Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kick Ass Stitch Markers!

Hi everybody! It's Thurdays today. I know! The day goes so fast. Since last post, I been making a stitch marker to sell on my Etsy shop "Cool Buddha Tonic" Visit my store and check it out!

Long time ago, I bought this really cool "Creating Extraordinary BEADS From Or Ordinary Materials" by Tina Casey book at B&N, trying create myself handmade beads and make stitch marker to sell on my store. I had extra time last weeken, so been making a paper bead and wireing the beads into stitch makers!

This is instruction shows how to make paper beads and painting of the beads in this book.

So this this the beads. Just use of colored construction paper and craft acrylics paints and last clear coat of clear nail polish, creat this lovely paper bead!

And wireing the beads into stitch markers. I really like does stitch markers are comes out and it is much lighter then regular stone beaded!

And close up pic of yellow construction paper with dark-red and pink dot painted outline. I add little wooden beads to each end of stitch marker.

And finsh product with cover with each of my "Cool Budda Tonic" label. Done!

I really like how does stitch markers cames out! Really light and esay to mark on the knitting item. This is "Bloodymarry" on the pic!

And "Cherry blossom"


All does my handmade bead stitch marker will be listed on Etsy shop next week! STAY RETURN!

Also this is gonna be my new episode of Knitting Video Cast coming up! Come over and see! KNIT HARD~~


cici said...

wow charles you make that look so easy... They are really looking good. I will be looking for an update in your shop..and looking forward to your next Video Cast. keep up the good work.

Ken said...

Great looking stictch markers, Charles. Nice packaging work, too!

DAWN said...

Those are some rockin' stitch markers, my friend. I love them and such a great idea. I can see how a lighter marker could be easier to manage with some knits. Cleaver boy.

Kerry said...

Kick ass indeed. Can't wait until they're up for grabs in your shop!

Camping Jason said...

Nice stitch markers Charles! I usually don't use stitch markers, but I may have to get some of these. I like that they're nice and light.

pins&needles said...

Those stitch markers look so cool! I can't wait to go by the shop and check them out!

My roommate and I made stitch markers and put them up on Etsy this week. I put up shop previews on my blog sidebar.

KnitXcorE said...

omgeeeez charles! those are adorable!!!
put them up.... hurry!

knitnzu said...

Charles, those are really nice! Brought me instantly back to about 1973 when we would make similar bead necklaces for mom out of strips of bright magazine pages.

Kath said...

Oh that's just brilliant! And yes, I bet they are nice and light! They look kinda big though - any chance of smaller ones for sock knitters?

BTW - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Since you are also in CA - are you going to Stitches West?