Friday, July 21, 2006


I just get up early today round 8:30am...Just typical another great day in CA....Get up in the bed hornd up as usaul gay guy!!! Make some cup of coffee, i decide to watch some movie, my friends tell me about. Nowdays lot of people subscribing DVD from Netflix, include my friend...It's is save lot of money and time some save, because of cheap price($5.99 for two dvd WOW) and no wasting time. Just watch any time..No due date and send with pre-payed envelope. And you don't have drive and go to video place pay such lot of money!!!! You wasting gus and time>>> That's why Netflix is great thing...

My friend tell this move this really romanctic-love story about two guys. First I just thought just chap gay movie. After i watch the whole movie, I really cry out loud. Really great sweet movie. The actors was great and soundtrack was great too!!! I felt so heart warming and really proud myself!!!

Name of the movie "Latter Days" starting with Steve Sandvoss and Steve Sandvoss from "Charmed."Story about the two guys in fill in love eachother really diffiecult place both toghter.

The story start with: Elder(Steve Sandvoss) is Mornmon Missionary, Christian(Wesley A. Ramey) is gay party boy....

Summry of "Latter day" WATCH THE Trailer(click here)

Elder Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss) is a young Mormon from Pocatello, Idaho, who goes to Los Angeles on his mission. He moves with three fellow missionaries into the bungalow apartment complex of openly gay Christian Markelli (Wes Ramsey), who works as a waiter at "Lila's," a trendy restaurant owned by Lila Montagne (Jacqueline Bisset). Fun-loving, party boy Christian is intrigued by his new, strait-laced Mormon neighbors, and he and his restaurant co-workers make a bet: if Christian can seduce one of the missionaries, he'll win $50. What they don't know is that Aaron, the missionary Christian chooses for his attempted seduction, is gay.

After several encounters around the apartment complex, Aaron and Christian begin to get to know each other. But just as Christian appears to have succeeded in luring Aaron into bed, the hesitant young Mormon suddenly becomes upset by Christian saying that Aaron's first time with a guy "doesn't have to mean anything," that "it can be just a little fun, between friends." Aaron ends the encounter by accusing Christian of being superficial and shallow, and walks out. Rejected, Christian then joins Project Angel Food to deliver food for people with AIDS, through which he befriends Keith (Erik Palladino).

One day, Aaron's roommate and fellow missionary, Paul Ryder (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is involved in a bicycling accident. On returning to his apartment, a distraught Aaron encounters Christian, who tries his best to comfort him with a hug. What begins as an embrace then becomes something more intimate when, suddenly, Aaron's missionary roommates walk in to find the couple kissing. As a result of this indiscretion, Aaron is immediately sent back home by church officials.

Christian later drops by Aaron's former apartment to ask about him, which leads to a confrontation with Aaron's homophobic fellow missionary, Elder Ryder. Ryder relents enough at the last minute to tell him that Aaron has a five-hour layover in Salt Lake City. Christian catches the next flight there and eventually finds Aaron standing outside the terminal in the snow; Christian confesses his love for Aaron face to face. When all flights are canceled due to the snowstorm, Christian and Aaron spend the night together at a motel. Despite a loving and intimate night with one another, Christian wakes up the next morning to find Aaron gone. Depressed, Christian returns to Los Angeles, where he is unable to get over losing Aaron.Aaron faces excommunication from the church upon his arrival home in Idaho. He is given the cold shoulder by his father (Jim Ortlieb) and is scolded by his mother (Mary Kay Place), who tells him that Christian was simply using Aaron for a $50 bet. Aaron feels so hopeless that he tries to commit suicide. Fortunately, he is discovered in time, but is sent by his parents to a treatment facility to undergo aversion therapy.

Christian, who has been trying to contact Aaron by telephone, eventually succeeds, but is devastated to be told by Aaron's mother that, "Thanks to you my son took a razor to his wrists. Thanks to you I have lost my son." Guilt-ridden, Christian believes that Aaron is dead and makes a painful trip to Idaho, where he returns one of Aaron's belongings to his mother. He departs, however, before she can confess that Aaron is still alive.

Meanwhile, Aaron has a "revelation" at the treatment facility after seeing a music video playing on television. The video prompts him to return to Los Angeles, not knowing where else to go now that he is rejected at home and a pariah in his hometown. After failing to find Christian at his apartment, Aaron makes his way to Lila's restaurant (Aaron had previously met Lila by chance). Unbeknownst to Aaron, it is the same restaurant where Christian works, and, following Christian's joy and shock at seeing him alive, the two are reunited. The movie ends on a happy note with Christian, Aaron, and their friends celebrating Thanksgiving, and looking forward to a life together.

How sweet is story is...Really great movie compare as "Brockback Mountain" I learn from this movie was If you really love someone as if your Mornmon...The word "Love" can't stop anything. And God can't stop it too... If you in end of the world, can't stop the both love and not split between both two lover.

I will say this is NOT a gay movie eveybody thinks. Just really great romantic movie about two guys mix with lives sexy romantic comedy and POWERFUL drama!!!!!! A+++++ I never seen this great rmantic story before.....I RECOMMENT THIS TO EVERY IN WHOLE WORLD!!!!SWESOME!!!!


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Celtic Knitter said...

This sounds like an awesome movie! I will have to check it out. I love your description of waking up!! LOL
You're really cute Charles!