Thursday, July 27, 2006

My top 10 knitting & Crochet Book

Another hot day in CA..It's over 100 degess today!!!! I didnt do much knitting and just sewing my niece's blanket. Today's iam goign to talk about "My top 10 knitting & Crochet Book"As knitter as my self, knitting book is most important to thing to have. Also there is so much knitting we can buy from ...I guess money is the problem!!!!! I guess saying no endless...

I have a lot of knitting book in my bookcase....I made My top 10 knitting & Crochet Book list below: WHAT DO YOUGUYS THINK?

#10 "Greetings from Knit Cafe" By Suzan Mischer
Suzan is the owner of yarn store "Knit Cafe" At Melrose, CA. (
Visit her store)I been to her yarn is really cute and feels like a Frida's house... bright color and Artistic!!!! In this book creative pattarn such as vantage style bags, scarf and other lace stuff...Beautful Photographs!!!
RECOMMEND PATTERN: Lala Scarf/ Pompom Awning

#9 "The Knitter's Bible" By Craire Crompton
Must Have this Book!!!! Beginner or advance knitter.... It's clear, concise instructions for everythings you need for help!!!! This is my first knitting book i brought. Iam still using it!! Lots of lacy and simple pattarn you can try!!!

#8 "Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet - The Happy Hooker" by Debbie Stolle Famous Stitch 'N bitch book is the crochet book never had!!!! I don't think there is not a good crochet book out there and most of are old design!!!Grandma style i will say...I highly recommed crochet book!!! Lot of cute design!!! Bloger"Elemmaciltur " crochet this "Sweet Pea Shawl" and "Short 'N Sweet' pattern Check this out!!!!!

RECOMMED PATTERN: Sweet Pea Shawl/ Jolly yoger sweater/Go for Baroque Ja

#7 "Loop-d- Loop" by Teva Durham
This is Romantic knitting book ..Lot of

inspier by nature. Patterns are really free form..such as chapter by Cycles, Plans, Wave.

Teava Durham is knit wear designer..She have a yarn store in NY. By the nature design, i love the the pattern such as "Irregular Rib Raglan with Toggle " beautiful photo with pattern..Like a art book~~~

RECOMMENT PATTERN: Diagonal twiprincess seam Jacket/Irregular Rib Raglan wit

#6 "200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans" by Jan Eaton

Once a life , eveybody made a blankets and afghans. This is great book you can crochet lot of blocks and combining .. With this book , you can knit variations of texture, pattern and color....

#5 "Hats On!!!" by Charlene Schurech I falling love with Bloger "Brooklytweed and Oliphaunt Knits "s so i brought this book!!!! Hat was inspired by Turkish and norwegian design hat. I will knittting hat this coming fall!!!!

#4 "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen
This people choice #1 book i brought logn time ago!!! Lost of knitter, love this scarf pattern!!! Most creative and beautiful patttern book..Als book has blog too...check this out Such as Knitter Brooklntweed's "Forbes Forest" and The Boy Who knit's "Backyard Leaves"

#3 "Hats Gloves Scarves" by Louisa Harding
This is great books highly recommed to eveybody..SOOOOO Much Hat gloves and scarves you can try.. Beginer will be easy to knit this..such great book to have!!! Famous designer Louisa Harding most great knitting book!!! great photo and easy pattern!! Buy it!!

#2 "Danim People" by Rowan other designer
If you want to knit simple sweater or jacket for year long MAN& WOMEN? This is great pattern for first timer knitting sweather and Advand knitter!!! All the patttern from famous designer Kim Hargreaves, Martin Story, Louisa Haring, leah Sutton, Erikaa Knight and carlo Medrum.Many people say sweater is hard to knit? If read this book...It is such easy!!!! number one MUST HAVE Book!!!! See all the pattern Check here

NUMBER #1 "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Falick

WhY choose this book? becauase every thing about knitting is inside of this book. I mean simple sweaters, ponchos, and home wears (and of course some gloves, socks, and hats). Most of the patterns are also timeless classics. Every project is presented in full-color photographs and with clear instructions. Weekend Knitting also features beautiful photos shot in and around real homes, evoking perfect knitting weekends filled with fresh air, friends, and delicious food.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for your recommendations! I only have two of those books-- SCARF STYLE and THE HAPPY HOOKER.

Midnight Purls said...

I love Loop-d-Loop. I haven't actually knit anything out of it yet, but just leafing through it is inspirational!

My personal #1 book out of the ones you posted is Scarfstyle. simply because I've knit more out of it then I have any other book I own. I'm currently knitting Backyard leaves. Well actually, it's currently waiting for the replacement needle from Brittany to get here so I can finish it. Mine snapped. :(