Thursday, March 06, 2008

TSP: 030608 ORNAGE Edition

Youguys don't know, I like Orange color. I know. Its' sounds crazy! I was dancing crazy with my awesome Opal orange yarn, when I was alone. Can you tell? Like Robbie did...he also dance around the house, when he was alone.

How funny is that!

I just took a pic in the morning with my half drinked hazelnut cream coffee and my favorite artist "Frankenthaler" Print book. You can tell why I like a orange...even I took a pic with the orange paper.

If youguys don't know who is Helen Frankenthaler; She is one of famous woman printer and artist in 20th centrury. Born in New York in 1928, Helen Frankenthaler first studied with Rufino Tamayo at the Dalton School. At Bennington College, Vermont, 1945-49, she received a disciplined grounding in Cubism from Paul Feeley, though her own instincts lay closer to the linear freedom of Arshile Gorky and the color improvisations of Wassily Kandinsky's early work.

In 1950 the critic Clement Greenberg introduced her to contemporary painting. During that summer, she studied with Hans Hofmann in Provincetown, Massachusetts. In 1951 Adolph Gottlieb selected her for an important New Talent exhibition, and she had her first one person show in New York later that year.

The work of Jackson Pollock proved the decisive catalyst to the development of her style. Immediately appreciating the potential, not fully developed by Pollock, of pouring paint directly onto raw unprimed canvas, she thinned her paint with turpentine to allow the diluted color to penetrate quickly into the fabric, rather than build up on the surface. This revolutionary soak-stain approach not only permitted the spontaneous generation of complex forms but also made any separation of figure from background impossible since the two became virtually fused a technique that was an important influence on the work of other painters, particularly Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland.

I like her colors and idea of color playing she uses in her print. Because it's simple color youguys can see on the, green, orange and blue. Her style of concept-raw color makes simplification.

Also great book to see brain storming some of idea, combine does colors works and print into kntting. The title of the book is "Frankenthaler-THE WOODCUTS" by Juddith Goldman. If your knitter, it is good book to have on your shalf.






------- Sesame Street - "orange sings Carmen"-------

It's really cute! injoy...


KnitXcorE said...

so much orange!!!!

that video is hilarious.

Sally Comes Unraveled said...


My boyfriend said that Sesame Street clip scared him when he was little.