Saturday, February 25, 2006

NOT feeling Good!!!

Iam so sick and feeling useless today!!! Yesterday, I was coming back from home in train..I was knitting my Irish Hiking Scarf I felt bad headache and feel like a throw up..
so i didnt eat dinner and just gone to the bed.. When i get up next day, I had a sore throat and felt worse..I am really sick...I GOT A FLU~~~Iam still feeling sick today and didnt knit anything~~~ Right now, I drank 7 cups of hot Green Tea.. This tea didnt not help at all!! I need a nice guy to snuggle!!!!
GOD Please help me to feel batter and also find my true boyfriend...

MEDICINE Not not my type!!! Hate it!!! NoNoNo


Elemmaciltur said...

Get well soon!

Celtic Knitter said...

oh, that sounds horrible!! I hope you feel better soon.

You're an attractive man who can knit . . . I'm sure you'll find your man soon! :)

JoshieLove said...

Just saying 'ehllo to my "MenWhoKnit" neighbor. Feel better... I don't wanna catch that shit. Sheesh. ;)