Tuesday, August 01, 2006



Lot of knitter talk to me about doing some weeken meeting, arrould burbank Glendale and Pasadena area!!!!! So finally trying, frist meeting on August!!!! ALL THE GUYS AND GIRL KNITTER ARE WELCOME!!!!!
Iam going to start my Knitting and Crochet group on next Sat 12th.(We did already!!!!) UPDATE: Next meeting is on Oct 14, 28!!!!

I know there is S&B Meeting at 12:00pm but our group is meeting at 7:00PM... We could have fun night group dinner, talk and drink!!! If you need some more knitting to do after S&B... COME ON OVER!!!!!!

Do you know other knitter want to come? Come and have fun , bring your knitting or crochet stuff !!!!

We are meeting at
Starbucks on cross to 6th street. It is really big huge starbucks!!! There is lot of sitting area just open!!!!

On Sat 12, 7:00PM on Starbucks

(Check Here for Map)

San Fernando & Walnut,
1001 North San Fernando Blvd. 120
Burbank, California 91504
(Next to the coner of VON'S mall, Not the Burns Noble starbucks)

Please email me if your attanding or call me at:

Charles (818)383-9304 /Artistwon662002@yahoo.com


laurie said...

Hi :) This sounds fun! But did you mean Saturday, Aug 12?


Charles said...

Sorry my bad!! Sat AUG 12th!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you have your facts wrong as Jason of "Jason Knits" will not be attending. I know for a fact he has other plans.

laurie said...

Oh, also... Charles, thank you for the invite, but please remove my name from this as I will NOT be there. Though I do hope you have a nice time.

Bee said...

Wow, I wish I knew about this sooner. I am not sure if I can make it but perhaps another time. Glad I found your blog...great yarn dyeing.