Friday, February 01, 2008

Knitting Video Cast Episode #6 "Not SO NEW YEAR" and Update!

Episode #6 Show Note:

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So sorry about the no video casting for a while! Almost five month? I been busy finshing my school and taking alots of classes. Iknow..It's too long! Anyway, I hope youguys had a great new years..that's why I name this sixth episode for "Not So New Year" because it is already February post and Iam late!

- New Socks Yarn Review:

"Sock It to Me 4 Ply" by Collection
755 Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon / 229 yards

Really great yarn(Feel so soft) and irresistible price. It is really cheap only $2.30 per skein. Compare to the same yarn as Knitpicks "Essential" sold for $3.29. It is same yarn and same yardage. But Elann yarn is $1 cheaper then Knitpick! What a great deal! Go over and get some great socks yarn for your stash!

- Talking about Winter 07 / Spring 08
"KnitScene" Magazine:

In this Special Interweave "Knitscene" magazine, editor Lisa Shroyer creat whole host of layering pieces that will work in all types of fibers in this issue. Lot of great design a for great winter and spring project in this issue, such as jacket, tote, sock and great designer Katie Himmelberg's knitwears. Does three projects on the bottoms are the best designs in this new issue.

"American Safari Hoodie" by Amy King

Yarn:"New Tweed" by Tahki Yarn

"Phiaro Scarf" by Kayie Himmelberg

Yarn: "Oasis" by Southwest Trading Company

"Organic Man Pullover" by Katie Himmelberg

Yarn: "Organic Cotton" by Blue Sky Alpacas

- Kntting Book Review:

"2-at-a-time SOCKS" The secret of Knitting Two st Once on One Circular Needle

by Melissa Morgan-Oakes

It is such great books and book is spiral binded, so you don't have to fold the page! Carrie at "Sock in the City" podcast interviewed Melissa Morgan Oakes on episode#22. Go over and listern to Carrie's interview with Melissa!

This is the inside of the book. Since many socks knitters are want to know how to knit a socks two at a time with one crcular needle..this is such great book, Melissa shows step by step by picture and number by the section.

- Indle Music

"I'll Get Over Myself" by Jon Hainstock

Album: Jon Hainstock Self-titled

From: BURLINGTON, Wisconsin

Catalog: Pop, Alternative Folk
Buy CD at CDbaby HERE

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