Sunday, March 05, 2006

Finally finshed my Scarf!!!

Today afternoon, I finally finshed my browen strip scarf!!! It looks so nice!!! I used four skine of two diffent Lion wool yarn. This is long scarf because i want to fold and half and insert two end round my neck. One thing i hate to doing this was: end of every stripes, i have to sew ex-yarn into the scarf.... I made 50 strip so. It took a almost two hour to sew extra end of yarn...
Thats pain of butt..I tell ya!!!
It's almost winter is over, Iam saving for next winter!!!! I can't wait to wear that scarf!!!


bis said...

I loooove stripes but I find sewing ends was a pain til i saw the russian join. it's great. saves a lot of time.

Elemmaciltur said... know, you got my hands itching to go for a garter stitch scarf, too, now....maybe I'll do it in NORO.

Celtic Knitter said...

All the sewing was worth it! That scarf looks excellent!