Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baby Afghan Project!!!!!

This is my baby afghan update!!! My cousin "Ann" is having delivery next april 12th so i start to make a afghan her new born baby!!! I call her last week, she say she is gonna have a beautiful girl. WOW~ IT GREAT~~ I can not wait to see her!!!

This is 10"x10" square crochet blocks with four different yarn(light and dark pupple, pink ex)
She is having baby girl so i choose pinkish color!!!!
IT took a whill but it looks so good with different color strip!!

It will be like this: Two different color, match two blocks togeter and seam it all the blocks togeter. IT will be total 10In 8 blocks color way. Iam crocheting my fifth block right now. Three more to go!!! This is when the four blocks attach all together(pic is little crooked!! Sorry!!)


Celtic Knitter said...

Awesome! I'm sure she will love it! I used to make these types of afghans all the time and I haven't made one in ages. The colours you chose are very nice.

Jason said...

Great job Charles! Crocheting is just fabulous. The fabric looks completely different than knitted fabric. And it's so useful when assembling afghans! I gotta learn how! :-)

Elemmaciltur said...

Looks fab!

Kenny said...

Wow, that looks fabulous. Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday!!