Thursday, August 10, 2006


This is new yarn i dyed last weeken!!! Do you guys like the color? I have more dyeing to do after next weeken because iam going to Las Vegas for a week..I will be leaving this sunday coming back next Thrsday 17th!! It will so much fun!!!! I so excited bight now!!! Also see my baby niece too!!!

Most important Announce!!!! Please come and join my knitting Group at this Sat12 at 7:00 More Info Please visit Here>>>>> MEETING

What I am going to do with this yarn? Iam planning to sell at Online Yarn-shop "Kpixie"!!!!
I guess everybody know Kpixie!! It is great place order yarn online~~~ Such great yarn..never seen before!!! If youguys want to buy my hand-dye yarn please visit "Kpixie" Iam going to list some socks, lacy(like knitpicking ordered!!), mohair loop yarn and other worst wight yarns!!! Some lucky people i know will be getting my hand-dye yarn!! Please let me know if yougs got!!!!

Left to Right: Lady in pink, Sunset Orange, Grape Madness, Loneliness Neon Night, Blue Jazz, Sweetness Apple candly

More close up pic of my dye yarn!!! See youguys in after next week!! Bye!!!


Pat said...

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Knit Picking said...

Hey Charles, your Kpixie link doesn't work. Once again you got great names for your yarns. I'd like to know which is sock yarn.

Cheryl said...

Just gorgeous Charles. You really have a talent for color!

KnitXcorE said...

You're so good!!! the colors look great!!! i can't w8 to see mine :-)

donnac368 said...

I've got to get me some!!! Couldn't find it on kpixie. Can you send me a link to buy? Thanks!!!

Yvonne said...

Hi Charles! I'm a friend of Cheryl's...she told me to check your yarns really are awesome!! Have a great day!!