Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feel much better!!!

Hi!! everybody~~ I had been past three days, today iam feel so much better!!! But still has sore throat. Also still has body ache too. I didnt knit all most three day and iam so behind time.
In here CA, it was been raining almost week.... I use to living CA for so long, hate the wet wether.

My friend give me this 4 skin of dark-blue yarn(I guess this is Sock yarn?I Do no?) First I thought plan to knit socks with this yarn..But I didn't knit sock before... yet.....
Maybe someday. Iam plan to take a sock knitting class next

Here is my progress today. I still feel sick so...didnt knit too much!!!


Elemmaciltur said...

Na na na? Is that the Irish Hiking scarf I'm seeing? You know, Charles, you should have slipped every first stitch (and knit every last stitch), that would've given you a nicer edge. Just a tip. ;)

Celtic Knitter said...

Hey . . . I think it may be sock yarn but who cares. I think I just knit a baby sweater with sock yarn . . . I think???

Anyways, the cables on that look awesome!!