Monday, July 24, 2006

Song of the Day #1

Hi Everybody!!!Iam finlly doing this post!!!!! As Artist myself, Music and Art is really match together as connection of people's mind. Everybody falling love in music and art in this world!!!

As fan of singer and artist, I was thinking about doing "Song of the Day" everyday base Like DJ does...I did lot of post about song and artist...... Starting with "Song of Day," I want to show everybody rear artist(independent), song and recommendaton also video peole will be like!!!

Today, start with my first post, "Perfect Time Of Day" by Howie Day.

I don't think lot of people know Howie Day as artist and songwriter. He has great, soft touching songs.. I will say mixing gravelly vocals and somber strumming à la Joseph Arthur.

Howie Day is one of my #1 list.....Into folk rock, ballade and soul ..passionate style...More about Howie Day( Click here)

"Perfect Time of Day" is from Howie's 3rd album " Stop All The World Now". Last year, he got a Boston Indepedent award and also he got a award before last year.As award artist, you can see all his songs are great!!!

Artist: Howie Day
Album: "Stop All the World Now"
Song: "Perfect Time of Day" Track #2
Style: Folk Rock,Pop, Soul...

Hear the "Perfect Time of Day"(Click here)
It's the perfect time of day
It's the last day of your life
Don't let it drift away
While your heart is still racing
It's the perfect time of day
And you wont feel a thing
And you wont recall
anything at all
Close your eyes and take your
last breath
Press your head aside
the end is the beginning
Everyone between is so lost
so lost
Let your colors collide
The time is so fleeting
I quit running behind
OhI know your meaning
You look for
what you want to say
And you look for
The perfect time of day
it's the perfect time of day
Come on now
It's the perfect time of day
it's the perfect time with you


Celtic Knitter said...

You're a musician? Really? I didn't know that!!! I'm excited. What do you play??
Sorry I haven't been around too much lately. I miss blogging with you!

Charles said...

Matt!! Iam not a musician. But i know lot of artist and love to listening to music!!!! I was really miss you too!!! Where are you been?