Monday, July 24, 2006

Blanket UPDATE~~~

With this Hot weather....I finally finsh my nine square today!!! FINALLY!! It is really easy to do with just one color, but with different color? PAIN OF BUTT!!!! I took a sooooooo much to crochet this all nine square!!!
Looks Really GOOD!!! My baby niece will be love it~~~What do you think?

One thing, I hate to do!!!! I have put all the extra yarn end of every color strip and put it back in!! So i have eight strip each square, two each end of cut yarn, 9 times 2 = 18 is I have to do for each square / 18 times 9 = total 162 .......I took almost four hour sawing back in all extra yarn back into nine square....TOO MUCH!!!

Next ..I have saw all the square together~~~


elisabetha said...

Very nice! I like how all the colours blend together. I'm sure your niece will love it!

Knit Picking said...

Lovely blanket. I'm sure your niece will treasure it for years to come. You're such a great uncle to take the time to make it for her.

Celtic Knitter said...

Hey, you're into crochet now! Awesome . . . this looks amazing!!