Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey youguys! It's finally Friday is today. OMG It was long week and we made it! FINALLY spring is almost HERE. Since CA weather was really crazy here, over 89 degrees and getting really hot. Speaking of spring near by the corner, I saw alot of flowers are start to blooming on the streets and i was excited be go out,play and fun!( I sound like a little kids! HAHAHA)

Ok I what to start this post by poem by Archie Greenidge.

"Spring" by Archie Greenidge

Spring is life

Spring is hope

So is love and happiness.

Spring renews.

Without spring,

Life is for lorn.

Spring is nostalgia

after bitter storm.

Put spring in your heart.

Why me talking about the spring?

On monday, I saw one of post at Ravery forum on Knitty group. it was about the new pattern. Guess what? Did youguys guess? Finally NEW Knitty Spring has published this monday.

First of all, same as usual... In my opinion, in this spring issue was beautiful and pretty. All the spring patterns are really charming. GO OVER to KNITTY and CHECK OUT THE PATTARN!

(Lift to Right)

Top : “Yosemite” by Andee Steinman
“Emma's Unmentionables” by Lee Juvan
“Charm Shrug” by Marjorie Brigham

Middle : "Spirogyra" by Lynne Vogel
"Mosey" by Susan Power
"Laminaria" by Elizabeth Freeman

: "Nob Hill" by Ashley Adams

"Salto" by Rebekkah Kerner

"Talia" by SweaterBabe

Top : "Posey" by Lisa Kay

"Jaden" by Ruby Lo
"Honeycomb" by Sarah Castor

Middle : "An american in China" by Gryphon Perkins

"Lace Ribbon" by Veronik Avery
"Marjorie" by Emily Johnson

Bottom : "Paw Cozy" by Michelle Malach

"Juju" by Kendra Nitta

"Brighton" by Lee Juvan

One of my favorite pick of Knitty spring pattern is "
Lace Ribbon Scarf" by Veronik Avery. I think every knows who is Veronik Avery is. She is famous knit-wear desiger also know as her style of vintage knit-wear. Youguys can see her mostly recent book "Knitting Classic Style"- you know what iam talking about.

It is really great lace scarf pattern for wear outside of lighter cardigan. Same as usual, her classic vintage style, focus on old Norwagan pattern.

Youguys can see this lovely lace on this spring scarf. Another way youguys can use silk or hamp yarn instand of wool (Pic on sample). It will be really pretty and cool to wear for spring weather.

---------------- Feel Good MUSIC--------------------

"Sparks" by Norwagon artist - Royksopp

*elegant Grown Up * + *Lavazza Espresso Coffee* = Relaxing Moment *w*

HAVE a Great Ralaxing Weeken everybody!


Eikon said...

See this is why teaching in Southern California while very likely scares me a bit. 89 in march.

KnitXcorE said...

i'm really ambivalent about the new knitty..... it's just kinda whatever. However, I do agree that the best pattern is that scarf!!!!!

dickie said...

I like that scarf too! I think I have the perfect yarn for it. =)

pins&needles said...

I love that scarf too. I'm psyched about the leg warmers though. They're too cute!