Saturday, March 04, 2006


Hey, everybody!!! I finaly got my macrame books and materials. I found the great place online call "FIRE MOUNTAIN GEMS AND BEAD" If wanna buy jewalry making supply, this is great place to get it from!!!
The Spring and summer is around conner, I plan to make a Macrame hemp bracelet for my art sale in next April!!! I got a two macrame book by katie DuMont. I guess she is famous macrame artist. when i was serching at the web, she was everywhere.... I mean Macrame Queen!!

Also I broght a hemp cords at the Michael's : Pupple, white, regular nature color of hemp and some beads. The hemp cord was so expensive. One skin of hemp was ten doller? Noway!! Thats too much!!! I was fighting for the price but I had cupon so....That's good!!!

I was looking trow the book, it so much pattens...This is my first time doing macrame so, I start making simple Macramed Hemp bracelet....I thinking it looks so great!!! Look at the pic~

Finsh!!! and wearing it!!! It's Look Cool!!!


Elemmaciltur said...

Crocheting and beading....two things I don't know how to...yet. Looking fab though!

Celtic Knitter said...

These are very cool bracelets! When I think of macrame ... .I'm reminded of those tacky plant hangers from the 70's. But these bracelets are way cooler. Very hippy-ish.
This reminds me . . . I want to try knitting with hemp.