Sunday, March 12, 2006

Scarf~~ Scarf~~ Scarf~~

Hey everybody!! Its raining day today..... I am so use to live in CA..i love hot wether...
Yesterday, I finsh kintting and crochet simple long scarf. On the lift I use dark blue mix Chenille yarn, with double crochet. On the right, I use pinkish mohair yarn with knit garther stitch. This is for my friends. It has been year, my friends beg me to make them scarf. So i decide make them scarf for gift!!! I use two skin of yarn each scarf and fringe.I most time use Cd case and warp around some yarn and cut end of lop. CD case make a propect size i tell ya~~

I can't wait to give them tomorrow!!!


Celtic Knitter said...

Hey, you're a good friend! What nice gifts and you finish them off with a bow! I'm impressed!

elisabetha said...

CD case fringe...what a great idea. I especially like that pink mohair, great job!