Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SPT: 032708 I need a Remedy!

I need a Remedy....
Can you tell?

I know... Youguys been thinking! I bought more yarn. Iam king of stash buster. YES That's me! These lil'(More lovely yarn) yarn came this tuesday. You can see my smile on the pic....I think iam in LOVE! Love with the yarn. Since buying so much socks yarn lately, been thinking I NEED AREMEDY! not love.....from does socks yarn. I can't stand buy more socks.

I also been shopping at "Etsy"! Robbie also buying lot of stuff....AHAHAH We are crazy shopper here. Iam falling in love since taking a shower with does handmade soap. Does handmade by one of Etsy seller "TWIG" by Siouxsan. Does her handmade soap in my faves forever! Its so soft and made with pure oilve and coconut oil.... it's rich lather and used any over the entire body. It's smalls great and cheap (Can't bid the price! Price per bar is $3)! Go and buy some for your warm bath.

For Long Waiting! Finally...Updating my Etsy shop:

My handmade card ready to go good home. Does are hand made myself using indian paper with REAL used postage stamp around the world. CHECK OUT my shop "Cool Buddha Tonic" on opening DAY April 1 st. So come over and buy some Cool items!

Also does are my 100% handmade past paper pack will be on my shop. Come and buy them! Past paper pack will be great for scrapbook and other craft for youguys wish to make! Paste Pack Available in "Zen", "Passon" and "Pure".

Did youguys wondering what socks yarn I am holding? Does are New SPRING color from yarn "Felici" by Knit Picks. It looks so yummy don't you think? The color on the left are "Dakota" and on right is "Gelato".

Hope everybody have a great week!

----------- ReMeDy I rELly NeEd --------------

"The Remedy"(I won't Worry...) by Jason Mraz


KnitXcorE said...

i'll have to check out that soap!

Jason Mraz is such a-doorbell :-)

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

Cool Charles.. Will be looking forward to your shop. Thanks

Steven said...

Gelato is the perfect name for that color of sock yarn. Know go knit some socks!