Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just Another Day!!!

SEE THIS PIC!!!! Guess what iam going to do this weeken? Did youguys guess What iam going to do with this yarn with yarn winder?
THIS WEEKEN IS MY DYEING DAY!!!!!It looks like, it's gonna be long weeken!! Dyeing yarn Saturday/ Let it over night, drying.... Sunday, rewind the dry yarn, make a lable and packing and send package Monday!!!!! More Info about Dyeing(Stop by stop) Check here
HOW long iam rolling this winder for? 5 hour!!!TOO MUCH!!!But I HAVE TOO~~

Reskein the yarn like this!!!! Total 8 skein!!!!

After skeining the yarns, I gone to the mailbox, Guess What? My package was waiting for me!! Finally, got my NEW Alex Woodard CD from Amazon!!! awesome!!! Who is Alex Woodard? I made a post last time!! Visit HERE Iam listing his CD over and over again now!! Such GREAT SONG and voices!!!

Also I got a Fall "Urban Outfitters" Catalog!!! I love to there clothes!! IT is really nice Ventage style clothes sell there but reallly expensive!! It worth eye- shopping But too much!!!!!

I caught my eye into this stripe cardigan!!! I like the color blue and black! Also the T-shirt matched underneath!!! I saw the price on the catalog..I almost got a heartattack? How much? $105 FOR cardigan? FUCK~~~ TOO MUCH I TELL YA~~ I was thinking I can knit this as my fall knitting project!!!

Also this nice Striped hoodie Iam SOOOOO LOVING IT!!!MAYBE IAM GOING KNIT SOMEDAY!!!! WHEN? I DON'T KNOW!! I HAVE A MILLIONS OF KNITTING PROJECT IN MY MIND..I just can't finsh in my life!!!

Also guy in the model!!!...He looks really cute!!!Feel like kiss him really bad!! Just Kidding!! hehehe

Also mouth watering shoes!!!!WHEN I AM GOING BE RICH? Please God Help ME!!!

For last, this is my progress on my "BRANCHING OUT" Lacy Scarf!!!!! I HAVE TO FINSH!!!!! IT HAS BEEN MONTH!!!! I HOPE YOUGUYS HAVE A GREAT WEEKEN!!!!!!!


KnitXcorE said...

I just went to Amazon and listened to Alex good! Kinda reminds me of Conor Oberst ;-)

I've been looking to get swift, was yours really expensive?

I adore that cardigan! It's amazing... I've had some bad luck with sweaters so i think I'm jus going to save up and buy it. I already have a stiped hoody like that from H$M I only spent $20 on...

YAy for branching out... i have some raw silk i bought to make it and i just couldn't figure it out :-(

Midnight Purls said...

Can't wait to see all that yarn all dyed up! I really like that black and blue striped cardigan. You've got great taste!

Branching out is coming along nicely! What yarn are you using for it?

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Charles said...

HEY Knitxcore: used swift i get from ebay for $15 not bad!!! I got it soo cheap It is usaully sell at around $45!!!! "branching out" is easy!!!

Midnight purls:Thank You so much!!!For Branching out i used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool "MOSS"

Knit Picking said...

I am SO looking forward to see what you're dyeing this weekend!!!
I really like the yarn you chose for your branching out. It really adds texture to it.

Elemmaciltur said...

OMG! I so want to knit some of those sweater myself...I wonder though how they would look knitted. And the shoes!!!