Friday, March 24, 2006


I finaly find out today, Iam teaching handmade Cardmaking class!!!! It has been teaching one day workshop for almost two year at handmade paper store and Michaels. As artist, painter and crafter it great oprortunity teaching six week cardmaking class at community art center.
Story of my cardmaking, First my friends and family say to me they loved my cards so much!!!because i used only beautiful handmade paper from India and Japen it eveything made by hands. So i start my smell business "Won's Handmade Card" I start to sale my card at art fair and other craft store. After two year i have a 200 customer and company.

When i make a card i spend about 20min tomake a each card, becauase its my art work.... Lot of crafter they just make it for sale but for my card each by each lot of soul into it~~~My class start at nextmonth Appil 7th..if want sign off please do so...


Celtic Knitter said...

You're very talented! Wow! Your own card making business! I'm very impressed!

They look beautiful!!

Tallguy said...

Those are incredibly beautiful cards. Yes, I can see you put your soul into them. It would be very special to receive a card from you! Good luck on your class -- You'll have a great time!