Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Vacation Pic~~~

Last week, I was gone Vacation with my famliy..It is some of pic we took!!! I had a so much fun!!!!First time see my baby niece in AZ and visit Las Vagas!!!! Pic of my self and my family!!!

This is my Cousin Rick and Ann. They have really cute baby my baby niece "Mazie" pic

This is on Famous "Heard Museum" in AZ

We are in Las Vagas "Venetian" We stay at circus cirus for tow night, on first night i won the $3oo doller !!!! WOW I guess money is good!!!!
My brother "Danial"

We watch the famous show LV show "Jubilee"show 10:30 at Bally!!! I saw lot of naked (I mean 'No bra') danceing girls!!!! It was great show.....Also we ride the new MONORAL..It was awsome!~~~This is my end of vacation 2006 story~~~

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KnitXcorE said...

WoW! It looks like someone had fun :-) Circus Circus looks CoOL!!!