Thursday, August 24, 2006

Painful Day!!!

Today was really painful day for me because of.....I will say my tooths!! I hate to going to dentist..Youguys agreed!!I found out, I have huge infection on my bottom was really bad one it go thwoth bottom of nerve sy(It called "Root Canal Trearment") !!! I had a appointment 9:30, get there earlyer...When i was sit down on the lighting chair I got soo scared..i want get out the door so bad!!!
My dentist Dr. C start to do the two shot on my month to make it not painful... Numbness
After five min, numbness all over my mouth..i can't talk at all...It feel like a mannequin!!!!
To stop the bite between the lip and tooths, Dr. put around wire thingit into my mouth to still open!!! Do you image is situation? like torture and Fetish kind....hehe.. ya also rubbergloves ..I can not move my mouth... saliva is dropping all the way from my neck..yek...
When Dr. doing painful treatment into my mouth, i saw lot's needle into my tooths...She dig the hole(my tooth) like a rice puddling..Oh MAN~~~

After one and half is past... finaly ..GOD!!!..Finshed...
I always think that goging to Dentist is always painful!!! SOOO MUCH!!! I wish never gonna go again!!!!! PERIOD>>>>

End of story with my loooooong Due Knitting....basketweave scarf...I MUST FINSH UP~~~~
I guess the Hot weather in CA...Waiting for fall here~~


KnitXcorE said...

Aww!! poor charles! I've been trying to avoid the denttist for awhile, i'm afraid he's going to have to something crazy :-( FeeL better guy! The scarf looks gr8 by the way!!!

Elemmaciltur said...

Hehehehe, I remembered when I had my root canal treatment...that was a weird experience. I remember the sensation that you described with the local anaesthetics going on...but you can still feel them fumbling around in your mouth and especially when the tools just click away at your skull. *LOL*

Knit Picking said...

Love the scarf (and hate going to the dentist too). It's very similar to one I made in a lighter shade two years ago. My sister-in-law was very happy to get it for Christmas.
I hope you feel better now.