Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BOOK REVIEW #1 and Wedsday Update!

Iam Back! I know it has been really busy week, I have a time today to post my new stuff, yarn and books!

I just want say big Thank You to "Lime & Vlolet", for talking about my stitch marker and be a famous star of Knitting community! To listen Episode 30, CHECK HERE

Anyway, Do you remember this post? I joined "The Wee Tiny Socks Swap", Yarn Miracle is hosting. So my Pal "Carol"(She don't have a blog) send me this:

So cute!!! Both are hand-dye yarn from call "Marblehea"(left) and "Ann"(Right)

On sunday, i went to my balcony..I saw this! WOW! it start to blooming!
I dont know this plant name, but the plant given to me by my brother's girl-friend!

I brought some socks yarn from ebay(Win)... and baby knitting book!
Opal yarn is really hard to find in I just pay $6.00 and won this baby!
I almost finsh knitting Regia "Multi Effekt Color" need to finsh knitting toe.

Left to Right:

Opal "Magic" #1050 Neon Yellow, gray
REGIA Cotton "India Color" #4302 Orange, baby Blue, brown, peach
REGIA 4ply "
Strato Color" #5745 Dark Blue, Black, light Brown

I choose this book, because my niece's 1st birthday i
coming up and i want to make something for her!

"Simply Baby" 20 adorble Knits for baby's first two years

by Debbie Bliss

My Score: ***** star
(** Never Buy/ *** Not Bad/ **** Good to Keep/ ***** Must Have)

I think this is one of baby book you much have on your collection! There is lot of cute baby pattern even toys and blanket. It has lot of easy knit style that also introduce to less experienced Knitter to texture and color work with simple cable also fair lsle and intarsia.

BABY Shrug (Pg 48)
Iam making this right now! Dont you think this is cute?

Matinee Coat (Pg 62)
Lace top for cute baby!

Cable Sweater (Pg 126)

Lace Edge Cardigan (Pg 88)
Remind me starfish!

Fair Isle Cardigan (Pg 96)
Plan to knit for my niece in future!

Cable Yoke Jacket (Pg 74)

Hooded Jacket (Pg 102)
O MY GOD! Look at this!!!

Roll Edge Jacket (Pg 132)

Teddy Bear (Pg 66) Sooo Cute!!!

included more pattern such as tank top, beret, socks and coat alots of stuff!

*Song of the Week

Song are you hearing:

"Hanging On For Hope" by The New Amsterdams
CD form "Worse for the Wear"

"Hanging On For Hope"

Are you hanging on for hope?
The clock strikes past the hour.
Is the pain enough to choke the life out?

You may never get to sleep
Your time is not your time tonight
Her smile will make you weak and proud

Do you ever miss her?
Do you feel the cold wind whisper?
Is there anything more deafening?

Are you hanging on for hope?
It's all you've got worth living for.
Is it much too hard to cope the road out?
There's a tension when we speak
The income's overrated
but it's worth it when we meet on common ground

Do you ever miss her?
Do you feel the cold wind whisper?
Is there anything more deafening?

Are you hanging on for hope?
It's all you've got worth living for.
Much too hard to cope when i'm gone?

Do you ever miss her?
Do you feel the cold wind whisper?
Is there anything...

Do you ever cower when the clock strikes every hour?
Is there anything more deafening?
Is there anything more deafening?

The New Amsterdams is
Lawrence, Kansas-based
American indie rock band
featuring Matthew Pryor, formerly
of The Get Up Kids.hey debuted
in 2000 with their debut full-length,
Never You Mind
, on Vagrant Records.
This album seemed to have
more of a
rock and roll edge
than their later albums More info

Iam going out of town this friday come back next monday!!
I will see you tuesday then!!! Have a great weeken!!


KnitXcorE said...

debbie bliss always does the best books and I love the new amsterdams!!!!! i have an acoustic album I listen to almost everyday.

Northwoods Baby said...

Some day, I'll be able to turn out a DB sweater. For now I'd just like to stop increasing accidentally.

PS, the plant is a kalanchoe (calANkoee, I think but don't quote me on that)

pins&needles said...

I love the New Amsterdams! Their CD is sooo good. That Debbie Bliss book is too cute! I've gotta get it cuz I think making baby stuff is fun even if I don't have any babies.

KBlicious said...

hey littleknits had some crazy sales on opal and other sock yarn, i got a bunch! hope you had a great trip!

dickie said...

I love the colors you chose for your sock!