Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hand-made Spindle~~~

Hey eveyboby!!!!! Guess what i did today...I made a spindle!!! Jason was talking about today's blog..He is going to the spindle class this saturday. I was thinking making spindle for awhile, but always time is the matter. So today my summer class is i finally made a spindle and stained today!!!

Using spindle, make a own yarn is really great!!! You can spin some yarn and knit with it..It s so cool!!! It is getting so popular does day. Look at the pic:
Lost weeken sunday, i saw on DIY(Do It Yourself) channel, "Knitty Gritty" Knitting show host by famous "Vickle Howell"(Visit her blog) guess Liz Gipson show us how to hand spindle. CHECK HERE see the video. If you see this video, everybody can to spin some yarn with hand spindle. I brought some wood stick already cut, smell hook and little round decoration shape from craft store. Making spindle is easy..You just make a dill hole in round shape wood and stick in together. And attach the little metal hook and shepen the end of spindle.... Done!!! Also i did stain with some light bown wool stain.

For first timer, it is really hard to get into spinning with spindle because of the way the spindle spin...too much motion is going on. I was thinking fag the whole thing..It's really HARD to get into to ...But i tried many time practice hour and hours.So I did a lot of practice for two days, finally I did spin some yarn. For beginer, we need a lot of control of pulling out the wool when spindle is rolling, because when spindle is rolling, have to pull out same force with your hands, other wise wool break easy also it makes thick and thin yarn.All the practice and hard work is did finally spin some nice yarn:

This is first try i did with spindle- Top: 1 ply Bottom: 2 ply

I was loot of work but I had a fun spinning it!!!!

And the final 60yd of 1ply thick and thin spin yarn!!! Have a great weeken eveybody!!! HAPPY KNITTING AND SPINNING!!!


Knit Picking said...

Charles, is there any craft you haven't tried yet? You are so talented! Good for you!

Tallguy said...

hahaha, oh what fun you are having!! Wish I could be there with you (maybe not... too hot there!) and help you with your spinning. Yes, you will get thick and thin at first, but you have the determination to continue, and you will do just fine.

One thing I find that works for me is to prepare the roving as much as possible. Draw out the fibres to make it as thin as you need it. Then you don't have to worry too much about it when the spindle is turning so fast! With proper prepartation, ANYthing is easy! hahaha

Charles said...

Thanks!! tallguy!! Yes i need your tutor!!!

Jason said...

Great job on the spindle, Charles! And thanks for that link to the spinning lesson. Keep spending some time to practice spinning everyday. That's the advise I got from everyone. It will get better.

Take a class. The class that I had was really wonderful. I understand spinning a lot better now. I just have to practice until all the steps come together smoothly.

Keep spinning! It will be fun soon!