Friday, August 04, 2006


Today's song of the day is "Reinvent" by Chad Perrone (Listen)
I bought myself a one-way trip to nowhere, with the
hopes of finding the rest of myself there.(think I lost
it somewhere) Because I'm dizzy from danceing around
in the circles. "I take a deep breath. I'm holding it in.
Because I'm sure when I'll get to breathe air like
this again. T'll cut off my ears., I 'll burn out my eeyes.
I won't be afraid to reinvent my life," Tomorrow looks
a lot like today, And I know that time brings change
to every things. But we teeter on the edge of something
more. "So maybe I'm wrong and I should leave well
enough alone, But maybe it's right and today starts
the rest of my life."
Chad Perrone, He is Independent Boston based singer and songwriter, use be former member of "Averi" His music hit's emotions that resonat with the audiences that flock to vwenues to soak in the words. He captur a moment or an motion and etting that to melody. I think he is more songwriter then singer seeking the honesty and clarity in his music most beautiful!!!
More info about Chad and songs (click Here)

Buy album here "Used to Dream" by Cahd Perrone

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