Saturday, January 26, 2008

Iam In LOVE~~~I mean Loop Shawl

I know... It is silly face I am making!

Hi everybody! It has been raining alot here in CA, all days since last monday... I did danced on the rain(Not really HaHaHa) Stay home and knitting, watching tv and drinking lot of teas. The weather drap down to below 40 degrees because of rain, it is the coldist winter here in CA, we never had. Usally this time the year getting warm over 80 degree. This is not a typical weather right now in CA and use to live in CA so long, I really like a sunny hot weather. In CA? Rainning? No way! It was raining alot since beginning of monday...thinking about last year, we really need a rain! I remember last year, it was no raining for almost nine months..CA Los Angles(where i live) was lacking of water, lot of people are suffering of drinking also price of fruits and vegs goes up really hige. I remember paying extra fee for water and was terrible.
Now, begining of the year it has been rainning whole weeks, I hoping that this will serving the problem of water in CA is having.

Anyway... on monday, I finally got my order from Amazon... Youguys wanna see What I got?

I saw Leah's blog another day... youguys already know her blog "Between Stupid and Clever" I was falling love with her "Loop Shawl" pattern from January 2008 NEW coming out book "Sensual Knits" by Yahaira Ferreira. The pattern was lovely lace stitch and will be great for my mom's B-day gift. I also saw famous Senda's blog "I May be knitting a Rance Hourse" she was knitting a Leah's loop shawl too! Check out her blog.

I saw Leah is using a Louisa Harding "kimono Angora"with mulit color(Book shows solid color) You can see the Progress pic HERE . I had a two skeins of Louisa Harding "Kimono Angora" color #7 in my stash, also exchange three more skein from Kendra Raverly memebr with my socks yarn(Thank you Kendra!) So total five skein need for this lovely shawl.

So far, this is one of five skien, I think stitch show really will! I was worry about this yarn I chose because yean is multi color. Check out bigger pic.

And close up shot of loop Shawl stitch. I think its lovely!

Hope youguys have a great weekend and Knit HARD~~


Jen said...

Way to make use of the Ravelry yarn trade! I hadn't heard if any one used successfully and I was hoping that everyone had and I had somehow just been outta the loop.

Rusted Root isn't finished, but I have been working, like mad to have some decent progress pics for ya.

Zonda said...

Very pretty! Great b-day gift! I have had good success with Ravelry trades.

lexa said...

I love the colors of the shawl. Very pretty.

Eikon said...

Oh I like that yarn. Lace makes me cry though.

Kerry said...

The shawl is just gorgeous! I'm off to order that book. :-)

turtlegirl76 said...

It's looking good! Love the yarn you chose for it. Your mom will love it!

Leah said...

Your post has me blushing!!! Thanks so much for all the lovely compliments!

As I said before, your shawl looks amazing & I can't wait to see what your mom thinks of it!

I really, really love your color choice too!!

pins&needles said...

80 degrees during the winter? That must be great. I must move to California.

I love that colorway. I looked at that book yesterday at the bookstore and thinking that I have to get it. I have so many books to buy.

Sereknitty said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I especially enjoyed your music selection :)

Steven said...

Beautiful shawl! It looks like pasta primavera!

Eric & Tony said...

I love the colors and that stitch pattern.

Stay dry!

KnitXcorE said...

soooo pretty!!!!

i haven't trade or bought on ravelry yet! it seems like it could become an addiction!