Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hey everybody! Iam been really bad bad boy since no most for almost two weeks. Sorry youguys I miss you! I been busy school and almost semster is over I have a so much things to do end of semester such as five reserch papers due last weeke and tests...yek! I really hate to do does paper and test but finally everything done and really happy it is over! YES! Seems 15 weeks of fall semster is like a YEAR long.

Anyway, yesterday (it long over due), I was organizing my large stash from my closet.


HAHAHA I am just joking with you!

This was first stage of eight stuffed bag of stash, since last five of month, I been buying form yarn store and online! Oh God! please help me to stop buy yarn!

Oh GOD! Please HELP ME to stop buying so much yarn!
Youguys remember begining of this year's Feb my stash pic?
SEE HERE Compare to Feb pic, I can tell my stash growing really big! It has been creating some huge problem in my closet ..I will say it is fucking soo much yarn...I dont know what to do with it. I know..I have to stop buying yarn and start new project and use the yarn what I have.

You can see yarns are taking over my bed room. It is like a yarn river! HELP ME!

And I live with my stash not with my family! Does babys are control me over my house!

I got some two big plastic ben at 99 cent store, reorganized stash like pic above! Now Iam so happy about it!

And another pic of my NEW organized stash box!

And TADA~~ Clean and organized! I like to THANK YOU to PLASTIC BEN for saving from my stash ! YOU ROCK! AHAHAHA

Talking about the Stash...I guess every knitters are agree with too my stash on your home..It is so hard to buying new yarn... One of Stephanie McPhee's book "Kntting Rules!", she point out "FIVE GREAT REASON TO KEEP" A STASH in this book..."If anyone ever tries to make you feel guilty about your stash, there are several thing you can point out."

"Five Reasons to Keep a Stash"

  1. Some people collect rocks or seashells. Enough said.
  2. Yarn, if you get enought of it, can totally act as house insulation, helping to cool your house in the summer and hold in heat during the winter. Lit's almost irresponsible, in the face of global cliumate change, hot to have a stash of yarn.
  3. Wool is flame - retardent and what people in the fire business refer to as "self-extingushing." If someting self-extinguishing is exposed to a flame, when the flame is removed it will no longer burn. This means that (in my special little world) having an extensive woolen stash is practically a safety thing. Remind me to call my insurance company to have my rates lowered.
  4. Speaking of insurance, a stash protects against any number of emergencies. What if you lost your job and could no longer afford to buying yarn? What if you had to move to a remote mountain pass in Nepal and couldn't get to a yarn shop without a five-day hike? What if, out of the blue, huge felted woolen car cozies became popular and the world's supply of fiber was eaten up by the auto industrym causeing wool scarcity and widespread panic among knitters everywhere? Better to be prepared. You never know when supply could dry up.
  5. It's a way better alternative than drinking heavily or doing drugs, which is probably the way I'd spend my time if you took my knitting away.

Yarn of this this week:

Dickie from "cashmere blend" (Check out his group "Malabrigo Junkles") inspire me to buy this really lovely yarns!

Malabrigo Merino Worsted #50 Roanoke

Peoject: Planning to knitting a Shifting Sands scarf from Kathy at "Grumperina."

Song of the weeks:

Band : Bishop Allen

Song : "Click Click Click Click"

Album : The Broken String

From : Booklyn, New York

Style : Indle Folk, Pop

Please stay return for new post! I am planning to write a new blog post everyday! Sorry for long absence!

Have great sunday and KNIT HARD!!!


HPNY Knits said...

OMG! that is an enormous stash! your are right, you better get clicking...

SJ said...

Wow, that is quite a stash! Love the new Malabrigo.

Monika said...

O.K. you really scared me! I thought I had a big stash, but boy, you've got the motherload! :o)
One yarn I don't have in my stash is any Malabrio. I see it everywhere, guess I'll have to get me some real soon. Happy knitting, Charles! I've been sitting on my spinning wheel all weekend. Finished plying everything, thank god! Have a nice week, and lots of time for knitting!

Amy said...

That is one heck of a stash! I see some beautiful yarn peekout of there though. Seriously - heed Stephanie's advice and don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it. She's a smart woman!

turtlegirl76 said...

Please don't feel guilty about your stash. Compared to mine, that's tiny. I have a 2 bedroom condo and the whole second bedroom is full of yarn. I have enough sock yarn to make at least 100 pairs of socks at last count. Never mind the sweaters worth of yarn hanging around and the spinning fiber. But that Malabrigo? mmmm. That's a must have in anyone's stash. Beautiful colors.

cici said...

okay charles.. this is so brave of you to share with all of us.. I also have begun having a stash. I have since stopped buying yarn since Stitches. I want to see some projects completed.

Emma said...

Wow, that is quite a stash. It definitely looks great all organized and stored away. I need to follow your example and get my yarn all straightened out and organized too!

Yummy Malabrigo.

Dave said...

Yay for storage bins!! I'd still say you should stop buying yarn and start knitting faster, though. LOL!!

Steven said...

Charles --

Goodness gracious, that's a lot of fiber! You'll be busy for a while.

Sorry your semester is going so crazily, but glad you seem to have found some time in your schedule to get to the important things -- like organizing yarn. As a librarian, I approve of organization!

Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. I get a really kick out of reading yours.

Now knit some of that stuff up!

Eric & Tony said...

Cheese and Rice that is a lot of yarn! Now you need a picture of you rolling around in it. Weee!

Tony says thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

dickie said...

Wow Charles! You have a lot of yarn! Your stash is crazy. o_O
I'm glad you were able to organize it.
Good luck on the Shifting Sands scarf too. Can't wait to see how it looks in Roanoke.

Chelle said...

Gosh Charles, that is a pretty significant stash...although if you check back to April 1st on my blog, I really can't cast stones.

Gotta love plastic boxes!!

textillian said...

Thank you, Charles, for making me feel better about my own stash. Most of mine is in spinning fiber, which takes up a good portion of our attic. If Paul says anything to me about it, I will show him this entry! Just kidding.

Lisa said...

Wow that's quite the stash. I won't say I'm not jealous, because I am! I saw Silky Wool in there. I have to get some more of that stuff!

knititch said...

get knitting, charles. the wool cries for being shaped into garments.

Virtuous said...

Thanks for coming by to visit my blog!

My goodness your stash is a mini yarn shop! Thank goodness for storage bins! :o)

KnitXcorE said...

you are out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that malabrigo is such a gr8 color!

and the song this week???? GDAWESOME!!!!!

Andy's Crafts said...

I jus fell ion love with the malabrigo cashmere blend. Wow, I am glad you are alive and safe lol!

pins&needles said...

OMG, heartattack! I was going to suggest for you to start giving some of that stash to me, but reading what Stephanie said, you should be proud. Sort of like holding a trophie or something, you should be proud. You should win the award for biggest stash ever and having it propped on top of those bins. I'd make it for you, but I'm not a sculptor. Which, by the way, I did not think that you can fit that much yarn in 2 large bins.

Camping Jason said...


I can help you with your stash problem. Feel free to send any over to me and I'll happily knit it up!


Kyle Kunnecke said...

that's a lot of yarn - but I think I still win (with over 1000 skeins) - and it's OK because yarn is the tool we use to create -



Eikon said...

Your stash is going to eat you at this rate. : )

Michelle said...

OMG!!! Wow, that is a lot, I mean a lot of yarn. I'm a bit speechless (and jealous) :-)