiterin and so, in the spirit of the original post of Rockin' Girl Blogger Award, Projektleiterin came up with this:(I just copy from Elem's post)

So, first of all, thank you to Projektleiterin for starting this for us guy-bloggers! Now, I get to nominate 5 other male bloggers for this. I'm not going to take Projektleiterin's (pretty political) rules too seriously here, since I wouldn't know all the political views of people I'm nominating....but if you want to know the rules, go and read the post HERE.

For me, the guys nominated must be fabu in their own ways. You're the judge yourself to which 5 guys you're nominating the award to.It's a hard choice to make, since I can nominate only 5 guys. Don't be so surprised that they're all knitters. And don't be sad if you aren't nominated, because I'm sure that what goes around, comes around. So, if I didn't nominate you, there bounds to be someone else who will eventually nominate you. So, here are my nominations:

Grab yourselves a button and go out and nominate 5 other guys for this award!

Yarn Porn This Week:

Opal 4 Ply "Dream Catcher" #1232

Opal 4 ply "Crocodile 3" #17

Hand-dyed Merino Socks Yarn from Ebay seller "Julia's Yarn" 220 yd each

On My Knitting Needle:

Pattern: "Basketweave" Six-Stitch pattern from
"More Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Garnstudio "Fabel" #542

Song of the Week:

Song your hearing:

Song: "Beige Station Wagon"

Artist: CANADA

Album: This Cursed House

From: Ann Arbor area of Michigan

Style: Indle Rock, Folk, Alt Rock

Have a great weeken~~ KNIT HARD!