Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sunday Self-Portrait and NEW Stash~AND BIG NEWS!

So Sorry youguys! I been really sick for more then two weeks. Sorry youguys for long absence! Thank you so much for everybody who comment on my last post about my sickness...Thanks you Alots! Iam finally OK right now. Starting this post, I have a so much to talk about today. First thing, I been missed posting thursday self-portrait since two weeks..Here is the my self-portrait sunday morning I took today.

You can see my face got swelled..because of really horrible cold going around in here in CA. I took a pic with wearing my cool T-shirt I got from online. Just what to show youguys my new T-shirt..HAHAAH I was so jealous about Robbie's NEW owl T-shirt he got it from his exchange with his friend. Thats why I got mine! Robbie I hate you!(No I love you!) HAHAHAh

I got it from online T-shirt company called "Option-g," has been my favorite online store long time. It is really great because they are supporting local Artist. Like a painter and desiger. You can see their t-shirt design from all local artist..I really recommend to everybody.

Anyway, I missed Stitch West last weeken, because of my horribe cold. Looking at does Mike's(youguys know him as one of podcaster "Y-Knits") pic on Flickr,I really what to cry aloud! I called one my friend, when to Stitch West. She told me it was great event and she speant $500 for yarn and books..O My Gods Iam regreting totally and I missed huge knitting event in this year.

Since I been missed going to Stitch West, I been treating myself buying and ordering lot of stuffs. Youguys wnat see what I got?

I ordered chart keeper at Knipicks. Since was arrive, I been useing is all weekend..It is such great helper to keeping the lace chart(loop shawl lace chart iam using) Youguys understand What i meant useing does sticky post-it.

Treeking XXL Color#131 Socks yarn i got if from Raverly seller for $8

Opal 'Tutto" color #150 tiger color also I got from one of Raverly seller

So hard to find LANA GROSSA Melienwet "Bosco" color #3514

I finally brought a LORNA'S LACE "Shepherd Sock" NEW colorway from 2008, called "Edgewater" I been waitting to since beganing of the year...Finally brought at one ebay store seller "Emtnestr," Gruperina(youguys know her...great knitter) been buying LL there ..alway great price on LL socks ayrn and both skien for $20! Great deal!

In my LYS having a sell...I got really great new from 2008 Pltmouth "Happy Feet" color #3 192 yd each. It is really soft superwash and Nylon yarn! Iam peting it right not.

And lost of list, Koigu "KPPPM"

I dont know why I been buy such huge amount of socks yarn. Youguys remember my socks yarn stash...It was 80 pairs of socks a yarn. Yek! Adding this new socks yarninto my old stash..It will be 100 pairs of socks yarn soon! O my god...How that happen? I really need to stop buying more socks yarn.Maybe? I dont know..Hahahah

I also brught a "Toe Up Socks Tutorial" from my friends "Charles." You guys know him as "Stitch-stud" his podcast "Stitch Stud and His Bride.." He just release really easy(So much easyer then Wendy's toe up tutorial). It's pic by pic toe up sock tutorial in his Podcast site. He is charging $4.55 in US by paypal on his right side bar. So go over and buy some!


Yesterday night, Theresa from "Knitting Time Together" interviewed us forNEW eposide of her "Kntting Round Table"(if you guys heard her podcast before..will know) me(Myself), Guido from "It's a Purl Man!" and Charles from "Stitch Stud and His Bride" three guy video and podcaster together! Finally She record me once again! She have to do lot of editting so, planning to release on next weeken. Check out our interview next week, see what you think.

Have a great Sunday everybody! Knit HARD~


Kyle Kunnecke said...

congrats on the interview! I don't think I have heard Knitting Time Together - I added it to my ipod list of downloads - can't wait to see what you guys talked about :)

KnitXcorE said...

i'm glad ur better!
that shirt is awesome.... i may have to be ur twin and order one.
you are out of control with all that sock yarn, young man!!!!!!!

elisabetha said...

hope you feel 100% back to yourself soon! the colours on that "edgewater" yarn is beautiful -- definintely worth it!!

Eikon said...

That is a considerable amount of sock yarn. I have five skeins of lorna's laces in the sport weight that I need to do something with.

Ninabeena said...

glad ur feeling better. you got some really great sock yarn too. Sounds like I'm not the only one who needs to bring in the reigns on the yarn buying though-100 prs of socks! wow.
Anyway, I look forward to checking out ur interview next week.

pins&needles said...

That's a cool shirt! Luv it!

I hope you get to feeling better.