Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WEDSDAY sock update!!!!

Hey guys~~ Iam back!!! I told youguys last post, I am really busy!!! because my school start and i dont have a time to knit finshing sock. I was planning to finsh knitng "River Rapid Socks" last weeken, i got so tired after came home and also work take my knitting time alway.
Also homework..Oh god...I feel sad!! I saw Adam's blog, he has a same premble as mine. He was busy doing his homework no time to knit! Anybody having same problem..Please understand me, apology to all my viewer!

Today, I dont have a class today! WOW! so i have time to knit: also alot of catch up to do! Youguys know i living in CA. Today, I felt it was almost it is ready summer. Today LA was over 85 degree!! It was really hot, i was eating ice cream all day long! Do you see KnitXcorE blog?

The pic of snowing day with his cute pic!!!Compare weather with CA and New
Jersey .. Everybody told me, it is all about the globe warming! The snowing in New Jersey and hot sunny day in CA? It so strange...
I been living CA for almost 10 year, i never seen snow before!!! Iam looking back KnitXcorE 's blog right now! So beautiful!!! Thinking about white wonderland!!!(Iam
just dreaming....)

I was waiting for such long time

"Knitty" Spring 2007 HERE!!!!
Check out new spring pattern!!!!

Do you see DMP sock pattern made by SockpOrn? O MY GOD~~ I really falling love with this sock pattern so much!!! I been reading her blog long as I rememeber, she is mom and has cutest boy in the world.

Youguys seen her genius sock knitting skill, and master of sock knitting. Also she has Esty shop call "Zero Markers" selles really beautiful perl stitch maker.

I know....youguys falling love with she's work right alway. That's why Iam really admire her!!!

Ok back to my pic:

I started knitting new sock from "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch
with Regia 4ply "Multi Effekt Color"

"River Rapid Socks" this is so far i was working on~~

I really like the colors coming out!!!
By the way, this is Lorna's Shephed Sport
color is "Watercolor"

Also new socks stash!!!!( I was really jealous of Elemmaciltur's sock yarn...)

Left to Right:
Lana Grossa- "Meeting" #7730(Gray, Green, Dark Blue) from ebay
Lana Grossa- "Meeting" #7760(Red, Pink Yellow)
Four Seasons - Marathon Chagell Sockenwolle 4 #677

*Song of the Week

Song are you hearing :

"Better Days" by Alfred James Band
CD from "Luck if Easy"

You always were my favorite color
You shine on me like no other love
You've got me falling down, breaking down at your feet
For you I leave my light on
By your grace, shine on, shine on
Your blue eyes carry me up
and lift me to better days

I was floating through my life,
until you found me
soft words like daydreams, dripping in wine your tears unfold me.
whispering of my better days you lay me down.

We drank your father's wine
stumbled on your mama's porch
and when I look back now I use that time to carry me to better days
and the freedom of your laugh that night
tickled to my soul's delight
I would give all myself to keep your spirit free

I was floating through my life,
until you found me
soft words like daydreams,
dripping in wine your tears unfold me.
whispering of my better days you lay me down
when the world comes between us you lay me down.

The Alfred James Band, weaves classical
themes with soulful charm into an
acoustic pop sound that is both original
and musically masterful. Rich with beautiful
harmonies and vocals, and intertwining
the ethereal sounds of Alfred's cello
with the earthy strums of acoustic guitar,
the music of AJB takes acoustic rock to
another level. Continue reading...

Injoy.... Have a great week!!!!


KnitXcorE said...

thanx for the shout out!!! your socks look good! I really like your song, too!

Knit Picking said...

I just LOVE the Rapid River pattern. I can't wait to see your finished socks!

Celtic Knitter said...

I love that sock pattern too with the Atari things!!! Awesome. You've got some fancy socks going on there too!!! Awesome :)

J.P. said...

Your knitting looks great! Where did you find the River Rapids pattern? It's awesome!