Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Let's begin with your NEW YEAR stash!

Hey everybody! After holiday is over and new year end, I broght a alot stuff to show youguys. Youguys know already. I KNOW! More yarn..Don't ask me why! It has been crezy last year and this year will be more knitting not buying more yarn. It is so hard to say to myself also so hard to buy more yarn. As other knitter say this situsation called our self "YARN COLLECTOR."

Been like every year stash is growing by the big plastic ben. I really need to stop buying more yarn. I have a 15 sweaters worth of yarn in my ben, 30 worth of scarf and 70 pairs of socks yarn to knit from. Youguys thinking Iam crazy but this is real! Also buying yarn is OK! But where the all yarn goes? I really need more space to store all yarn. Youguys feel what I feel. I will talk about this more later.

This years my resolution will be stop buying more yarn and knit with already have in my stash. If there is time to buy more yarn, I will find project first then buy the yarn. I hope keep my resolution this year hopefuly less yarn in my clothet.

Moving right along..So youguys what to know what I got for my holiday and new year shopping? I bought a lot of socks yarn.

Lanna Grossa "Meilenweit Multiringel" #5124

I got this yarn from Ravelry memeber
"cinnamonsheep" for really cheap! I
pay for $5 + plus shipping! Thanks you!

REGIA 4ply "Canyon Color" #2804 and #2800

I got this at ebay store "
Toadal Discount Yarn" I brought it because this yarn is so rare and can't find anywhere. Iam really luck to get the yarn from seller!

REGIA 4ply "Nation Color" #5397 Germany

Its going to be my brother's socks! He like black and rad!

Karabella "Lace Merino"#2323

I was waitting to order this new yarn from Karabella. It has great yardage 225yd and it will lace socks for my mom's B-day coming up. I bought this at online store "Kpixie" for sale price $6.50 (orginal $8.00). They still have a sell going on so, go over and buy it!

Long yarn "SUPER SOXX" #39 and #40

Also I found really cheap Long
and Berroco yarn seller at ebay
store "Yarn-Shop" Also this yarn
is hard to find!

OPAL "Feelings" #1704

I order this at Little Knit for Jaywalker socks

REGIA 4ply "Havanna Color"

Also discontinued socks yarn I got it from ebay.

Opal "UNI" #1266 and #1418

Also I got this for "Little Knit" going to be lace socks


I got it online seller "The" All orders are free shipping and plan to Knitting a lace scarf.

koigu "KPPPM" P505-83 Teal, Brown and Orange

I got Koigu from my LYS "Simply Knitting" with gift card I have. IT will be another socks or scarf.

Knitting Fever "WHISPERS" #04

IT will be Diamonds and Pearls Shawl pattern from NEW "Book of yarn" Book.

Also I got a NEW "HiyaHiya" DPN for sock needle at "Kpixel". I order #1 and 5in for socks knitting.

Also my new book:

Elizabeth Zimmermann's KNITTER'S ALMANAC by Dover


The Knitter's "BOOK OF YARN"-The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Using, and Enjoying Yarn by Clara Parkes from Amazon.

I bought alots of stuff! Talking about my stash bottom pic is for my newest group on Ravelry. "Knit socks from your stash 2008". Flash your sock stash. I made only 5 pairs of socks last year and the count as of right now is yarn for 70 pairs including the one that is on the needles right now. At this build rate we have 5 years of sock stash.YEK!

Ok Thats all for update today..Have great rest of days see youguys for next post! KNIT HARD~~~


Steven said...

At least your feet will never be cold! Better start knitting....:-)

KnitXcorE said...

hehe..... that much yarn makes me smile.

Knit Picking said...

Isn't that book just great! I love it!

I also really like thw Whisper yarn. I would make socks with it. I'm glad you've become such a sock enthusiast.

Happy New Knitting Year!

Andy's Crafts said...

Nice stash I love the REGIA 4ply "Nation Color" #5397 Germany, you will have a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

THAT'S YOUR SOCK STASH!?!?!!?!? Wow, I'm scared to see mine! :) It's amazing to see it all in one spot like that!

Thanks for you comment on my LJ. Happy belated New Years to you too! :)