Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Shoes

I took a pic yesterday of my shoes(Reflection of shoe my mirror)... Remind me does my past day, my old shoes....Use to be black, now faded to gray...And use to be smooth, now wrinkles. Talking about my shoe in this post, I want to share with youguys one of my favorite poem by John Perreault. Injoy~~

by John Perreault

A road can't be as sad as a shoe is sad
when a shoe can't read.
I can't read either.

And I have given away all my clothe
sand gone away so far
that no one will even remember that I've gone
nor how far I went when I was here.

For a road can't be as crazy as a ranch is mad
when a ranch can't sing.

I cough. I spit. I jump up and down
and I run around like a headless rooster.

Me too. I am not lonesome. I am gregarious.
I make friends with the curbstone even.

But a shoe can't be as pretty as a wheel when it's turning
or a tunnel uncovered by chance.
And a shoe can't be a lobster.

I am as free as a belt or a bell or
a dog on a leashg
one crazy with the aroma of flagpoles.

Have a great thursday!


Andy's Crafts said...

Now you have more shoes than that! lol! Thanks for the Poetry!

Ken said...

Hi Charles! Long time, no see! -Ken

knitnzu said...

Hey Charles! Your shoes brought me back about 20 years! I had those black and white sneakers, and also hi tops, but in red (I still have them someplace, but they're not comfy for me). What a great assortment of books you review in a previous post, wow, a bunch I've never seen even on the blogs. Will have to go and look more closely!